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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sitrep (40k): Prague and back again (final) round 5

Round 5 Vs Orks played by Pavel
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Capture and Control
The Enemy:
1 War Boss
1 Big mek
1 Nobz mob in battlewagon
1 battle wagon sized mob
3 Trukk sized mobs with Trucks
2 Kan mobz
1 Battlewagon

March of the Kans

The Battle:
Finally round was against Pavel's Orks for some green on green action. Pavel's list was pretty similar to his ETC list being mobile and fairly balanced. The kill point risk was solved in typical ork fashion ie kill all the opponents stuff.

Deff rolla

Pavel won the roll off and deployed his objective in the centre while the Big Green One deployed theirs in a corner. Pavel's boyz all went down en-mass in their centre while the Big Green One opted for all reserves. Turn one and two were quick for Pavel. Mhaz arrived in turn two accompanied by two battle wagon mobs and a deff kopta squadron. The Deff Kopta tried to destroy the battle wagon with the Big Mek who made cover saves the two penetrating from the Koptas (which was irritating). With targets in sight Pavel's mobs moved to engage the Big Green One. The Kans shot down both Koptas. Another wagon with Mega Nobz rolled on. Pavel's mobs were just outside Deff Rolla range. The MegaNobz dismounted to destroy Pavel's warboss' battle wagon. In response the Warboss and his nobz destroyed the Mega Nobz while their battlewagon was deff rolla'd to a wreck (which was also irritating). Mhaz mounted up and the two remaining wagons moved on the enemy objective. The Sneak Gits opted to sit this one out and hid in a corner.

Pavel's shoota mob blasted the now all alone Big Mek sitting in a pile of battle wagon scrap. The Trukks moved to capture the Big Green One's objective. Pavel's Kan walled to keep the Wagons away from his objective. A choppa mob dismounted and assaulted the Kans to clear the path but got bogged down in combat. Pavel's last wagon moved to block screen his objective with nineteen boyz behind it. The War Boss, his Nobz and the Big Mek assaulted the boyz trying to clear the kans out of the way. The Boyz and their wagon were destroyed with few loss. Mhaz and the second wagon then rolled in. The Nobz and Big Mek were run over (six hits, six wounds, six dead, awesome), a Kan mob was destroyed and Pavel's last wagon was immobilised. To make it worse the choppa mob dismounted to attack the Warboss. To soften him up they let rip with some Slugga shots and were pleasantly surprised when he killed over dead. Mhaz dropped the boarding plank and finished of the wagon.

Battle wagon lines up a home run

By the Big Green One's objective the Trukks mobs temporarily captured the objective, but the last wagon mob arrived and literally ran them over destroying two trukks and then the boyz in combat. A third trukk mob was committed but had to assault through cover and was destroyed in the process. For spite the last Trukk tankshocked on to the objective to contest it while the last Kan mob destroyed a battle wagon and pinned the defenders in combat away from the objective.

Trukk boyz try to capture an obj

The Result: 13-7

When the dust had settled the Big Green One had taken best general prize. Best Overall was a tie with Thomas. We had a dice off to determine the winner and Thomas got a one and the boyz got a three. Better green then good.

1st place trophy

The event was worth the trip. A bonus was they have started to run a FOW event on the same weekend, which is very tempting. The difference between the two is interesting, terrain wise the FOW looks better but up close to the models the 40K are stronger.
I left Prague with two thoughts one was “don't do it” the second was “you know, with two more good results I could top the Czech ranking”. I don't know, who would want to top the rankings in two separate countries????

More photos of the Prague pillage can be found here

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