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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wip (40k); Orc Trukks and Death Korps combat engineers

Some work in progress shots.

first up are some orc trukks from the on going Evil Sunz tribe.

Followed by some Death Korps of Krieg combat engineers,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wip (40K); Cadain tauros venator

Inspiration; Originally inspired by Greydeath how to guide on the work in progress forum. The attack jeep use to count as a salamander or chimera but now with the forgeworld rules for the Tauros Venator it gets a more appropriate set of rules

-Space Marine Landspeeder
-Old Orc truck wheels
-Accessories from the Imperial guard vehicle sprue and some modern war vehicle accessories for 1/32 scale.
-Plastic rods and card.

-Assemble the speeder as per instruction leave out the crew and engine exhaust at the back.
- Attach the wheels to the plastic rods and glue them to the undercarriage of the speeder.
- Cover the rear of the speeder with plastic card and cover with accessories.
-Assemble imperial gaurd crew and put them in the converted speeder.
- Add as many accessories as suit your taste.

editor; Hmm, I wonder what you could do with the new scout speeder?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sit rep (FOW); Bizory

Taskforces Duval, Wall and Kenndey deployed in their starting position in the american left and centre.

501st PIR/101st airborne defending the woods north of the rail stop

304th Volksgrenadier division faces off agnaist the american paras

German side of the battlefeild before the armour arrives

German armour starts to arrive with 560th SS heavy Panzerjaeger Battalion moving down the Bizory road.

12th SS Panzerjaeger Battalion with support from the King Tiger moves down the Railway road.. Making short work of Taskforce Duval Stuarts.

Taskforces Kennedy and Wall prepared to defend Mageret.

1st SS panzer battalion moves on Mageret with taskforce Kennedy's Staurts defending.

101st and 304th Volksgrenadiers battle it out in the woods north of the rail tracks.
King Tiger moves past the remain of Taskforce Kenndey and on towards the Railway stop.
1st SS panzer battalion captures Mageret.
560th SS heavy panzerjager battalion stalls before the heights in front of Bizory.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wip (40K); Killa kans

killa kans AKA wallie bots or grots battle tanks.

Inspiration; Man, those Wallie toys would make neat killa kans and they are cheap as chips too.

ody; Symths toy Wallie
Turret/head; Plastic card
Weapons and accessories; Bits box

Rip off the arms of the wallie toy and replace them with siutable menacing weapons raided from the bits box.
Rip off the head of the Wallie toy.
Build a basic box with the plastic card and decorate with bits to make it look like a head and use it as a turret.

Did I mention the three bots cost 6 euros in total?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sit Rep (40K); Battle for the Cathedral of St Patius

Editorial note; This is a frist Colin, Aka Khorne Dog on the local forums, has written a scenario. Being a bit of a scenario junkie we decide to give it a go. The actual mission has been submitted to Up-link the Irish war games E-zine. The report below is an AAR of a mission.

The protagonists;

Task force Excalibur (Imperial guard supported by the Ordo Malleus)

Inquisitor Lord Maldread de Morga with retinue

Company command squad Alpha in a Chimera

Company command squad Bravo in a Chimera

Veteran squad Charlie in a chimera

Veteran squad Delta in a chimera

Veteran squad Echo in a Valkyrie

Leman Russ squadron Fox (Leman Russ battle tank and Leman Russ Executioner)

Leman Russ squadron Golf (Leman Russ battle tank and Leman Russ Punisher)

Minions of Regius (Chaos Space Marines)

Lord Regius

Sorcerer Merling

Chaos lord of Khorne

Hand Regius (terminator squad)

The slaughters (Khorne berserker squad in a Land Raider)

The Rotted (Plague marine squad in a rhino)

The Sirens (Noise marine squad)

The claw (obliterators)

Slaughterfiend (defiler)

The summoned (Daemon Reserves)

Karrr (bloodthirster)

The cursed (nurgle chaos spawn)

The blood (blood letter squad)

The corrupt (plague bearers)


The chaos took up positions to protect Merling has he attempted his summoning. The sirens, The slaugtherfiend and the claw covered the cathedral ruins. The Khorne lord, the slaughters and the rotted formed a mobile strike force to bring the battle to task force Excalibur. Lord Regius and his terminators waited in the teleport chambers for the signal to arrive.

Chaos Space Marine deployment

In response task force Excalibur moved into position. The taskforce deployed into three groups. The first, call sign sword, consisted of Inquisitor Lord Maldread, squad alpha and Charlie. It was deployed on the left flank and was tasked to storm the ruins. The second group, call sign shield, consisted of Leman Russ squadrons Fox and Golf it was deployed in the centre and was tasked to suppress the ruins. The third group, call sign lance, consisted of the remaining squads and went into reserve where it was tasked to interdict any chaos attacks.

Imperial Guard deployment

Task force Excalibur moved first. Sword group moved through the hills towards the ruins. Shield group moved in support. The Leman Russ's fired on the landraider but failed to glance the vehicle.

The view from the imperial deployment zone

The chaos responded aggressively. The Khorne lord led out the mobile strike force to engage the imperials. The cathedral defenders opened fire on the Leman Russ’s at long range with no effect.

Under fire Taskforce Excalibur was reinforced by Squad Echo who deployed from the valkyrie to bring the landraider within close range of the their meltaguns. Sword group moved closer to the ruins with the lead chimera blowing smoke to protect the group against the nearby slaughter fiend. Shield group moved to support the anticipated assault on the ruins. Squad Echo's meltaguns made short work of the landraider with the Khorne lord and the slaughters were finished off by shield group.

Echo Squad engages the chaos mobile reserve

The loss of the main element of the chaos strike force caused for a redeployment in the chaos lines. The Rotted Debussed and moved to eliminate squad Echo. The claw moved to bring the Valkyrie into close range of their multimelta’s. Squad Echo was devastated by fire from the Rotted and the sirens but the held firm. The Claw easily dispatched the Valkyrie. The slaugtherfiend attempted to assault sword group but was just out of range.

The Rotted move to destroy Echo Squad

Lance group engages the rest of the choas maine mobile reserves

The rest of Lance grouped arrived and moved in on the right flank moving to counter the Rotted's advance. Charlie squad debussed bring the Slaughterfiend in close range of their meltaguns. The rest of Sword group continued to advance on the ruins. Shield group moved in to support. Charlie squad quickly destroyed the Slaughterfiend while combined fire from groups Lance and Shield eliminated the Rotted and their transport. With the imperials making steady progress the Merling hastily completed his summoning and the summoned daemons arrived. Karr deployed behind Shield group. The Cursed deployed close to Charlie squad while the Blood and the Corrupt deployed near Lance group.

The Blood and the Corrupt attack Lance group

Karr, lord Regius and the Hand assault Sheild group

With the chaos force further reinforced when Lord Regius and Hand teleported behind Shield group. Heavily reinforced the chaos force went on the offensive. Karr moved closer to Shield group while the other daemons moved into assault range of their nearest targets. The Hand fired first and destroyed the Leman Russ from Fox Squadron. The Claw fired on, but failed to damage, Bravo squad's chimera. Multiple assaults raged across the battle field. Karr assaulted Golf squadron and destroyed the Leman Russ, the Blood destroyed Delta squad. The Corrupt and the Cursed pinned Bravo and Charlie squads respectively.

Sword Group's advance is stalled by summoned daemons

With most of the infantry either destroyed or engaged the remains of Taskforce Excalibur changed plan. The remains of Shield group moved to target lord Regius and the Hand. The two unengaged chimeras from Lance group targeted the Blood. Group sword split up with Alpha squad moving to eliminate the Claw, while Lord Maldread moved to engage Karr. Shield group opened fire and destroyed the Hand and badly wound lord Regius. Lord Maldread retinue open fire of Karr badly wounding him. Lance groups chimeras were ineffective against the Blood. Command Squad Alpha ravaged the Claw killing two obliterators and wounding the survivor. In combat Bravo and Charlie squads got the better of their opponents but remained locked in combat.

Lord Maldread engage the Bloodthrister Karr

Despite the heavy fire the chaos force continued to advance. Karr moved to engage lord Maldread. Lord Regius moved towards Shield group. The Blood moved towards Bravo squad. The surviving obliterator from the Claw moved to flame Alpha squad. Merling lashed the survivors from squad Echo into weapons range of the Sirens. Who in turn savaged the squad with bolter fire. Lord Regius assaulted Golf squadron but failed to any damage. Karr assaulted lord Maldread killing several of his retinue while suffering a wound in return. The Blood assaulted and destroyed Bravo squad and their chimera but not before the last of the Corrupt was dispatched. While Charlie finished of the last of the Cursed. The Claw assaulted Alpha squad but made no impact and was destroyed in return.

Alpha and Echo squads engage the last of the Claw.

Locked in combat with a bloodthirster was not a desirable situation so lord Maldread created a sanctuary forcing the bloodthirster out of combat and into the sights of the retinue’s plasma guns, which quickly eliminated the threat. The punisher opened fire and killed lord Regius. The executioner opened fire and destroyed the Blood while all remaining units targeted Merling the sorcerer who fell under heavy bolter fire.

With only the Sirens left the chaos force ended the game hiding in the ruins.

In the aftermath the guard had failed to prevent the summoning but had inflict sufficient damage to force the Chaos horde to quit the planet.

With the summoned daemons destroyed all imperial units begin to target Merling and the Sirens.

End results (after bonus) win guard 15 vs 9

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mission Critical (necromunda); the crazies

Design notes;
The crazies’ is a nercomunda scenario set in the 40K universe. It is inspired by a couple of sources. First the DGG has just completed its city fight table terrain and it need to be christened. Second, nercomunda is a great game and I don’t get to play enough of it. Third, a remake of George Ramiro’s film the crazies is released in cinema (random people put in a bad situation and having to work together to escape destruction).
A copy of Nercomunda and outlanders is helpiful to play the game.

The planet of Spandex IV has fallen from the emperors light and has been scheduled for destruction.
Inquisitor Shylo has tracked down the Pandora box to Spandex IV.

The exterminus cannot be delayed, the box cannot be lost.

The only option is to send in a strike team to recover the box and escape before the planet is destroyed.

Can you make it ?

The game is played on a 6’x4’ table. One corner is the starting point for the players in the diagonal opposite corner is the escape point. Make sure to have lots of terrain ideally no line of sight should be longer than 12”.

Down town hive

Take a deck of playing card, including jokers. Roll 2D6 and take that number of cards from the top of the deck and place them face down 20” from the players starting point. Repeat the process making sure that each stack of cards is at least 12” apart and 20” from the players starting corner. Any remaining cards can be put to the side for later use.
The players each roll a D6 and the highest sets up first. All the players’ models must be within 12” of their starting table corner and at least 12” from a stack of cards.

The players set-up.

Table set-up. Bottom left is the players starting point, top right is the exit point with Arvus lighter.

Sequence of play;
Because this game is a multiplayer event a couple of change have been made to the normal I go you Go system. At the start of each turn Player roll a D6. Highest roller gets to move first then moving clockwise around the table the next player moves and so on. Once all players have moved the high roller can then shoot and the sequence is repeated.
Once the turn is completed player roll for initiative at the start of the next turn the high roller from the last turn gets a minus one modifier.
At the start of the Umpires movement turn roll 2D6 , one red and one green. If the red dice comes up a 6 the umpire can active an encounter (see below). If the blue dice comes up a 6 the umpire can take 2D6 random cards from the discard cards pile and place a new stack on the table. The new stack must be at least 12” players models and other stacks already on the board.

View from the landing pad.

Each stack of cards represents an encounter for the players, possibly it’s the object they are looking for probably it’s just trouble. Encounter cards are revealed at the end of the movement phase if a player has one of their models within 12” of the stack. Once revealed the umpire flips the stacks and replaces the cards with the creatures below. One of the revealed creatures must be placed on the same spot as the stack of cards and all creatures revealed must be deployed within 6” of the stack.

Bestigors attack squad moving to stop the players advance.
Card- effect
Joker – Surprise attack (see below)
Ace/king- D3 Aliens(genestealers, brood brothers, etc)
Queen- 4 Deviant scum (cultists)
Jack- 3 Deviant scum (cultists)
10- 2 Deviant scum (cultists)
2-9- 1 Deviant scum (cultists)

Lt Gorman stumbles on to a plague zombie pack.

Surprise attack;
A surprise attack represents someone get the jump on the players or something else going wrong. Roll a D6 and consult below,

D6- Suprise attacker
1 Face eater. A randomly determined model is attacked by a face eater creature. The effected model must roll under their initiative or take a S3 hit.
2 Ash clam. A randomly determined model is attacked by a Ash Clam creature. The effected model must roll under their initiative or cannot move until he rolls under hie strength at the end of the next movement phase.
3 Slip. One randomly determined model slips and moves 2D6” in a random direction igonreing terrain. The model is pinned for the rest of the turn.
4 Friendly fire. One randomly determined model gets trigger happy and accidently shots the nearest friendly model resolve the shot as normal roll to hit, wund etc
5 Infection. A randomly determined model has been infected by a genestealer. The model must make a normal save or else gets taken over by the umpire for the rest of the game.
6 Gone. There are shots, then a scream and a randomly determined players model is removed from play.

Inquistor Shylo and his escort under pressure from zombies and genestealers

After models have been revealed and any surprise attacks resolve roll a D6. One a 6 the Pandora box is at this encounter place an objective marker at the location of the stack? Models can pick up the box by moving over it in the movement phase. At +1 for each encounter the players reveal while testing for the presences of the Pandora Box
Player’s briefings;
To make life more interesting each player controls a separate squad. Each Squad has its own agenda but they are all working towards a general objective just have different ways if achieving it.

Imperial guard briefing
You are lieutenant Gorman. And in your opinion this is a bull sh*t assignment. The Major must have found out what you were doing with his daughter last month. The grapevine says that no guard assigned to the inquisition has ever returned, you intend to be the first. Your mission is to provide perimeter security to the inquisitor and his henchmen. You had a full platoon at the start but now all you have left is a single squad. The men are tired and jumpy. You must get of this rock before there is no rock to stand left.

Your force
Lt Gorman M;4 Ws;4 Bs;4 S;3 T;3 W;2 I;4 A;2 Ld;8 Sv;6+
Equipment; bolt pistol, chain sword, frag grenades.
Skills; nerves of steel.
Specialist Hicks M;4 Ws;3 Bs;4 S;3 T;3 W;1 I;3 A;1 Ld;8 Sv;6+
Equipment; laspistol, long rifle (R;36" S;4 mod; -2), close combat weapon.
Skills; Marksman,
Sergeant Apone M;4 Ws;4 Bs;3 S;3 T;3 W;1 I;3 A;2 Ld;8 Sv;6+
Equipment; shotgun (solid,scatter, manstopper), laspistol, close combat weapon, frag grenades.
Skills; Fastshot-shotgun
Specialist Vasquez M;4 Ws;3 Bs;3 S;3 T;3 W;1 I;3 A;3 Ld;7 Sv;6+
Equipment; grenade launcher (frag, krak, smoke), las pistol, close combat weapon.
Skills; Bugle biceps,
Specialist Drake M;4 Ws;3 Bs;3 S;3 T;3 W;1 I;3 A;3 Ld;7 Sv;6+
Equipment; Missile launcher (frag, krak), laspistol, close combat weapon.
Skills; crack shot
Specialist Crowe M;4 Ws;3 Bs;3 S;3 T;3 W;1 I;3 A;3 Ld;7 Sv;6+
Equipment; lasgun, close combat weapon..
Skills; loader (see below), crack shot
Guardsmen (x6) M;4 Ws;3 Bs;3 S;3 T;3 W;1 I;3 A;3 Ld;7 Sv;6+
Equipment; lasgun, close combat weapon.
Skills; crack shot.

Special rules
Loader; If specialist Smith is down or out and Speclist jones in within 2". the player can opt to swap weapons on the two models. In effect Jones picks up the missile launcher.

The pandora box is found but the natives are not friendly

Victory conditions;
+1 for each goon killed. ( players need to keep track on their score)
+20 Lt Gorman escapes off the planet
+5 for squad member who escapes off the planet
+10 the Pandora box escapes off the planet

Storm trooper briefing;
You are Master sergeant Nathanial Blunt. This is your second tour in the service of the inquisition but your first mission with this particular inquisitor. Your task is to provide close protection to the inquisitor and his staff. Your squad is handpicked by you with the exception of specialist Kale; your first candidate came down with a bad case of broken neck. A platoon of guards is also available but they don't seem like much and look unreliable.

Imperial Guard go for the objective.

Your force
Master sergeant Nathanial Blunt M;4 Ws;4 Bs;4 S;3 T;3 W;2 I;4 A;2 Ld;8 Sv;4+
Equipment; hell pistol (counts as a bolt pistol), power sword, frag and krak grenades.
Skills; nerves of steel. hip shot, rapid fire hell pistol.
Specialist Kale M;4 Ws;3 Bs;5 S;3 T;3 W;1 I;4 A;1 Ld;8 Sv;4+
Equipment; Meltagun, hot shot laspistol (counts as a boltpistol), close combat weapon, frag and krak grenades.
Skills; dive, rapid fire hell pistol
Specialist M;4 Ws;3 Bs;4 S;3 T;3 W;1 I;3 A;1 Ld;8 Sv;4+
Equipment; Plasma gun, hell pistol (counts as a bolt pistol), close combat weapon, frag and krak grenades.
Skills; Ambush, rapid fire hell pistol
Stormtroopers (x4) M;4 Ws;3 Bs;4 S;3 T;3 W;1 I;3 A;1 Ld;8 Sv;4+
Equipment; Hell gun (counts as a bolt gun), close combat weapon, frag and krak grenades.
Skills; rapid fire hell gun

Genestealers closing in on Lt Gorman

Victory conditions;
+1 for each goon killed. ( players need to keep track on their score)
+10 Master sergeant Nathanial Blunt escapes off the planet
+10 Inquisitor escapes off the planet
+5 for squad member who escapes off the planet
+10 the Pandora box escapes off the planet

Inquisitors’ briefing;
You are Inquisitor Shylo. You have spent the last five years looking for the Pandora box. If not for recent information you would not have found its location or that it was on a planet about to be destroyed by order of your rivals within the inquisition. You must find and extract the box. It is the key to you getting on to the high council from which you will be better equipped to do the emperors bidding.

To help you in this task you have your retinue plus two squad one from the inquisitorial storm troopers the other from the imperial guard. You suspect one or both is in the service of your rivals in the inquisition. To complicate matters your extraction pilot informs you there is only enough room on the ship for one of the three remaining squad.

Your force
Inquisitor Shylo M;4 Ws;4 Bs;4 S;3 T;3 W;2 I;4 A;2 Ld;8 Sv;3+
Equipment; master crafted bolt pistol (can reroll misses), power sword.
Skills; Fast shot, nerves of steel,
Combat servitor 2994 M;3 Ws;3 Bs;3 S;4 T;4 W1 I;2 A;1 Ld;9 Sv;4+
Equipment; Twin-linked heavy stubber (can reroll misses), power fist.
Skills; bugling biceps, body slam, Cyborg (see special rules)
Combat servitor 3098 M;3 Ws;3 Bs;3 S;4 T;4 W;1 I;2 A;1 Ld;9 Sv;4+
Equipment; Heavy bolter, power fist
Skills; bugling biceps, body slam, Cyborg (see special rules)
Servo skull M;6 Ws;2 Bs;2 S;2 T;2 W;1 I;4 A;1 Ld;9 Sv;4+
Equipment; laspistol,
Skills; Dodge, Cyborg (see special rules).
Acolytes (x3) M;4 Ws;3 Bs;3 S;3 T;3 W;1 I;3 A;1 Ld;8 Sv;6+
Equipment; laspistol, close combat weapon, one has a medikit.
Skills; ???

Special rules;
Cyborg: Cyborgs can never be pinned

Shylo faces off aganist zombies

Victory conditions;
+1 for each goon killed. (players need to keep track on their score)
+20 Inquisitor escapes off the planet
+5 for squad member who escapes off the planet
+20 the Pandora box escapes off the planet