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Monday, August 26, 2019

Sugar Wars Chapter 1; Martinique part 2

Opening moves sees the fleets engaging South of Martinique 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sugar Wars Chapter 1; Martinique

Initially deployment The French fleet is in the Atlantic while the British fleet is blockading Martinique

Monday, May 27, 2019

Monday, May 6, 2019

Sugar wars (a fighting sails campaign)

Campaign season with the Militia

1) Introduction:
Now for something a bit different. This is a choose your own adventure style naval campaign based on Comte De Grasse expedition to the Caribbean in 1777.  The idea is inspired by Roger Underwood’s Caribbean naval campaign and the fighting fantasy books by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson.  Both sides begin with their initial forces. Each chapter they are presented with an initial situation and given options to proceed. Their choices dictate what scenario is played and what forces are available.   Richard and Don opted for the British while Vincent will lead the French with myself in support

Important note at this time the french navy is willing and capable to engage the British navy both fleets use British stats for their ships during the Campaign.

2) Background
In 1777 one of the most valuable goods traded is sugar. The annual trade convoy from Jamaica to Britain is worth 670 millions pounds to the exchequer. For France, the Martinique to France convoy is worth 1.2 billion pounds. Controlling the Colonies and their trade routes can make or break nations.  Even with the North American colonies in revolt both fractions see the Caribbean trade as the priority for their realms. 

The French have dispatched Comte de Grasse with a fleet and orders to protect French shipping, disrupt British trade, including if possible capturing British territory, and to support the revolution in the Northern colonies. He is able assisted by Admirals De Monteil and De Bougainville.  His Fleet also includes a sizable army contingent consisting 3,600 regular infantry.

Admiral Hood is the acting commander of the Caribbean fleet with Admirals Drake and Affleck in support. The overall commander is Admiral Rodney. But Admiral Rodney is currently suffering from Malaria and confined to bed.  Also he has recently sacked the neutral Dutch Island of St Eustatius and is being pursued through the courts for brigandage.  Hood’s orders are to protect British shipping and territories, deny support for the rebels in the northern colonies and disrupt French trade.  
Getting the campaign started

3) The Fleets
Each forces starts the campaign with a fleet consisting of three squadrons each of which is command by an admiral.After each battle any ship captured or destroyed is removed from play for the rest of the campaign. Any ship damage suffered during a battle is fully repaired for the next engagement.

At the start of each chapter, after the first, fleets get reinforcement in the form of additional ships which can be added to squadrons. Fleets can be re-organisation as players see fit but the lead Admirals (de Grasse and Hood) must always have the largest squadron after any re-organisation and the rear admirals (de Bougainville and Affleck) must always have the smallest squadron after an re-organisation. Also flagships can not move between squadron’s. 

4) Getting experience 
After each chapter ship that fought in a battle can gain experience. Roll a D6 for each ship that survives the battle.  If the ship rolls six then it gets can roll on the veterans table below. In addition the admiral , assuming he survives, can roll a D6 and if he gets a six then he can roll on the command table. Skill last for the rest of the campaign unless they are lost.
After each chapter ships with veteran skills and admiral with command skills that fight in a battle need to roll a D6 on a roll of a six the skill is lost, The master gunner contracts an unpleasant disease the master carpentry does not come back from shore leave, for whatever the skill is lost.

Veterans skills table (D6)
  1. Navigator: The ship can reroll 1s when rolling sailing dice 
  2. Authoritarian : The ship can reroll 1s when rolling Discipline  dice
  3. Marksmen: The ship can reroll 1s when rolling gunnery dice
  4. Swashbuckler: The ship can reroll 1s when rolling Boarding dice
  5. Shipwright: The ship can reroll 1s when rolling hull dice
  6. Player can pick one of the above

Command skills table (D6)
  1. Sailing: All ships within 6” of the flagship gain one extra Sailing dice 
  2. The sailors Admiral: All ships within 6” of the flagship gain one extra discipline dice 
  3. Gunnery frist: All ships within 6” of the flagship gain one extra gunnery dice
  4. Privateer: All ships within 6” of the flagship gain one extra Boarding dice 
  5. Pragmatist: All ships within 6” of the flagship gain one extra hull dice 
  6. Player can pick one of the above

Monday, April 1, 2019