A random series of articles on war gaming in 40K, FOW and other systems. The headings are, WiP; Conversions and models in various states of assembly. PiP; Paint works on various models. Mission Critical; scenarios or missions to bring a bit of a twist to a normal game. MiA; rules for units and characters that could/should/might appear in a game. Dig In; How to guides on making various types of terrain for different game systems. Sit Rep; Battle reports and after action reports on games played

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wip(40K): Piper down

Second batch of victora miniatures IG has moved on to the workbench. This time Dookian fen Gaurd are under the knife. Conversion wise the officers swords need to be replaced with claymores anbd I need a bit of inspiration for theming the guardsmens a bit more and to learning how to paint tartan.

Monday, May 28, 2012

PiP (40K): For crimes aganist the Emperor part II

The penal squad is just about done, just the bases left. It is a shame you can not customise the unit more. For some reason I wanted to do twelve dudes with various different weapons. Forgeworld were talking about bring out a Penal world themed book. This guys will be in like Flynn if they do.

The models were primes grey then given a V black wash as a pre shade.
The overalls were painted a mix of V, french blue V,off white and thinner. Then a thinned V black wash
The flesh was painted a mix of V,off white and V. Flesh. Then a thinned mix of GW blue and red ink wash
The Gun stocks and mines were painted V. Russain Green. Then a thinned V black wash.
The Collars and chaines were painted V. natural metal. Then a thinned V black wash 
The Boots and belts were painted a thinned mix of V grey black and V black. Then a thinned V black wash.

V. Vallejo, 
GW, Games Workshop

Thursday, May 24, 2012

PiP (FOW): Kampfgruppe Conrad

Kampfgruppe Conrad (Herman Goering panzergrenadiers) has taken one of the longest length of time for me to assemble a  FOW army. Started in 2010 and it is still not finished since they need more trucks.  Model wise I think they are one of the best ranges battlefront have made to date.

The Kerr and King urban themed bases is the first time I have tried themed base and they take way more time than normal to prepare. But the results are good.

Heavy weapons platoon takes up positions in Russia

HMG teams with spent shell casing made from brass rod

Pioneer Platoon with attach flamer throwers

1st platoon with attached Panzershreik

2nd and 3rd platoons

3rd platoon command team with unit marker (Man, how did I ever play mid-war russian infantry without unit markers)

Flak panzer platoon provides cover

After the Decals were added the area was dry brushed with the base color and then given a vallejo smoke wash to blend in the decals.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mission Critical (40K):Attack the Block

The war on Spandex XV wages on. Climatic conditions have force both parties to seek shelter in the now abandon city blocks. But both sides have claim on the same blocks

The table is divided into 2'x2' sections. Each player alternates placing one building, which counts as the building block, in each center. Once the buildings are placed roll a scatter dice and 2 D6 and move each building accordingly. Each player then alternates placing more terrain . Terrain can not be set-up within 3" of another terrain peice. Once players can no longer set-up more terrain the battle feild is ready.

Standard force selection applies. Or if feeling adventurous try using a random force generator.

Deployment and going frist;
Roll a D6 to see who picks whiuch table side. Armies deploy along the long table edge and must be within 12" on the table edge.

Special Rules:
Each block can only be entered by infantry. Skimmers can move over the blocks. But they, and any infantry inside of them, do not counts as being in the block. If an infantry unit starts its turn inside a block it can opted to search the block for salvage. Roll a D6 an consult the table below.

Salvage Table
1. Booby traps.
  Every model in the unit must take a dangerous terrain test.
2. Nothing
   The area has already been stripped clean.
3. Ammo dump
     The unit's weapons count as twin linked so long as the unit stays in the block.
3. Medical facilty
     The unit gains the “Feel No Pain” so long as the unit stays in the block.
4. Power generator
     The unit's weapons can re-roll to wound rolls so long as the unit stays in the block.
5. Sacred Ground
     The unit's weapons counts as stubborn so long as the unit stays in the block.
6. Jackpot
    The Player can pick what booty is in the building.

Victory Conditions. 
If a scoring unit ends a player turn with more than half its models in a block it automatically captures the block. Place a marker on the block to show its alignment.  An infantry unit can remove an opponents  marker if it ends a player turn with more than half its models in a block and there are no enemy models within 3" of the block. Only scoring units can add markers.  Which ever sides has the most markers in play at the end of the game is the winner.

No city fight photo yet but below are some from the Saxony ball in Leipzig. Where the Panzer Waaagh took 2nd..

Round 1 Vs Space Marines in objective grab. The Terminators on the top left are going after the boss's wagon.

Round Two Vs Wraith Wall in Kill points with a twist. Expendable guardians acting as bait for Wraithlords.
No Outflank or Snikrot allowed :(

Round 3 Vs Venom Spam in Kill points. I thought DE were extinct but the dark lances come out when the Panzer Waaagh shows up. :(

Battle for 1st place Necrons Vs Blood Angels

 A nice twist on the Space wolves color scheme.

Monday, May 14, 2012

WIP (40K): For crimes aganist the Emperor part I

Victoria's Penal legionnaires have been attached to Taskforce Steiner for mine clearance duties.  Gamewise, I am not a big fan of Penal legionnaires. They are one of the many "could have been good" units in the IG codex.  That said Victoria's models are awesome and crap rules should not keep cool models off the table (but they usually seem to).

Penal trooper Lector

Penal Trooper Riddick

Penal Trooper Picard

Penal Troopers

Penal trooper Sevalas and Overseer Coburn

Penal Troopers Johnston, Farrell and Chambers

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pip (FOW): "Quack Quack" goes the duck with 75mm long barrel cannon

The Duck in this case is a Guderian's duck better know as a Panzer IV/L. They were called Guderian's ducks after being built despite Guderian's protest they were a waste of resources. The plan was to try something new painting wise namely preshading (applying a wash to the undercoat) and top shading (applying a very fine coat a light color post pre-shading).

V= Vallejo, GW = games workshop
1) the models were cleaned and assemblyed as normal then they were primer grey.

2) The models were then given a wash of V black mixxed 50% with water and a few drops of V thinner medium.

3) once dried the models were give a light spray of white one the top of the model.

4) Once dry the models were painted a thinned down V middlestone. (note the one on the left got too heavy a coat hiding the pre shading)

5)  The Tracks were painted V. Terra, Alternating patches of  thinned V. Camo Beige and Reflective Green. The patches in the zimmerit was painted V. Hull Red 

6) once dried the tank was dried brushed V middlestone. ( in Hindsight it would have been a good idea to added rge decals before this step

7) The road wheels were painted a mix of V Black and V Dark Grey. The tracks were wet washed V black then when dry dry-brushed V gun metal.

8) The wood was paintd GW leather. The baggage peices were painted with GW Grey and V grey and some V Green Ohcre.

9) Decals were added first applying decal softener to the area for ther decal, then the decal, then more softherner.  Decals on Zimmerit can be a pain in the ass.

10) The Decals were then dry brushed with V middlestone.

11) The whole tank was washed with a 50:50 mix of V Black wash and V brown wash (models on the left have the wash applied).

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mission critical (FOW): D day +10 hrs

Design Notes: Adapted from Richard Clarke's article in Battlegames magazine issues 27.

Looking for an excuse to use some recently made brocage. Richards Clarke's "The race for St leger" IABSM scenario was adapted for FOW. For background, the allies have landed and are currently pushing to complete all their day one objectives. The British, in the form of the Green Howards infantry regiment with support form the Royal Dragoon guards, have moved off the beaches and are moving in land.  Opposing them is the tattered remains of Abteilung 352 which has been recently reinforced with Armour from 325 Panzerjaeger Abteilung.

Advance of the Green Howards and Royal Dragoons

Brocage rules see FOW main rulebook.
Forest are impassable to tanks difficult for infantry.
Roads and buildings as normal.

Stug waits in ambush

The Protagonist
Green Howards Regiment
( British, attackers)

1 Company command section CiC (panzerfaust) and 2iC
1st Platoon full strength
2nd Platoon full strength minus PIAT
3rd Platoon full strength minus PIAT

Support platoons
1st and 2nd troops Royal Dragoon Guards. Each with two Sherman M4 and one Sherman firefly (with the first day special rule).
352 Fusilier Abteilung
(German, Defenders)

1 Company command section CiC (panzerfaust) and 2iC (Panzerknacker, with brittle special rule)
1st Platoon with panzerknacker command team and three sections (with brittle special rule)
2nd Platoon with panzerfaust command team and two sections (with brittle special rule).
4th Platoon (HMG platoon) with one section (with brittle special rule).

Support platoons
1st platoon 325 Panzerjaeger Abteilung with three stug (with too few special rule)

The battle feild

Deployment and who goes first:
The German defenders set-up first and can deploy any where in the Southern half of the battle. The British deploy second and can be set-up within 12” of the Northern table edge.

Rifle platoon moves towards some Brocage....

....Into a waiting HMG platoon
Game length:
The game lasts 12 turns or until one of the companies break.

Stug claims a victim,

Special rules

Too Few:
German Armour was few and far between for Day one of D-day. As a result it was never available in the numbers required. The Stugs can operate as independent warrior teams and have the Ambush special rule.
The German infantry is all that is left of 352 Fusilier battalion as a result all infantry platoons are reluctant instead of confident. The company still counts as confident.
First Day:
British armour is rated confident rather than reluctant for the first day of D day. The brocage torment is still ahead of them.

Royal Dragoons return fire

Victory Conditions:
The British must get a tank or infantry platoon of the Southern table edge to win the game or break the German defending company. An other result is a German victory.  

Green Howard's push past resistance

design notes: Historically, the Germans succeeded in blocking the British advance but much of their force was destroyed in the process.   

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dig in (FOW and 40K) Breaking into the Brocage business,

Kampfgruppe Vom Bohme, being a mountain rifle infantry company is less than impressed with the open terrain that makes up all of the FOW games in this part of the World. Rather than push for an all mountain table which would be more appropriate. It seems time to get into the Brocage(big friggin' hedges) business.

Materials and method
  • Paint scour (german DIY shops sell this dirt cheap, In blocks 3cm wide, 250cm long and 120 cm high. Baumarkt is still trying to figure out where all their Green paint scour goes)
  • MDF stripes (3cm width, curved at the edges)
  • Extremely hot glue gun (careful because its burns like hell)
  • Modelling sand (luckily enough there is a sand quarry 20 minutes from the modelling lair)
  • PVA glue

Paint scour as purchased

1) Cut the scour into strips approximately 3cm high.250 cm long.

2) Cut the MDF strips to match the length of the scour

2a) Optional: Darken the cut MDF strips with a black or dark brown paint. My MDF strips were white and the scour can be a bit transparent so to hide the white strips I darkened them before attaching the scour.

3) Snake hot glue across the top of the MDF cut strips and stick the Scour in place (avoid burning fingers in the process).

4)Pour the modelling sand onto old newspaper and form two parrallel rows.

5) Paint PVA glue on to the sides (not the ends) of the MDF stripes with paint scour and cover them in modelling sand, making sure not to coat the exposed ends.
6) Allow to dry
7) Once dry re-painted with watered down PVA glue to seal in the modelling sand,
8) Once dry, paint and flock the strips to match the games table.

Optional extras:
I went for quantity over quality for the first wave of Brocage and opted for scale neutral hedges. Some other features that might be added at a later stage include
  1. Roughen the hedges by cutting out small chunks of scour to make them look more natural and less neat.
  2. Adding leave scatter or foliage to the tops of the hedge to give them a more natural look.
  3. Adding in some scale features like gates or vehicles wrecks.

Puma on Patrol.

I think I got 700 cm out of 40 euros worth of material. I have enough for a FOW recommend Brocage table 4'x4' but I will probable do more for a 6'x4' table.

Normandy WiP battlefeild

I opted to go scale neutral so the Brocage can be hedges in 40K