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Thursday, December 20, 2012

PiP (fow): Fallschirmjäger in Winter

Winter warfare is in this season

Inspired by sixtwentyeight' blog and Battlefront's recent Volksgrenadier release I decide to try to make up some winter themed Fallschirmjaeger. 15mm conversions, I think, a bit of pain. most people see the bases first then decide if they want to check out the figures. That said I think there is something like 30 headswaps and green stuff greatcoats. The figures are mostly Battlefronts with a couple of Skytrex models thrown in for variety

What worked

-The trees come from woodland scenic small trees pack. the branch were snipped of to make some smaller trees it added to the woodland theme.
- Green stuff greatcoats were easy to make and re-enforced the winter theme
- Army painter's winter tufts added to the realism

What did not work
-Mustang games systems 15mm helmet decal. 15mm decals for helmets, cool. I really like the idea and the decals were easier to apply than I thought. However, they did not seem to look right and I pulled them of in the end.. 

What I am not sure about
-The head swaps. I really like the idea of personalizing your army, head swaps are a quick and easy to do this. However I think I should pinned them better to the model I suspect one or two will not stand to the rigours on combat.

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Very nice work Darra they look great.

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