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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sitrep (40k): Prague and back again (final) round 5

Round 5 Vs Orks played by Pavel
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Capture and Control
The Enemy:
1 War Boss
1 Big mek
1 Nobz mob in battlewagon
1 battle wagon sized mob
3 Trukk sized mobs with Trucks
2 Kan mobz
1 Battlewagon

March of the Kans

The Battle:
Finally round was against Pavel's Orks for some green on green action. Pavel's list was pretty similar to his ETC list being mobile and fairly balanced. The kill point risk was solved in typical ork fashion ie kill all the opponents stuff.

Deff rolla

Pavel won the roll off and deployed his objective in the centre while the Big Green One deployed theirs in a corner. Pavel's boyz all went down en-mass in their centre while the Big Green One opted for all reserves. Turn one and two were quick for Pavel. Mhaz arrived in turn two accompanied by two battle wagon mobs and a deff kopta squadron. The Deff Kopta tried to destroy the battle wagon with the Big Mek who made cover saves the two penetrating from the Koptas (which was irritating). With targets in sight Pavel's mobs moved to engage the Big Green One. The Kans shot down both Koptas. Another wagon with Mega Nobz rolled on. Pavel's mobs were just outside Deff Rolla range. The MegaNobz dismounted to destroy Pavel's warboss' battle wagon. In response the Warboss and his nobz destroyed the Mega Nobz while their battlewagon was deff rolla'd to a wreck (which was also irritating). Mhaz mounted up and the two remaining wagons moved on the enemy objective. The Sneak Gits opted to sit this one out and hid in a corner.

Pavel's shoota mob blasted the now all alone Big Mek sitting in a pile of battle wagon scrap. The Trukks moved to capture the Big Green One's objective. Pavel's Kan walled to keep the Wagons away from his objective. A choppa mob dismounted and assaulted the Kans to clear the path but got bogged down in combat. Pavel's last wagon moved to block screen his objective with nineteen boyz behind it. The War Boss, his Nobz and the Big Mek assaulted the boyz trying to clear the kans out of the way. The Boyz and their wagon were destroyed with few loss. Mhaz and the second wagon then rolled in. The Nobz and Big Mek were run over (six hits, six wounds, six dead, awesome), a Kan mob was destroyed and Pavel's last wagon was immobilised. To make it worse the choppa mob dismounted to attack the Warboss. To soften him up they let rip with some Slugga shots and were pleasantly surprised when he killed over dead. Mhaz dropped the boarding plank and finished of the wagon.

Battle wagon lines up a home run

By the Big Green One's objective the Trukks mobs temporarily captured the objective, but the last wagon mob arrived and literally ran them over destroying two trukks and then the boyz in combat. A third trukk mob was committed but had to assault through cover and was destroyed in the process. For spite the last Trukk tankshocked on to the objective to contest it while the last Kan mob destroyed a battle wagon and pinned the defenders in combat away from the objective.

Trukk boyz try to capture an obj

The Result: 13-7

When the dust had settled the Big Green One had taken best general prize. Best Overall was a tie with Thomas. We had a dice off to determine the winner and Thomas got a one and the boyz got a three. Better green then good.

1st place trophy

The event was worth the trip. A bonus was they have started to run a FOW event on the same weekend, which is very tempting. The difference between the two is interesting, terrain wise the FOW looks better but up close to the models the 40K are stronger.
I left Prague with two thoughts one was “don't do it” the second was “you know, with two more good results I could top the Czech ranking”. I don't know, who would want to top the rankings in two separate countries????

More photos of the Prague pillage can be found here

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sitrep (40k): Prague and back again round 4

Round 4 Vs Jiri (aka Gregory)
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary Objective: Seize Ground
Secondary Objective: Capture Control
The Enemy:
Thunder Lord
3 Big Grey Hunter packs
1 Wolf Scout pack
3 Long Fang packs
1 Wolf pack

The Battle:
Day two started with the boyz defending table one against the king of the Czech wolves, Gregory. Who, I later learned was also, the Czech no 1 player and ETC player. The Gregory doesn't need Rune Priests which was interesting, also was interesting was his use of a wolf pack. Usually the wolves have more Rune Priests and less Wolves. The set-up took way too long to figure out due a combination of lack of sleep and completely mixing up the deployment and mission objective sequence. The set-up started well for the boyz but after several re-rolls they got nothing. The Wolves got to go first and picked the side with the objectives densely packed while the Ork objectives were far more scattered and less coherent.

Wolves deploy

The Wolves deployed the Longs Fangs screened by the wolf pack. The Grey Hunters and Thunder Lord deployed up front. The Wolf Scouts opted to out flank. The Boyz opted to reserve. Turn one was a non event. Turn two saw the Wolf Scout fail to show up. Even worse two wagon mobs rolled on and well as Mhaz and the Sneaky Gits. Lacking targets Mhaz took out his frustration on a nearby Rhino while the Sneaky Gits hit the Wolf pack. The Wolf pack was mauled but survived while the Rhino was destroyed without pinning the Grey Hunter pack inside.

Mhaz's last charge

On que the Wolf Scouts showed up and popped a Battlewagon, killing more than half the boyz in the process. The Long Fangs started to target the second wagon with no effect. The Thunder Lord and Grey Hunter pack fell back to engage Mhaz and his mates. Close combat saw Mhaz and the Kommandos drop like flies with the lord and the Grey Hunter then consolidating back to the front.
The next wave of Boyz arrived, more wagons and a deff kopta squadron. The Meganobs dismounted to deal with the pesky scouts. The second wagon moved to secure two objectives. The third wagon moved closer to the Big Mek. The Mega nobs assaulted the Scouts and lost combat barely hanging in. Sensing blood the Wolves started to close. The Long Fangs popped the deff kopta squadron and started to rain down on the wagons. The Grey Hunters moved to secure three objectives and push towards a fourth in the Ork table half. The Scouts finished off the Nobz.
Things were getting a bit grim. The damaged mob went after the scouts and between them, and fire from two Battlewagons, wiped out the squad. Another mob dismounted to surround and destroy a rhino containing a Grey Hunter pack. But failed to damage the rhino.
The wolves kept up the pressure. The Thunder Lord and wolf pack tried to assaulted the damaged mob. The lord failed to make it but the wolves did. Fortunately they had to move through cover to get there and were cut down before they could strike. But it till left a badly damaged mob versus a Thunder Lord, with Grey Hunters not far behind. Elsewhere the Long Fangs continued to fire on the wagons while the two remaining Grey Hunter packs ravaged the boyz in the open.
One damaged mob mounted up and moved sidewise while the second damaged took up positions to defend an objective being pressed by the Thunder Lord and friends.

Last stand of the wild boyz

The defending mob did not last long against the Thunder Lord and the wolves secured fourth objective. Things were getting dark. The last deff kopta sqaudron finally showed up. It assaulted the Long Fangs hoping to pin them in combat but was destroyed. The Big Mek in his battle wagon made a break for it and tried to contest a wolf objective.
The Turn counter rolled on. The Grey Hunters made short work of the Big Mek while the Long Fangs destroyed his ride. The Grey Hunters on the other side of the table popped a battle wagon. While the Thunder lord walked over and destroyed the last wagon. With the boyz inside opting to dismount to keep control of the two objective.

Via Dakka

The Wolves had now four objectives versus the Ork's two. Running out time, options and models one of the last two Ork units remaining opted for one of desperate charge affairs. The Mob assaulted a wolf pack through cover. This contest one objective. The Pack in question was guarding two other objective (including the capture and control objective) and got pulled off them. The mob lost combat but managed to hang in there pulling the wolves further away from their objectives. On that the game ended. The Ork held two objectives vs the wolves one and won the secondary mission but lost a good bit on Vps.

The Result: 11-9

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Prague and back again, round 3

Round 3 Vs Renegade Guard played by Jan
Deployment: Dawn of War
Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Seize Ground
The Enemy:
2 Company Command squads, both with Chimera
1 huge platoon, full strength, all the heavy weapons squads (and possibly a kitchen sink)
1 Leman Russ Battle Tank
1 Valkyrie
2 veteran squads, one with Chimera
1 Rough rider squad
1 Sentinel squadron

Renegade heavy weapons teams

The Battle:
Round three put the boyz on table one facing one of the nicest converted guard armies I had seen in a while. Renegade guards using bits from half a dozen plastic kits across a few manufactures. Pretty but not very threatening.

Renegade Sentinel

The guard won the roll off and opted to deploy first. Picking the table edge with three of the four objectives for the primary mission. The boyz opted to all reserve with the sneaky stuff doing what it does best. Turn one saw the guards perform a general advance. Which was repeated in turn two with heavy weapons squads trying to get into position on the flanks for side shots on the Wagons when they showed up.

Kommandos running amok

Deff koptas doing the same on the other side of the battlefeild

Three of the wagons arrived a split second before the koptas showed up. The koptas took out the weapons squad on the flanking threatening the wagons. Mhaz and the Sneaky Gits showed up on the opposite flank. Between them, they destroyed two Chimeras and all the Rough Riders. For salt in the wound the Company commander's squad was pinned. Under pressure from both side the guards tried to consolidate on one flank, abandoning the objectives to the approaching wagons.
The huge guard platoon assaulted Mhaz and the Sneaky Gits, destroying the Gits and putting a wound on the boss.

Wild boyz stampede the Guards forward element

The rest of the guard tried to put holes in the approaching wagons and succeeded in stunning ta battle wagon. The Valkyrie with vets and the second company commander chimera moved a bit to close to the Ork edge in a bid to get shots on the wagons and this left them exposed if the last wagon showed up. Which it duly did. The Valkyrie failed to dodge and was destroyed and the veterans pinned. The Boyz jumped out and beat the crap out of the chimera. Immobilising it and destroying its weapons. The guard continued hitting away at Mhaz hidden power weapons claiming a few more wounds. The rest of Guard continued to fall back from the wagon wall.

The Guard persistence paid off and Mhaz was killed by the guardsmen. However, it was a too little too late as the wagon wall rolled over all bar one of the objectives. The boyz disembarked long enough to destroy the sentinels that were lurking in a building hoping for the wagons to pass.  The game ended with the Orks completing most of the primary mission and all of the secondary mission.

Battle wagons start chasing after Chimera

The Result: 16-4

The three wins put the boyz in the lead, eight points clear of their rivals.One of the cool aspects of the Prague event is that the venue is a school hall and most of the players travel and stay there over night. Also nearby is a pretty decent steak restaurant. After steaks, it was back to the hall for some grudge matches. First up was Vaclav toting his Crowe purifier list. Orks do not like Purifiers at all but they were able to fight them to a draw. With Mhaz getting sucked into the warp after accepting a challenge from Crowe. Second in the fray was Vit's (Czech Etc team) guard with tactical advise (ie endless slagging) from the rest of the Czech ETC team. Third up was going to be Thomas(Czech ETC captain) but the boyz started to fade before we could start and we called it a day (getting old I guess). As day one ended I left blissfully unaware of two things. One, the clocks went forward that night (balls!!) and two, Wolves were on the prowl.  

Wolves on the prowl

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Prague and back again, round 2

Round 2 Vs Tyranids played by Alfred
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary Objective: Capture and Control
Secondary Objective: Annihilation

The Enemy:
Warrior Prime
Swarm Lord
1 Body Brood
1 Genestealers Brood
1 Gaunt Brood
2 Hive guard brood
1 Zoanthrope brood
3 Homagaunts broods
1 Warrior Brood

The Battle:
Round two put the Boyz on table two playing against the bugs lead by Alfred. The presence of the swarms of Homogaunts backed with the Warrior Prime and the Swarm Lord was a concern but not a major one. The Boyz won the roll off and forced the bugs to go first. The Bugs objective went behind a building while the Orks objective was deployed in the middle in plain sight. The Bugs opted to the reserve bulk of the swarm planning on using the Swarm lord's reserve bonus. The Orks opted to reserve the sneaky stuff (Mhaz, the koptas and the Sneaky Gits) while the wagon mobs opted to deploy.

The Hive mind fails to detect something is amiss with its deployment

The swarm could not really hurt the wagons which stayed out of range but moved to attack on one flank. Turn two saw the arrival of the bulk swarm bar some gaunts and the genestealers. The Hive guard went for the flanks while the of the swarm hovered on their objective. In response, Mhaz and the Sneaky Gits arrived in the rear. A Deff Kopta squadron turbo boosted to get into a better position. All the wagons bar Nardreg's mob in Spleen Rippa. Mhaz assaulted a Hive Guard brood to prevent it shooting. The sneaky Gits assaulted the Zaontrope brood to pin it as well. The wagons rolled forward on flank the Kommandos distracted the anti tank broods.

Genestealers try to spoil the wagon wall

Genestealers arrived and made straight for the wagons hoping to spoil the Ork advance. However they could not scratch any of the wagons. In response the Maulers debussed and a skorchas cooked the entire brood. More Homogaunts arrived and made straight for Mhaz. The bugs swarmed Mhaz. The Sneaky Gits finished off the Zaontropes before being destroyed. Mhaz destroyed the Hive guard and was left surrounded by gaunts. The rest of the bugs were forked between defending their objective from the imminent assault on their objective or making a dash for the undefended Ork objective. They tried to do a bit of both and did not really do either.

One against many

The last Wagon mob arrived and parked on the Ork objective. The rest began to move into contest range of the Swarm's objective. Mhaz mangled the Homogaunts forcing the Swarm lord to move to support while the rest of the swarm opted to fall back to protect their objective.

Another attempted rescue 

Tuska's mob assaulted into combat to rescue Mhaz they also dragged the Swarm Lord into the fray hoping to destroy him with fearless wounds. The homogaunts and the lord's bodyguard were destroyed but the Lord held on. Another Homogaunts swarm assaulted to rescue the lord wiping out Tuska's mob but leaving Mhaz surrounded and in contact with the bug Lord. The battle wagons rolled over the Bug objective crushing some Tyranids who were not nimble enough to escape. Ghaz traded blows with the Lord and finally destroyed him. Another choppa mob assaulted in to clear out the Homoguants that surrounded the Warboss. The remaining bugs swarmed a battle wagon and destroyed it but there was another one on their objective.

In the end it jusy takes one Ork

The Game ended with the Boyz controlling both objectives in the primary mission and winning the secondary mission and tied on VPs

The Result: 16-4

Orks contest the Bugs objective

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Prague and back again, round 1

Fed-up walking around and eating wolf meat the boyz decided to mount up and head east. Specificity to watch Prague burn (metaphorically speaking). The ogre club runs two 40K events each year. Since Prague is only two hours away it is always on the radar. As a bonus this was the first year that they ran a FOW event (2 day mid war).

De Big Green One
Mhazghul 'eadsplitter (looks like Ghazagul traka)
Fix-it-again Grimna (big mek)
Mhazghul's Maulers (aka mega nobz) in Bonebreaker (battle wagon)
Tuska'sMob (choppa boyz)
Ghriguts' Mob (choppa boyz)
Nardreg's mob (choppa boyz)
Morrik's (looks like Snikrot) Sneaky Gits
Left eye (deff kopta skuadron)
Right eye (deff kopta skuadron)
Skullhamma (battle wagon)
Pain Train (battle wagon)
Spleen Rippa (battle wagon)

Round 1 Vs Dark Eldar played by Mila
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Primary Objective: Seize Ground
Secondary Objective: Annihilation
The Enemy:
2 Succubus
3 Razorwings
2 Hell Brides squads in Venoms
4 Warriors squads three in Raiders, one in a Venom.

The Battle:
Really?? the first time in over a year since the boyz used battle wagons and their first opponents turns out to be festooned in dark lances and are highly mobile, not a great start. The Dark Eldar won the roll off for sides and picked the side with three of the four objectives nearby. The Orks did the decent thing and went into reserve. Mhaz, the Sneaky Gits and the eyes opted to out flank.

Dark Eldar right flank

Razor Wings ready to pounce

Ork deployment (wtf are they?)

Turn one and two for the Dark Eldar turned out to be a non event with no targets present they opted to flight about for cover saves or moved to claim objectives.

The Maulers, Grimna and  Ghriguts' mob arrived, no one else showed up. The wagons rolled towards the nearest objectives. Shootas succeeded in downing a Warrior's Venom.

Big shootas down a Venom 

The Dark Eldar wasted no time now they had a target, dark lances blazed away but when the shooting was finished only Bone Breaker took damage and that was minimal. On que the rest of the Waaagh arrived. Mhaz and the Sneaky Gits made straight for a raider park that had opted not to move to allow the warriors to fire their dark lance. Left Eye showed up on the tail of a Razorwing. Skullhamma rolled forward and dropped off  Ghriguts' mob. Pain Train rolled on and dropped off Tuska's mob. The Boyz Waaagh'd Mhaz nailed a raider, Morrik nailed a second and the Sneaky Gits got a third. Left Eye got a hit of a Razorwing, shaking it.  Ghriguts' mob over ran the venomless warriors and riped off a gun from another Venom.  Tuska's assaulted a Razorwing,stunning and immobilizing it. For extra pain, two of the warrior squads were pinned in the carnage.

Boyz get the drop on a Razorwing

Orks start to overwhelm the Dark Eldar

With all their scoring units under pressure and most of the fire support off line the Dark Eldar were in trouble. The Hellbrides debussed and went after the boyz in the open. The only active razorwing swung round to engage the Deff Koptas from the Left Eye. Between the Venoms, Hellbrides and Succubus,  Ghriguts' mob did not last long.  Tuska's mob held out, with Tuska opting to finish of the immobilised razorwing rather than engaging with the Brides. The only bonus was that the Deff kopta surivied the attentions of the Razorwing some how.

Orks in front and rear

Right Eye and  Nardreg's mob arrived. The boyz raced to the rescue of  Tuska's mob, while Right Eye went hunting Venoms.  Mhaz and the kommandos rampaged through the struggling Warriors destroying two more squads and forcing another to abandon an objective. Left Eye ignored the raider that was shooting at it and went after it shaken companion. Between the rokkits and the Buzzsaw the Razorwing was destroyed.  Nardreg's mob overran a Succubus and the Brides saving Tuska's mob (now just Tuska with one mate)
The Dark Eldar struggled with the increasingly desperate situation. Venoms, Hell Brides and the last Succubus wiped out Nardreg's and Tuska's mob, while the last Razorwing failed to damage the Spleen Rippa.

Deff Kopta prowling for survivors 

The Orks struck back The Pain Train and Spleen Rippa lined up multple tank shocks destroying a Venom, the last of the Brides and the Succubus. Mhaz destroyed the last scoring unit. Down to a few token units the Dark Eldar fled the battlefield.

Battlewagon Vs Venom

The Result: 20 - 0

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sitrep (40k); A weekend with Wolves, Itzacon round 5

Round five more Wolves, Merv is back looking for payback.  

Round 5 Vs Space Wolves played by Merv
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary Objective: Seize ground. Three objectives one in the centre of the table and one in the centre of each of the neutral table quarters
Secondary Objective: Capture and control.
The Enemy:
2 Rune Priests
2 Lone Wolves
5 Wolf Guard
3 squads of eight Grey Hunters in Rhinos
2 squads of six Grey Hunters in Razorbacks
3 squads of six Long Fangs in Razorbacks

Strange manifestation of Gork or possible Mork

The Battle:
The mission and deployment favoured the Wolves but the Boyz were starting to master anti wolf tactics (aka Klaw to the face). Merv won the roll off, again, and surrendered the initiative. This time he had made a serious error.

Kans in a Ruin

The Boyz picked the corner with the best cover for where the Kans planned to be after turn one. A pretty ruin that secured one of the objectives and blocked line of sight to the Long Fangs probable location. A kopta mob went down up front. Kans went in behind it,. Shoota on the flanks. One choppa mob went in reserve while the last kopta mob went for the outflank.
A 42” inch threat range from the koptas seemed to freak out the Long Fangs who deployed badly in response. A Rune Priest and some token Grey Hunters deployed to seize or contest the centre objective or the objective in the Ork table half. Two Lone Wolves deployed up front to act as a screen. Most of the vehicles and a good part of the scoring units opted to go into reserve.

Sacrificial Kans

Turn one saw the koptas turbo boost sideways away from the Wolves. They has messed up the Wolf deployment better than hoped so now they would waited for their reserves to so up for some mischief. Two Kans mobs got into the ruin and could move forward safe from the Long Fangs. One kan mob made a break for an objective. They did not have a hope in hell of getting past three Long Fang squad. But somebody needed to distract the Fangs so the Kans got the job. The rest of the army started to move towards the objectives. Shooting saw the boyz knock of a wound from a Lone Wolf.

Wolves spring their ambush but there are still lots of boyz about 

Wolves replied with the Long Fangs hammering the lone Kan mob which barely survived. The Lone Wolves crept forward eyeing the Kans that the rest of the Wolves could not see. The Orks pushed forward securing two of the primary objectives and closing on the third. The Wolves sprung their trap. A Rune Priest and two pack of Grey Hunters arrived from reserve and moved towards the objective controlled by the orks which was nearest to the wolf table edge. The packs dismounted behind a rhino wall and the Rune Priest sniped a nob and rocket boy before the wounded Lone Wolf assaulted the Mob. The unwound Lone Wolf assaulted the Kans hoping to do damage with his chain fist. The Long Fangs finished of the distraction Kan mob. The assaults went badly for the Wolves. The wounded Loner perished allowing the shoota mob to set-up a gun line facing the Rune priest’s packs. The kans also struck down their opponent with no loss.

Lone Wolf not alone any more

The second kopta squadron arrived and both squadrons moved after the newly arrived Space Wolves who now looked a bit isolated. The Kans, shoota boyz, koptas blasted the Rune Priest's pack killing several and wounding the Priest. A koptas mob went in and finished off the Priest but was destroyed in return.

Wolves behind rhino wall that has blown smoke

Ork view of the rhino wall

Under pressure more Wolves started to arrived and the initial Wolf force began to push forward. Smelling blood the orks pushed forward, The third objective was secured and rokkits destroyed a rhino and immobilised another. For a bonus a pack of Grey Hunters was pinned in the damage. The Orks waaagh hoping to catch another pack of Wolves in a rhino but rolled badly and only managed to get the rhino which did not last long. The Long Fangs were now out of position and forced to mount up if they wanted to have further any part in game. A Grey Hunter pack peeled back to secure the Wolf objective. The rest pushed forward, but now one objective was to far away to be reached and another had six Kans standing in the way. A razorback managed to get into contest range of the third objective. With time running out the wolves tried to destroy the Kans but failed.

Guess who is pinned?

The game ended with the orks holding two of the three main objective. Both sides held their secondary objective.

The Result: Win 14- 6

Kans and Boyz start to rampage

And that was the last of the Wolves. When the dust had settled the Orks were in 8th place. All the Wolves bar Goose (Donal) had been knocked out of the ten. Not a bad run. The Big Mek survived four of his five games and the boyz bagged four Rune Priests along the way. The four wolf games is now my most repetitive event. Previously it was Retcon playing against three Vulcan lists back to back. I would have mixed emotions if I go to another event and end up playing the same army five times in a row.
Tournament wise it was worth the trip. Anything Craig (the event organiser) is involved in is worth a look. Plus the opponents were a bit of craic even for beakies :)

possible  new logo for Itzacon next year :)

Only criticism was the terrain a bit weak. Five pieces of terrain, one in centre of each quarter and one in the centre of the table does not make an interesting table. I would prefer a themed table to a chess board. But Galway and gaming is always a good mix. Hopefully with a new gaming shop (Dungeons and Donuts) on the way there will be more events in that neck of the woods.

More pictures of the event can be found here.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sitrep (40k); A weekend with Wolves Itzacon round 4

What could be more irritating than two Rune Priest running amok?
Why that would three Rune Priest running amok.

Round 4 Vs Space Wolves played by Goose aka Donal
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Seize Ground. Three objective one in the centre and two other six inches from the neutral edge along the centre line of the table.
The Enemy:
3 Rune Priests
2 packs of Wolf Scouts
4 Wolf Guard
4 squads of eight Grey Hunters 3 with Rhinos
3 squads of six Long Fangs

The Battle
The second day saw the Green tide again facing the jaws of the wolf. This time led by Goose (aka Donal). For a twist the razorbacks were gone in favor of a third Rune Priest.  The Orks won the roll off and opted to deploy. Everybody deployed, the Kans and the Koptas up front, a shoota mob on either flank with a third shoota mobs and the choppas mobs in the back with the Big Mek (whose life expectancy was pretty low).  In response the Wolves deployed the Long Fangs on the back line, screened by Grey Hunters. Two rhinos were deployed slightly forward, one transporting a Rune Priest and Grey Hunter pack.  One Grey Hunter pack went in reserve. The Scouts opting to out flank.

Deff Koptas Bag a Rhino

Turn one saw the Deff koptas hit the turbo boost button while the rest of the army surged forward. Against expectations both the Kopta squadrons destroyed a rhino a piece. To top it off one squadron attacked the now rhino-less Grey Hunters. One Kopta was quickly destroyed but the buzzsaw took out a Rune Priest to draw the combat.   The Wolves replied with one Grey Hunter pack  cutting down a Kopta squadron while the last kopta fell in combat.  Long Fangs added to the misery by destroying two Kans.

And then a Rune Priest

The Boyz continued to surge forward.  The Kans started to move through cover to minimize fire while everybody else pushed towards the wolves. A wolf scout pack revealed itself on the flank and pinned a shoota mob in combat after the mob’s boss had been slain by Jaws.  Long Fangs punished the Kans again, destroying two more.  While the other Rune Priest tried to Jaws a nearby nob.  The Shoota mob engaged with Scouts could not get rid of them and was now set-up to receive a charge from a nearby Grey Hunter pack. The rest of the mobs pushed forward. The Long Fangs were running out of Kan targets so switched to frag missiles and started pelting the choppa boyz.  

Kans and Long Fangs do not mix well 

Another Nob and rocket boy was claimed by Jaws.  While the Grey Hunters and Scouts ripped apart the Shoota mob leaving two scouts alive to deny a kill point.  The Boyz started to get into position to do damage. One mob Waaagh'd to close the distance and get in an assault on some Grey Hunters. Another mob dispatched a Rhino attempting to block their progress. Some Kans were able to assault to support the engaged mob.   The Grey Hunters warred with the Boyz, The Wolf standard saved most of the wounds but was no protection against the Kans, who ripped apart another Rune Priest.  The Wolves began to engage the two choppa mobs that were in their lines. They stayed clear of the kans but assaulted into the boyz instead. The last Scout pack arrived and moved to contest one the two objectives the Orks controlled. The third objective was firmly in Wolves hands screened by Grey Hunters and the mauled Wolf Scout pack.  The Rune Priest attempted to Jaws the Big Mek but suffered Perils.

Wolf Scout pounce

In the centre the choppa boyz and kans traded blows with the Grey hunters. Things got grim for the Wolves and the Long Fangs were forced into the melee to tip the balance.  The Boyz and Kans were eventually destroyed but not before destroying the same number of wolf units. The Wolf Scout had bitten of more than they could chew as large shoota mob buried them in enough bodies to destroy the pack.

The Big Mek is still standing but I can not say the same about the Kans

The game ended with the Boyz and wolves tied on kill points. While the Boyu captured two of the three objectives to claim the secondary mission.   Surprisingly the Big Mek was still standing while two Rune Priest were down and the Third was wounded.

The Result: Win 13-7

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sitrep (40k); A weekend with Wolves Itzacon round 3

Round 3 Vs Space Wolves played by Ryan Mullin
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary Objective: Cleanse (capture Table quarters). Scoring units are worth two points everything else was worth one point and at the end of the game who ever had the most points in a table quarter claimed the quarter
Secondary Objective: Annihilation

The Enemy:
2 Rune Priests
2 Wolf Scout packs
5 Wolf Guard
4 squads of seven Grey Hunters in Rhinos
3 squads of six Long Fangs in Razorbacks

The battlefeild

The Battle:
The next wolf list was pretty similar to the first except Lone Wolves were replaced with Wolf Scouts. The terrain was very neutral which was disappointing (not much point in having terrain if it has little effect on the game). The Wolves won the roll off and deployed in mass in one quarter with Long Fangs building a nest in the sole building in the quarter. The Boyz then deployed, the kans up front with large shoota mobs on either flank and a small shoota mob in the back. The Choppa mobs opted to reserve while the koptas opted to out flank.

Turn one saw the Wolves advance. The Rune priest cast jaws and swallowed the Big Mek. The Long Fangs wrecked a kan mob. The Orks surged forward. Killa Kans destroyed a rhino and got the drop on the Rune Priest that had killed the Big Mek.

Rokkits bag a Rhino

Both Wolf Scout packs showed up an once and destroyed the smaller shoota mob. While the Long Fangs wrecked another Kan mob. 

Wolf Scouts roll on

A Choppa mob arrived and destroyed a scout pack and forced the sole survivor the other pack to flee. Long Fangs were making a mess of the other shoota boyz with the last Rune Priest sniping a boss that had come in range. One Razorback was immobilized trying to move through cover. 

Bab Moonz go after the Scouts

The Deff Koptas arrived, one on the right flank containing Long Fangs and one on the left with the fleeing scout. The Koptas engaged the Long Fangs but were beaten off. While the Koptas on the other flank took fire from the razorbacks and were destroyed.

Shoota Boyz and Grey Hunters contest a table quarter

Deff Koptas on the flank  

The sole remaining Killa kan tried to assault the immobilized Razorback but rolled badly for terrain leaving facing the las/plasma tank which promptly destroyed the threat. A Rhino with Grey Hunters moved into claim a table quarter but the other choppa mob showed up and swarmed the vehicle, destroying it and pack trapped inside. Long Fangs finished off a shoota mob to clear the orks from a quarter to allow it be claimed by rhinos.

An ill-fated Rhino just before it is swarmed by Wild Boyz and destroyed 

The game ended with both sides having a two table quarters each and tied on Kill points

The Result: Draw 10-10