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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sitrep (40k); A weekend with Wolves, Itzacon round 5

Round five more Wolves, Merv is back looking for payback.  

Round 5 Vs Space Wolves played by Merv
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary Objective: Seize ground. Three objectives one in the centre of the table and one in the centre of each of the neutral table quarters
Secondary Objective: Capture and control.
The Enemy:
2 Rune Priests
2 Lone Wolves
5 Wolf Guard
3 squads of eight Grey Hunters in Rhinos
2 squads of six Grey Hunters in Razorbacks
3 squads of six Long Fangs in Razorbacks

Strange manifestation of Gork or possible Mork

The Battle:
The mission and deployment favoured the Wolves but the Boyz were starting to master anti wolf tactics (aka Klaw to the face). Merv won the roll off, again, and surrendered the initiative. This time he had made a serious error.

Kans in a Ruin

The Boyz picked the corner with the best cover for where the Kans planned to be after turn one. A pretty ruin that secured one of the objectives and blocked line of sight to the Long Fangs probable location. A kopta mob went down up front. Kans went in behind it,. Shoota on the flanks. One choppa mob went in reserve while the last kopta mob went for the outflank.
A 42” inch threat range from the koptas seemed to freak out the Long Fangs who deployed badly in response. A Rune Priest and some token Grey Hunters deployed to seize or contest the centre objective or the objective in the Ork table half. Two Lone Wolves deployed up front to act as a screen. Most of the vehicles and a good part of the scoring units opted to go into reserve.

Sacrificial Kans

Turn one saw the koptas turbo boost sideways away from the Wolves. They has messed up the Wolf deployment better than hoped so now they would waited for their reserves to so up for some mischief. Two Kans mobs got into the ruin and could move forward safe from the Long Fangs. One kan mob made a break for an objective. They did not have a hope in hell of getting past three Long Fang squad. But somebody needed to distract the Fangs so the Kans got the job. The rest of the army started to move towards the objectives. Shooting saw the boyz knock of a wound from a Lone Wolf.

Wolves spring their ambush but there are still lots of boyz about 

Wolves replied with the Long Fangs hammering the lone Kan mob which barely survived. The Lone Wolves crept forward eyeing the Kans that the rest of the Wolves could not see. The Orks pushed forward securing two of the primary objectives and closing on the third. The Wolves sprung their trap. A Rune Priest and two pack of Grey Hunters arrived from reserve and moved towards the objective controlled by the orks which was nearest to the wolf table edge. The packs dismounted behind a rhino wall and the Rune Priest sniped a nob and rocket boy before the wounded Lone Wolf assaulted the Mob. The unwound Lone Wolf assaulted the Kans hoping to do damage with his chain fist. The Long Fangs finished of the distraction Kan mob. The assaults went badly for the Wolves. The wounded Loner perished allowing the shoota mob to set-up a gun line facing the Rune priest’s packs. The kans also struck down their opponent with no loss.

Lone Wolf not alone any more

The second kopta squadron arrived and both squadrons moved after the newly arrived Space Wolves who now looked a bit isolated. The Kans, shoota boyz, koptas blasted the Rune Priest's pack killing several and wounding the Priest. A koptas mob went in and finished off the Priest but was destroyed in return.

Wolves behind rhino wall that has blown smoke

Ork view of the rhino wall

Under pressure more Wolves started to arrived and the initial Wolf force began to push forward. Smelling blood the orks pushed forward, The third objective was secured and rokkits destroyed a rhino and immobilised another. For a bonus a pack of Grey Hunters was pinned in the damage. The Orks waaagh hoping to catch another pack of Wolves in a rhino but rolled badly and only managed to get the rhino which did not last long. The Long Fangs were now out of position and forced to mount up if they wanted to have further any part in game. A Grey Hunter pack peeled back to secure the Wolf objective. The rest pushed forward, but now one objective was to far away to be reached and another had six Kans standing in the way. A razorback managed to get into contest range of the third objective. With time running out the wolves tried to destroy the Kans but failed.

Guess who is pinned?

The game ended with the orks holding two of the three main objective. Both sides held their secondary objective.

The Result: Win 14- 6

Kans and Boyz start to rampage

And that was the last of the Wolves. When the dust had settled the Orks were in 8th place. All the Wolves bar Goose (Donal) had been knocked out of the ten. Not a bad run. The Big Mek survived four of his five games and the boyz bagged four Rune Priests along the way. The four wolf games is now my most repetitive event. Previously it was Retcon playing against three Vulcan lists back to back. I would have mixed emotions if I go to another event and end up playing the same army five times in a row.
Tournament wise it was worth the trip. Anything Craig (the event organiser) is involved in is worth a look. Plus the opponents were a bit of craic even for beakies :)

possible  new logo for Itzacon next year :)

Only criticism was the terrain a bit weak. Five pieces of terrain, one in centre of each quarter and one in the centre of the table does not make an interesting table. I would prefer a themed table to a chess board. But Galway and gaming is always a good mix. Hopefully with a new gaming shop (Dungeons and Donuts) on the way there will be more events in that neck of the woods.

More pictures of the event can be found here.

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