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Monday, March 19, 2012

PiP (FOW) Flower arranging (aka painting gebirgsjaeger)

Done some weird things for the sake of gaming/modelling over the years. Set fire to a few things to create a realistic battle damage look. Once ran into a chemist covered in white powder looking to get some syringes for a time sensitive terrain project involving plaster of Paris. Flower arranging was something I did not see coming. But I was inspired by German Frank’s 101st airborne basing that I decide to give it a go.

The method
GW= games workshop paint, V=Vallejo paint PP= privateer press
The bases were done using the “Cork method

Models Based and ready for priming

The models were undercoated plastikote grey.
The parkas were painted V german camo beige.
The trousers, Bergmütze (Mountain Cap) were painted V. german uniforms

Just the trousers and caps painted

The rifles and flasks were painted PP. brown
Faces and hands were painted V flat flesh.

just the main colors done

Boots and belts were painted V black
Back packs were painted V US drab
Machine guns and rifle barrels were painted V gunmetal

Pre wash state

The bases were painted GW graveyard earth then dry brushed V yellow ochre 
The entire model was given a wash of an even mixed of V smoke, V thinner and water
The base were then covered in Heki flowers, then tufts of grass by Silfor and finally GW flock.

Flowers interflora Heki 

I considered with the idea of using different coloured flower to distinguish the platoons but in the end opted to put unit markings on the base instead.

3 Platoon with squad markings

Work in progress staff team interrogating a British POW from Peter Pig

Off topi,c but finally got the painting rack finished. Not bad for 10 euro at German Ikea


Ben said...

I must say that looks like a very fast and nice method of painting the Gebirgsjaeger.

Dakeryus said...

Thanks Ben. They had their frist offical outing yesterday. Ran into a panzer company with tigers in support it did not go well :) (minor loss)

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