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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sitrep (40k); A weekend with Wolves Itzacon round 3

Round 3 Vs Space Wolves played by Ryan Mullin
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary Objective: Cleanse (capture Table quarters). Scoring units are worth two points everything else was worth one point and at the end of the game who ever had the most points in a table quarter claimed the quarter
Secondary Objective: Annihilation

The Enemy:
2 Rune Priests
2 Wolf Scout packs
5 Wolf Guard
4 squads of seven Grey Hunters in Rhinos
3 squads of six Long Fangs in Razorbacks

The battlefeild

The Battle:
The next wolf list was pretty similar to the first except Lone Wolves were replaced with Wolf Scouts. The terrain was very neutral which was disappointing (not much point in having terrain if it has little effect on the game). The Wolves won the roll off and deployed in mass in one quarter with Long Fangs building a nest in the sole building in the quarter. The Boyz then deployed, the kans up front with large shoota mobs on either flank and a small shoota mob in the back. The Choppa mobs opted to reserve while the koptas opted to out flank.

Turn one saw the Wolves advance. The Rune priest cast jaws and swallowed the Big Mek. The Long Fangs wrecked a kan mob. The Orks surged forward. Killa Kans destroyed a rhino and got the drop on the Rune Priest that had killed the Big Mek.

Rokkits bag a Rhino

Both Wolf Scout packs showed up an once and destroyed the smaller shoota mob. While the Long Fangs wrecked another Kan mob. 

Wolf Scouts roll on

A Choppa mob arrived and destroyed a scout pack and forced the sole survivor the other pack to flee. Long Fangs were making a mess of the other shoota boyz with the last Rune Priest sniping a boss that had come in range. One Razorback was immobilized trying to move through cover. 

Bab Moonz go after the Scouts

The Deff Koptas arrived, one on the right flank containing Long Fangs and one on the left with the fleeing scout. The Koptas engaged the Long Fangs but were beaten off. While the Koptas on the other flank took fire from the razorbacks and were destroyed.

Shoota Boyz and Grey Hunters contest a table quarter

Deff Koptas on the flank  

The sole remaining Killa kan tried to assault the immobilized Razorback but rolled badly for terrain leaving facing the las/plasma tank which promptly destroyed the threat. A Rhino with Grey Hunters moved into claim a table quarter but the other choppa mob showed up and swarmed the vehicle, destroying it and pack trapped inside. Long Fangs finished off a shoota mob to clear the orks from a quarter to allow it be claimed by rhinos.

An ill-fated Rhino just before it is swarmed by Wild Boyz and destroyed 

The game ended with both sides having a two table quarters each and tied on Kill points

The Result: Draw 10-10

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