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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sitrep (40k): Prague and back again round 4

Round 4 Vs Jiri (aka Gregory)
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary Objective: Seize Ground
Secondary Objective: Capture Control
The Enemy:
Thunder Lord
3 Big Grey Hunter packs
1 Wolf Scout pack
3 Long Fang packs
1 Wolf pack

The Battle:
Day two started with the boyz defending table one against the king of the Czech wolves, Gregory. Who, I later learned was also, the Czech no 1 player and ETC player. The Gregory doesn't need Rune Priests which was interesting, also was interesting was his use of a wolf pack. Usually the wolves have more Rune Priests and less Wolves. The set-up took way too long to figure out due a combination of lack of sleep and completely mixing up the deployment and mission objective sequence. The set-up started well for the boyz but after several re-rolls they got nothing. The Wolves got to go first and picked the side with the objectives densely packed while the Ork objectives were far more scattered and less coherent.

Wolves deploy

The Wolves deployed the Longs Fangs screened by the wolf pack. The Grey Hunters and Thunder Lord deployed up front. The Wolf Scouts opted to out flank. The Boyz opted to reserve. Turn one was a non event. Turn two saw the Wolf Scout fail to show up. Even worse two wagon mobs rolled on and well as Mhaz and the Sneaky Gits. Lacking targets Mhaz took out his frustration on a nearby Rhino while the Sneaky Gits hit the Wolf pack. The Wolf pack was mauled but survived while the Rhino was destroyed without pinning the Grey Hunter pack inside.

Mhaz's last charge

On que the Wolf Scouts showed up and popped a Battlewagon, killing more than half the boyz in the process. The Long Fangs started to target the second wagon with no effect. The Thunder Lord and Grey Hunter pack fell back to engage Mhaz and his mates. Close combat saw Mhaz and the Kommandos drop like flies with the lord and the Grey Hunter then consolidating back to the front.
The next wave of Boyz arrived, more wagons and a deff kopta squadron. The Meganobs dismounted to deal with the pesky scouts. The second wagon moved to secure two objectives. The third wagon moved closer to the Big Mek. The Mega nobs assaulted the Scouts and lost combat barely hanging in. Sensing blood the Wolves started to close. The Long Fangs popped the deff kopta squadron and started to rain down on the wagons. The Grey Hunters moved to secure three objectives and push towards a fourth in the Ork table half. The Scouts finished off the Nobz.
Things were getting a bit grim. The damaged mob went after the scouts and between them, and fire from two Battlewagons, wiped out the squad. Another mob dismounted to surround and destroy a rhino containing a Grey Hunter pack. But failed to damage the rhino.
The wolves kept up the pressure. The Thunder Lord and wolf pack tried to assaulted the damaged mob. The lord failed to make it but the wolves did. Fortunately they had to move through cover to get there and were cut down before they could strike. But it till left a badly damaged mob versus a Thunder Lord, with Grey Hunters not far behind. Elsewhere the Long Fangs continued to fire on the wagons while the two remaining Grey Hunter packs ravaged the boyz in the open.
One damaged mob mounted up and moved sidewise while the second damaged took up positions to defend an objective being pressed by the Thunder Lord and friends.

Last stand of the wild boyz

The defending mob did not last long against the Thunder Lord and the wolves secured fourth objective. Things were getting dark. The last deff kopta sqaudron finally showed up. It assaulted the Long Fangs hoping to pin them in combat but was destroyed. The Big Mek in his battle wagon made a break for it and tried to contest a wolf objective.
The Turn counter rolled on. The Grey Hunters made short work of the Big Mek while the Long Fangs destroyed his ride. The Grey Hunters on the other side of the table popped a battle wagon. While the Thunder lord walked over and destroyed the last wagon. With the boyz inside opting to dismount to keep control of the two objective.

Via Dakka

The Wolves had now four objectives versus the Ork's two. Running out time, options and models one of the last two Ork units remaining opted for one of desperate charge affairs. The Mob assaulted a wolf pack through cover. This contest one objective. The Pack in question was guarding two other objective (including the capture and control objective) and got pulled off them. The mob lost combat but managed to hang in there pulling the wolves further away from their objectives. On that the game ended. The Ork held two objectives vs the wolves one and won the secondary mission but lost a good bit on Vps.

The Result: 11-9


Eoin said...

Seems like a good, tough game. How scary do you find a Rune Priest-less Wolf list?

Dakeryus said...

Orks ain't scared of nothing. :)
But if they were, foot boyz do not like the Priest while wagon boyz consider him road kill.

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