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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sitrep (40k); A weekend with Wolves Itzacon round two

Round 2 Vs Space Wolves played by Merv
Deployment: Dawn of War Deployment
Primary Objective: Capture and Control.
Secondary Objective: Seize Ground. Each player placed two objectives one counted towards the both missions.  The second only counted for seize ground.
The Enemy:
2 Rune Priests
2 Lone wolves
3 Wolf Guard
3 squads of eight Grey Hunters in Rhinos
2 squads of six Grey Hunters in Razorbacks
3 squads of six Long Fangs in Razorbacks

Ork deployment (no prizes for guessing where the line of boyz led to)

The Battle:
The frist wolf up was Merv. Merv won the roll off and opted to go second, planning on a last turn tank shock to claim objectives probably.   The Ork main objective went into a ruin to force difficult terrain tests of any last turn rhino shocks. The Wolf objective went behind a hill out of line of site of the boyz.

Lone Wolves start stalking

The Orks deployed the Deff Skullz and Evil Sunz up front with the Big Mek covering both squads from the back line. Everything else opted to walk on with the exception of the Koptas which opted to out flank. In response the Wolves deployed two empty Rhinos with everything else opting to walk on.
The Boyz surged forward. One of the shoota mobs immobilized one of the Rhino. Everything else ran forwards In response the main Wolf force arrived on the flank facing the Ork objective. A token force arrived on the other flank to contest the secondary objective. While the Rune priests, Lone Wolves and some Grey Hunters arrived in the centre to secure the Wolf objective. The Lone Wolves ran forward the rest provided covering fire with little effect.

Boyz start targeting transports

One mob Kopta mob arrived and went after a lone Long Fang pack on the Wolves refused flank. The Shoota boyz provided covering fire dropping a Long Fang. The koptas assaulted and dropped another one but the squad remained in play. Elsewhere the other shoota mob opened up on a Lone Wolf with no effect.

Koptas assault Long Fangs

Day break was greeted with the arrival of a hail of frag missiles intent on whittling down the boyz while lascannon shots began to hit the kans. One kan was destroyed and a few dozen boyz were fragged. Jaws opened up and swallowed a Nob and a rocket boy from different mobs. A Grey Hunter pack got the drop on a shoota mob and started to shred it. The Marines fixed their rhino and started to push forward. The Orks were reinforced with another koptas mob and between the two of them they finished off the Long Fang pack. 

 The Boyz started to concentrate on the Wolf transports and destroyed a razorback. Two Kan mob moved forward and destroyed a rhino in assault. One Lone Wolf assaulted a shoota mob after its Boss had been swallowed by Jaws.

Lone Wolf on the prowl

The Wolves concentrated on the two Kan mobs that were beginning to threaten their objective. Six melta-guns and several rockets later the Kans were in bad shape. Even worse a Lone Wolf assaulted with a chain fist to finish of a mob while the other Kan mob was finished off in combat with Grey Hunters.  

Kans Vs melta (it is never pretty)

The koptas were gunned down then finished of in combat. The Marine transports tried to break through to contest the Ork objective but rokkits and klaws took their toll destroying two more transports. The two Rune Priest tried to Jaws the Big Mek but he dodged one attack and the second Rune Priest suffered perils of the war The last play was a Grey Hunter pack in a rhino which tried to move then run into contest range but in order to do so they had to get past fifty boyz. That did not happen and the game ended with both sides in control of their objectives.

Rune Priest sight their prey

Wolves try to break through to the Ork objective (thez needed to roll a Six for their run)

The Big Mek escape the Rune Priests

Lone Wolf and Grey Hunters mix it up with Evil Sunz shoota boyz.

The Result: Draw 10-10


Duce said...

Close sounding game, 60 odd orks on midfield is still a funmy sight, I did the same (with guard blobs) at warpcon and it really piuts a chip in people's plans to have so many models so close off the bat.

Dakeryus said...

Did you ever think of adding in Creed and let the blob scout 6"? A blob 18" from the enemy table edge before rolling a single dice would be pretty upsetting.

Duce said...

I hadn't thought of that actually. That could be pretty nasty surprise for some pooor soul. I'm still trying to figure out if I Can block off a half of a table to stop skimmers who have reserved.

Stormy said...

Cheers for putting this up Darragh, I'm glad I finally got to sit down and go back through this game again. Those Lone Wolves were a pain in that game alright - probably because I used them half-decently and they were a nuisance 'til the end.

I was a bit surprised that you didn't put a unit of Grots at the back or Kommandos to get behind people and stop incoming fire but when you've got 30-Ork mobs you're not as pushed about it. Even when the Kans are getting shot at, because it means the boys are being left alone.

I'm looking forward to a rematch at some point.

Dakeryus said...

Danke Stormy, I tried Snikrot but he gets shut down way to easy in Germany. Deff Koptas were the next design step. harder-ish to shut down and faster.
Grots are always tempting but the wolves bar yourself had scouts and Grots do not like them, at all.

Dakeryus said...

Duce, I think you need about 300-400 normal based dudes to cover the table. But you might get luck and have a lot of impassable terrain around.

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