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Saturday, March 3, 2012

sitrep (40K): 2012 battle for Leipzig round 3

Round 3 Vs Blood Angels led by Robert

Deployment Dawn of War

Mission: Modified Seize Ground. Each player had two objectives each which had to be deployed in their deployment zone.

1 Librarian
2 Fursio Dreadnoughts
1 Librarian Dreadnought
1 assault squad in Land Raider (the squad deployed as two combat squads)
1 Combat assault squad in Razorback
1 Predator
2 squadrons of 1 land speeder
1 Vindicator

Robert's work in progress Storm Raven

Robert is also based in Dresden we had played before this time he swapped his grey knight Purifiers in favour of Blood Angels. The presence of two Fursio Dreadnought was a big concern for the boyz. Robert won the roll off and opted to deploy first. The objectives were deployed one in each quarter. An assault
squad in a Razorback deployed up front with the rest opted to walk on. In response the Boyz deployed the two shoota mobs covered by the Big Mek, the Grots opted to go in reserve with the Deff Koptas on the out flank. The boyz opted not to seize the initiative and the combat squad fell back to meet the on comings Blood Angels. Most of the Blood Angels deployed away from the shoota boys with just the librarian Dreadnought flying towards towards them. Shooting was limited due to night fight. The Orks advanced en-mass with the shoota boyz screening the rest of the army. Not bothering to shoot all the mobs opted to run with the shoota boyz moving into cover.

Not Blood Angels but Khorne blood riders 

Next turn saw the Blood Angels target the nearest shoota mob with missiles while the Kans were hit with heavy weapons but with limited effect since the boyz were spread out in cover and the kans were under the force field. Ominously all the dreadnoughts opted to move forward. The librarian Dreadnought opted to fly again to get closer to an objective.  

Deff Skullz (blue based mob) get ready to hit 
the Librarian Dreadnought

The Deff Skullz hoped on the Librarian Dreadnought pinning him in combat for the rest of the game. The Deff Koptas arrived en masse and double tagged a combat squad to destroy it. The Marines retaliated by shooting ans assaulting the Koptas destroying both unit but not before they had reduced the another combat squad to a single marine who spent the rest of the game hiding in a Land Raider claiming an objective. The rest of the marines fired on the Evil Sunz. Getting frustrated with the low body count the Fursio were moved forward for an assault. The Boyz hit back the Evil Sunz launched a rocket attack on a speeder with no effect.  But a Kan mob managed to assault a Fursio and destroyed it.  

Marine pre-heresy Dreadnought

The Marines poured fire into the Evil Sunz and this time did enough damage for the Librarian to force them to flee using physic powers. The Grots rolled on and set up camp near an objective.  A Fursio finally got and assault into an Ork mob and mangled the Bad Moonz but they were saved by the timely arrival of another Kill Kan mob. The wild boyzopted capture an objective and fired rockets into the predator and succeeded in immobilising it.  The Librarian struck again and psyched the Bad Moonz off the table. However this time he advanced to far and was promptly destroyed by a nearby kan. Blood Rage must have overcame one of the scoring Marine combat squads as they moved out of scoring position to get a better shot at some rampaging Killa Kans. The shot missed and the Kans destroyed the Predator. The Blood Angels were dismayed to release the turn count had gone to turn five and sure enough the dice rolled to  end the game. The Orks held three objectives vs the Blood Angles one. After a bit of discussion we opted to play another round since both side were wanted to rumble. The Speeders tried some turbo, contest shenanigans but the boyz were already deployed to prevent that kind of thing. Even so one speeder managed to just get into contest range on an Ork objective. The response and Kill Kan mob walk into contest the sole Marine objective. Final score Orks held two objectives and contested two more.

Khorne Daemon Prince

Result: win 15-5
When the dice had stopped rolling the Orks came in tenth, ten points behind first place (damn Tau). Overall Leipzig was a good craic, I was a bit concerned on the way down since two of the 40K regulars in Dresden felt frustrated at the last event. I enjoyed and it was a great excuse to meet the lads.  I hope a revisit is on the cards in the future.

More photos of the event can be found here
Very clever (magnetized rippers to act as wound counters on the big bug)

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