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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sitrep (40K): 2012 battle for Leipzig round 2

Round 2 Vs Eldar led by Micha
Deployment: Spearhead
Mission: Modified Seize Ground. One objective in each quarter and one more in the centre of the battle feild
2 Dire Avenger squad
2 Harlequin troupes
1 Striking Scorpion squad
2 War Walker squadrons
1 Night Spinner

Orks Deploy

Eldar Debus

Next round against Micha‘s Eldar. Another veteran from the Dresden pigeon shoot, he had won the event in previous years. Micha Also plays FOW so he has some taste. This time his swarm of Hornets and Wasps had be replaced with troupes of Harlequins and an Avatar. The dread Night Spinner still made the list.   
The Orks won the roll off and picked the side with the most terrain to deny it to the Eldar. One Kan mob and the Bad Moonz mob went in reserve. The Grots found a Nice objective under a roof and set-up camp. The Koptas went to outflank. The rest of the army tried to spread out to minimize the Night Spinner effect, not helped by the spearhead deployment. In reply the Eldar deployed everything except the two scoring Dire Avenger units. 

Target sighted

The Orks surged forward. The Evil Sunz mob went into one quadrant, while the Deff Skullz went into another. The Wild Boyz, Kans and Big Mek went up the middle.  Shooting was limited but the Dakka kans took a wound of the Avatar. Eldrad guide the war walkers who opened fire on the Deff Skullz killing a fair few. The rest of the Eldar scuffled around the flanks.  The Night Spinner tagged two mobs with its web killing a few directly and a few more went the mobs opted to move.  The Koptas opted to wait their time. The Harlequins either had too much fate in their night shroud or underestimated the shootas boyz. Both mobs spotted the Harlequins and let rip, one troupe was badly damaged while the other lost several Harlequins.  

Ork reserves roll on

In respond Eldrad fortuned to the Scorpions and the avatar who push forward while the harlequins pulled back. A squad of Dire Avengers arrived and moved to capture the objective on the Eldar quarter.  The Orks pushed forward The Avatar suffered the attentions of the mobs and lost another wound. A Koptas squadron arrived and struck the newly arrived Dire avengers with little effect. Eldrad and the Scorpions fleeted into combat with the Evil Sunz mob. Poor rolling meant most of the boyz survived. One of the Harlequin troupe rescued the Dire Avengers from the Deff Koptas destroying both Koptas with ease.  The Bad Moonz and the Kan mob rolled on and moved towards the Eldar deployment quarter. The wild boyz and the Kans opted to Waaagh into combat with Eldrad and friends. The Deff Skullz opted to shoot the Avatar before assault him.

Deff Skullz assualt an Avatar

And then go after War Walkers

The Avatar went down to a power klaw attack while the Evil Sunz and Wild Boyz whittled down the Scorpions. The Eldar pushed forward the Harlequins to relieve the pressure on Eldrad. War walkers fired on and assaulted the Deff Skullz. A second squad of Dire Avengers arrived and pushed forward  The was followed by another Deff Koptas squadron which did little damage before being destroyed by some Harlequins. The second troupe of Harlequins got assaulted by the Bad Moonz and Kans and was destroyed before it could rescue Eldrad. Eldrad and the Scorpions battle on but there were two many orks and kans in contact.  The numbers spoke and Eldrad with his the Scorpions fell allowing the Orks to claim three of the five objectives versus the Eldar's one objective 

Eldrad's last stand

Result: Win 16-4


ItsPug said...

"Eldrad and the Scorpions fleeted into combat with the Evil Sunz mob"

If this was the case you got cheated - neither Eldrad (nor the Scorpions IIRC) have fleet.

Dakeryus said...

Good catch. I doubt it was malicious (or more like I mixed up a move through cover roll with a fleet move). I did not think the Eldrad and Scorpion assault was a good move. They could not get enough models in combat on the assault to do much. Plus it pinned Eldrad and Scorpions in place for a counter assault by more Orks with Kans support. You do not need runes to see how that might end.

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