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Thursday, February 2, 2012

sitrep (40K); Warpcon 2012

Warpcon 2012

Last year the sisters went to Cork and fought their way up to table one for the final round only to be denied by a single plague bearer suriving two exorist volleys. This year the Green Tide march to Waaagh

The Green tide
Big mek with kustom force field
2 loota mobs
1 kommando mob led by Snikrot
2 shootas mob (fer shootin' and beatin' stuff up)
2 choopa mob (fer beatin' and shootin' stuff up)
3 kan mob

The Waaagh lines up for round one

Round 1 Vs; Gag playing Space Marines
Deployment; Pitch battle
Primary mission; Seize ground
Secondary mission;

The enemy:
1 squad of Sternguard in a pod
Two Dreadnought in a pod
2 combat squads in Razorbacks
2 Predators
1 squadron of Landspeeders
1 Devastator squad
1 Scout squad in Landspeeder Storm

Razorbacks secure the Marine objective

Orks won the roll off and opted to go first to deny the good cover to the Marines.  Kans when up front with shoota boyz behind and choppas in the rear and on one flank. Snikrot opted to outflank, while the Big Mek went for the center.  The Marines deployed the Razorbacks near their flag and one of the objectives with the Predators deploying one flank over looking the Ork's flag.  The Landspeeders went in the centre.  Devastator covered the Razorbacks while the Scouts opted to out flank. The Marines seized the initative (there may have been some expletives at this stage). Both Dreads drop near the Ork objective.  Speeders moved forward and everything started blasting the Kans and Lootas  Two kan mobs got battered and one loota mob was reduced to a couple of boyz

Dreadnought assualt on the Ork objective

Moving round the wreck of the kans the boyz started to advance. One shoota mob went after the dreads. Two rocket boyz ran behind one of them and destroyed it with a rocket attack.  The lootas targetted the speeders destroying one and stunning the other. A Choppa mob moved to support the Shoota engaging the dreads.  The rest of the Orks pushed forward.   Vulkcan decide not to arrive yet. But the scouts arrived and had to deploy near their objective.  The remaining Dreadnought flamed and assualted the shoota boy pinning them in combat.  The rest of the Marines poured fire into the Kans and Lootas badly damaging but not destroying anything.

Match of the Kans

On time Snikrot arrived and moved after the Devastator and Razorbacks.  The boyz opted to Waaagh.  Lootas, Kans and rokkits blazed away destroying the Land speeder, the Scouts and one of the Razorbacks.  Snitrot went in and destroyed the devastators and disembarked squad. A choppa mob destroyed the second razorback.

Vulcan arrives

With the line crumbling, Vulcan finally arrived.  The Sternguard used to poisoned ammo to whittle down one of the mobs.  The Orks countered by re-deploying to meeting the new treat. A damaged shoota mob screened Vulkcan while the rest of army finished of the last tactical squad.  Vulcan separated from his squad and assaulted a shoota mob claim a near by objective.  The Sternguard moved to re-capture the Marine objective .  Vulcan was killed by the shootas mob.  The Sternguard were badly shot-up, then assaulted and destroyed by the choppa mob claiming the Marine objective.  After eight rounds of combat the Shoota mob fighting the Dreadnought final destroyed to secure a near by objective.  The surviving kans and other mobs destroyed the pods.  By the end of the game the Marines were down to two Predators trying to protect each other from flanking rokkit attacks.     

Last stand of combat Varius

The result; win Orks 19-1

Round 2 Vs; Paul Quigley playing Necrons
Deployment; Spearhead
Primary mission; Capture and control
Secondary mission; Annilation
The enemy:
Anrakyr on command barge
Boss on command barge
1 Wraith pack
2 courts with light switch and re-roll
3 five man squads of Necrons in night scythes 
3 Annihilation barges

Orks version of getting into cover

Necrons are currently class as one of the major threats to the Green Tide. A match against them was going to be tight.  Orks won the roll off and let the Necrons go frist. The Necrons deployed everything with the Wraiths screening the Necron objective. In response the Orks deployed a single shoota mob in cover.  The Necrons moved forward and started the tesla torrent. The Orks went to ground but still took casualties.  Turn two saw more of the same with the mob slowly getting whittled down.  Ork reinforcements started to arrived a choppa mob move in to replace the badly damaged shootas. Lootas arrived and sprinted into position, with a kan mob also moving in. In response the Necrons finished of the shoota mob and started to lay into the fresh Kans and Lootas.  More boys started to arrive. Sniktrot arrived and destroyed the Wraiths a little too easily leaving him exposed.

Killa Kan Vs Annihilation Barge

The Necrons blasted Snitrot out of existent and destroyed a newly arrived lootas mob.  The Orks countered with a Waaagh, destroying two Command Barges that had move  close to the Ork line to contest the Ork objective.  The Necrons continued to pour in the Tesla torrent savaging Kans and Boyz.  The Orks started to hunt down Necron lords, killing Anrakyr; with the other lord barely escaping thanks to animation protocols.  The Necrons started to peel back to protect their objective while destroying kan mobs.  One kan got the drop on an Annilation Barge and destroyed it only to be destroyed in turn by the near by Cryteks.  The Orks tracked down the last lord and destroyed him  The game ended with both side control their flags and even on kill points.

Night Sycthe on patrol

The result; Draw orks :) 10-10

Round 3 Vs;Donal playing Orks
Deployment;  Dawn of war
Primary mission; Annilation
Secondary mission; Capture and control
The enemy:
Ghazghkull aka Ghaz
1 mob of kommandos with  fake Snikrot
5 mobs of 25 boyz
2 loota mobs
1 Grot mob

Nuts, Donal had more boyz than the Green Tide and he had Ghaz but the Green Tide had a cunning plan. Donal won the roll off and opted to go first. Two mobs deployed up front with the rest of the army walking on on turn one.  Except the grots who went into reserve. Ghaz and fake Snikrot's mob that went to outflank Facing 150+ boyz, the Green Tide forgot the cunning plan and opted to all reserve with Snikrot opting to outflank. Ghaz's army moved forward on mass.  The Weirdboy lost the plot and teleport himself and a mob into another mob with fatal results.  With an enemy mob already destroyed the Green Tide began to arrive with all the lootas, a pair of Kan mobs, a choppa mob and a shoota mob arriving to secure their objective.  For Ghaz, the grots arrived but fearing Snikrot they deployed far away from their objective.  The rest of the army pushed forward.  The Green Tide started to arrived in strength with the Big Mek, last shoota and kan mobs arriving at the front with Snikot arriving at the rear. Snikrot's mob assaulted and destroyed a mob of boyz and a mob of lootas, foring the other loota mob to re-deploy.

Fake Snikrot and Ghaz go after a choppa mob

Fake Snikrot with Ghaz arrived and tried to contest the Green Tides objective but he was far and had to be content with destorying a choopa mob instead.  The last of the Green Tide units arrived in the form of a choppa mob which went after Ghaz.  The lootas and shoota opted to shot him up first to soften him up. Proper Snikrot in the mean time opted to multi assault another mob and lootas and again destroyed them both (obliviously, this was the real Snikrot).  Ghazgull was forced to Waagh to save himself but his kommando were not so luckz and were buried under a hail of choppas.  The next round saw Ghaz fall to the same choppas.  What was left of Ghaz's army moved to re-secure their obective. One mob blasted proper Snikrot mob out of existence out of spite..  The Kans moved forward and engaged and pinned the last two mobs in combat away from their objective. While the Lootas shot the Grots of the table.

Proper Snikrot flees the table after destroyng 68 enemy boyz in close combat.

The result; 18-2

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