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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dig In (FOW): HMG nests

Rumors of a possible FOW campaign renewed interest in some FOW terrain. The campaign will be based on Normandy and included the 16th Luftwaffe division. The Luftwaffe infantry are not the best units in FOW, to improve their chances I made up some HMG nests based on the model dads blog tutorial.

1) First 12 matchstick were roughly cut 1.5cm long.  The "logs" were roughly glued 4-5 matchsticks high to make two walls. The walls were glued 8mm apart at roughly right angles to each other on a FOW medium sized base.

2)Polystrene was roughly cut to form the other three walls of the nest.

3) The walls and the outside of the nest were covered in wood filler and a mixture of cork bark and small stones was scattered around the base.

4) Once dried the inside of the nest was painted black

5) The top of the nest was then covered in more roughly cut matchsticks

6)the roof was then covered with more wood filler. While still wet the mixture of cork bark and small stones was scattered over the roof

7)Once dried the nest was covered in watered PVA glue to seal in the rubble. Then the exterior was painted grey

8) Once that had dried the logs was painted a wood color and the earth was painted and earth tone. The whole nest was then dry brushed with an off white color. Then a mixture of flocks was glued on. And the job is done.

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