A random series of articles on war gaming in 40K, FOW and other systems. The headings are, WiP; Conversions and models in various states of assembly. PiP; Paint works on various models. Mission Critical; scenarios or missions to bring a bit of a twist to a normal game. MiA; rules for units and characters that could/should/might appear in a game. Dig In; How to guides on making various types of terrain for different game systems. Sit Rep; Battle reports and after action reports on games played

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mission critical (FOW): Waldfeucht 21st January 1945


Five days into operation Blackrock the British 2nd army is pushing into the Roer Triangle. Determine to resist the advance the Germans launch a counter attack with the 175th Infantrie Division with armoured support. The objective is to recapture the village of Waldfeuch,t defended by the 5th Kings own Scottish Borders (KOSB) with the 4th KOSB in reserve.