A random series of articles on war gaming in 40K, FOW and other systems. The headings are, WiP; Conversions and models in various states of assembly. PiP; Paint works on various models. Mission Critical; scenarios or missions to bring a bit of a twist to a normal game. MiA; rules for units and characters that could/should/might appear in a game. Dig In; How to guides on making various types of terrain for different game systems. Sit Rep; Battle reports and after action reports on games played

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sitrep (40K) The Dresden Manoeuvres part 3

Round 3 Vs Henri playing Daemons

Mission: Modified Annihilation. Only the core force counts for kill points. The HQ was worth two kill points, the other units were worth one each. 

The battlefeild

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sitrep (40K) The Dresden Manoeuvres part 2

Round 2 Vs Miak (tournament organiser) playing Orks

Mission: Modified secure and control. 2 buildings (count as objectives) where placed in the centre equal distance from the table edge and each other.(this mission caused a lot of noise on the forums and with most folks considering it unbalanced)

The battle feild

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sitrep (40k) The Dresden Manoeuvres part 1

Late May found the Panzer Waaagh engaged in the Dresden Manoeuvres tournament. Going into the event I had reservations about attending for a couple of reason. (1) it was a very small affair with just 12 players (in the end only eight actual showed-up). (2) the event was just two weeks after the Leipzig Ball which was another 40K event with a bigger field. (3) The Manoeuvres was the Hobby Halle's first ever event the rules reflected this and had some unique tournament conditions which upset regular tournament players, like the concept of a core force of a HQ with either 2 Troop units or 1 Troop and 1 elite units. As well as risky type missions. But all said and done it was an event in Dresden and these needed to be encouraged.

The battlefeild

The Panzer Waagh had to be modified to meet the tournament requirements with one wagon dropped to add a large mob of boyz to bulk to up the core force which were not allowed transports.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

WIP (FOW): Task force Butler, AKA task force A

The first American outfit rolls on to the painting table. Battlefront have been giving the Americans a lot of attention recently and I have been bitten by the bug. Task Force Butler is drawn from the Task Force A list from Turning Tide book. With a few tweaks it can morph into a cavalry reconnaissance, tank destroyer, tank or light tank company depending on the need. So as a first list it is pretty flexible.

Task Force Butler

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mission Critical (FOW): Tiger hunting on the Eastern Front

Design notes:
Based off “Defence of the Vistula Bridgehead” by Chris Stoesen in the Two Fat Lardies
2012 Christmas special. The article was in turn based on the memories of Lieutant Evengi D Moniusko “from Leningrad to Hungary: notes of a Red Army soldier”

Summer 1944, The Red Army has established a bridgehead across the Vistula River. The German army commits its heavy Tiger tanks to break down the bridge head. Between them and the river stands the 1645th Tank Destroyer Artillery regiment.

Monday, August 13, 2012

40K: 40K in 40 countries?

Not much hobby work is getting done these days, the paint table stands strangely idle, clean and orderly. The Boyz are busy sharpening their choppas and loading extra dakka onto the wagons in preparation for the ETC2012. The choice of Panzer Waaagh of Horde Waaagh seems against the flow of popular Ork Kultura. I see their point, in defense of the Panzers in five event they have got 3 1st, 1 2nd and 5th while the horde got 1 st , 2 3rd and a couple of low scores. Which would you bring to the biggest scrap of the year?

Why 40K in 40 countries? Poland will be the eleventh country I have rolled dice in. only 29 countires left to get to play 40K in 40 countries :)

Sisters Storm Salzburg Austria

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

MIA (40K): Extraordinarius Armamentum of the Imperial Guard

design note: Flicking through the 6th book it seems 40K is going back into the narrative driven game of the Rogue Trader era. Not sure what it means for the tournament types but for the narrative types it should be good times. Below are some special equipment to the Drookian Fen guard character

Pipe Down