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Thursday, August 9, 2012

PiP (FOW); Panzer brigade 101 -> painting Panthers

Painted panther strike

 Painted Panthers on the prowl

Ten of the eleven panthers for panzer brigade 101 roll off the paint table. New methods wise I tried Battlefronts stamping method. It did not work out like I expected so instead I painted in the triangles. With patience and practice it probably would have worked but patience, like playing the violin, is not one of my strengths.

The Method: 
(all paints are Vallejo unless stated other wise)
- The tanks were primed with FOW German Armour.
- The camo was painted in patches consisting of Reflective Green and German Camo Medium Brown.
- The triangles were first stamped then later painted with Middlestone. Parts that the undercoat missed were also painted with Middlestone.
-Decals (Dom decals) were applied, each tank was assigned to a platoon and given a platoon number.
- The camo and decals were given a light dry brush of Middlestone to blend together.
- The tracks were painted hull red.
-The tracks were dry brushed Gun Metal Grey. The metallic parts of the tank shovels, MG etc was also painted Gun Metal Grey.
- The wooden parts of the tank were painted Privateer Press Blood Tracker Brown.
- The canvas was painted Luftwaffe Blue and the camo netting was painted Olive Green
- The metal parts of the tank, the tracks and the gun barrel tip was given a Black Shade wash.
- The crew were painted Russian Uniform Green and given a Basic Skintone.
- The entire tank was given a wash 8 parts Smoke, 2 parts Black Shade, 1 part Thinner, 1 part Matt Thinner, 10 parts water.
- The Aerials were taken from the house brush and attached with super glue. 

Full kompanie less the 2iC

Extra crew from Sktrek, Battlefront and plastic soldier company

Extra baggage from Skytrek

Some of the panther were painted in sug groups for easy of painting (tip from WWPD)

Kompanie with just basis coat

First (probable last attempt to use home made stamps

The problem with the stamps was they left a void in the centre of the triangle

Painted triangles appeared better

Decal were applied after the basic camo scheme then dry brushed to blend in with the tank

Detailed but not yet washed. the CiC gets a hunting rifle upgrade from plastic soldier company :)

Panthers with wash and aerials

Kompanie at the ready (T-100 watches on)


cbaxter said...

looking great

Joyous_Oblivion said...

Awesome tutorial! I think you'd have better luck with the stamping if you had sanded the little triangles flat before gluing them on the sticks. Cutting the triangles out gives them raised edges but a quick few passes with a file smoothed it out and will help with stamping getting everywhere including the middle!!

Also this tutorial makes me want to go buy a box or two of the PSC panthers, lol. Just have to make sure I have 10 stands of Battlefront infantry to make the 50% rule ;)

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