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Thursday, August 2, 2012

WIP (FOW): Panzer Brigade 101

Plastic Panthers on the prowl

By design I am about one book behind the flames of war release schedule. It lets me think about what I want to collect and is suppose to prevent shiny new model syndrome (I will see how long that last when battlefront release their Volksgrenadiers). My next FOW list is going to from the Panzer brigades and is based loosely on Panzerbrigade 101 which fought on the Russian front in late 1944. Game wise this means the army in confident trained rather than reluctant trained and has smaller model count making it easier to assemble and paint. The core of the list is based around plastic soldier company Panther box set with two sets forming the back bone of the army. The Flak platoon comes from Battlefront with some home made conversions. The Volksgrenadiers come from Peter Pig. The list is approximately 2000 points.

Volkgrenadiers move out

Kampfgruppe Lauchert
(A Kompanie, 2101 Panzer abteilung, 101st Panzer Brigade)
Confident Trained tank company

Company HQ with two Panther commanded by Hauptmann Lauchert
1st platoon with three panther commanded by Oberleutant Breidenbach
2nd platoon with three panther commanded by Feldwebel Zahn
3rd platoon with three panther commanded by Leutant Zimmerman

Support elements
AntiAir Gun platoon with four mobelwagons commanded Leutant Prugger
Volksgreniader platoon commanded by Leutant Ehle
Naval Gunfire support from Prinz Eugene
Luftwaffe Air support

(1) All the officers are former commanders from the panzer brigades on the eastern front.

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