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Monday, August 13, 2012

40K: 40K in 40 countries?

Not much hobby work is getting done these days, the paint table stands strangely idle, clean and orderly. The Boyz are busy sharpening their choppas and loading extra dakka onto the wagons in preparation for the ETC2012. The choice of Panzer Waaagh of Horde Waaagh seems against the flow of popular Ork Kultura. I see their point, in defense of the Panzers in five event they have got 3 1st, 1 2nd and 5th while the horde got 1 st , 2 3rd and a couple of low scores. Which would you bring to the biggest scrap of the year?

Why 40K in 40 countries? Poland will be the eleventh country I have rolled dice in. only 29 countires left to get to play 40K in 40 countries :)

Sisters Storm Salzburg Austria

Orks Battle in Beglium

Orks Pillage in Prague

In Holland harassing marines

Stalking Wolves in Switzerland

eradicating the heretics in England

Witch hunting in Wales

Terrifying Tau in Northern Ireland 

Making Waves with Wave Serpents in Ireland

Crushing Chaos in Germany

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