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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sitrep (40K) The Dresden Manoeuvres part 2

Round 2 Vs Miak (tournament organiser) playing Orks

Mission: Modified secure and control. 2 buildings (count as objectives) where placed in the centre equal distance from the table edge and each other.(this mission caused a lot of noise on the forums and with most folks considering it unbalanced)

The battle feild


Players dice off to pick sides and select their building. The core force from each side was deployed in the players building. The rest of the army was deployed as per pitch battle

Units deployed

The enemy:

1 Warboss
1 Big Mek
3 Big mobs of Boyz
2 medium mobs of Nobz,
1 buggy squadron
1 Kan mob
1 Grot mob

Wild boyz on the refused flank

The Panzer Waaagh got to go first and divided into four main groups. The core force consisting of Mega nobs, a foot mob and the Big Mek deployed in the building with the biggest foot print as close to the Panzer Waaagh's table edge as possible. A wagon and two deff kopta squadrons formed a reinforcement group. Snikrot and the last kopta squadron opted to out flank. Ghaz and the rest formed a strike force opposite the foot Waaagh's objective. In response the Foot Waaagh deployed in three main groups. The Core force consisting of the Warboss, a Nobz mob and a foot mob deployed in their objective. A reinforcement group consisting of another foot mob, buggies and grots deployed behind them. Everything else formed a strike force facing the Panzer Waaagh objective.

Wagon mobs hit the enemy strong point

Turn one showed the weakness in the mission. The Panzer Waaagh pushed forward, opened fire, then assaulted to destroy the entire Foot Waaagh garrison force on turn one. The Panzer Reinforcement group pushed forwards and collected the nobz while the foot mob withdrew from their objective. The Foot Waaagh pushed forward. 

And then destroy the releif column

Turn two saw the arrival of the Panzer Waaagh's outflankers. Snikrot and the panzer mobs pushed forwards, opened fire then assaulted and destroyed the Foot Waaagh's relief force while the koptas lobbed rockets at the approaching strike force. 

REfuesed flank coniutes to lure enemy units out of postion

Turn three and Four saw the Foot Waaagh claim the now vacant Panzer Waaagh objective. However, the success was short lived as the entire Panzer Waaagh bar one scoring unit pushed forwards, opened fire and then assaulted to destroy the Foot Waaagh last group wiping out the entire force by the end of turn five.

Kommandoes and boyz destroy another isolated enemy unit

In all the Panzer lost about twenty boyz and a pair of mega nobz. The Panzer Waaagh would probably have won anyway but the mission set-up greatly increase the effect

Result: Win 15-5

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