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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sitrep (40k) The Dresden Manoeuvres part 1

Late May found the Panzer Waaagh engaged in the Dresden Manoeuvres tournament. Going into the event I had reservations about attending for a couple of reason. (1) it was a very small affair with just 12 players (in the end only eight actual showed-up). (2) the event was just two weeks after the Leipzig Ball which was another 40K event with a bigger field. (3) The Manoeuvres was the Hobby Halle's first ever event the rules reflected this and had some unique tournament conditions which upset regular tournament players, like the concept of a core force of a HQ with either 2 Troop units or 1 Troop and 1 elite units. As well as risky type missions. But all said and done it was an event in Dresden and these needed to be encouraged.

The battlefeild

The Panzer Waagh had to be modified to meet the tournament requirements with one wagon dropped to add a large mob of boyz to bulk to up the core force which were not allowed transports.

Round 1 Vs Robert playing Blood Angels

Mission: Modified seize ground. There were six objectives markers secretly number 1 to 6. Two randomly determined numbers were decoys. An infantry unit could check a marker by getting into coherence with it. Who controlled the most markers at the end was the winner.

Dawn of war with a twist. Only core units could deploy at first. Each of the other units arrived on Turn three on a 3+. Out flankers arrived on turn four. The game lasted up to eight turns.

The enemy:
1 Libarian
1 Reclusarch
1 Libarian Dread
1 Snippy Dread
2 jump pack assault squads 1 with razorback
1 Vindicator
2 Speeders
1 Scout squad
1 Predator

The Blood Angels

Robert runs a balanced Blood Angels list. He is, in my opinion, one of the stronger player in Dresden. He was also one of the organisers for the event. Blood Angels got to go first and deployed to investigate two of the objectives. In reply the Orks deployed a Big Mek, Big mob and a wagon-less panzer mob to investigate three of the objectives. Mork smiled on the boyz with all three objectives coming up scoring. Meaning two of the unknown objectives were dudes and they were Roberts.

Wild boyz secured two objectives early on

The big mob pushed forward abandoning an objectives for the back/up mobs to capture. The smaller mob edged back as the available Blood Angels move towards the smaller of the two Ork mobs. The two sides edge towards each other with both sides waiting for reserves to up. The Blood Angels rolled on and focussed all of the reserve on the large Ork mob. The core blood angels force pushed forward at the smaller mob. In reply the large mob fell back and was reinforced with all the newly arrived units except a wagon which picked up the smaller mob. Annoyingly the mega nobs wagon equipped with the latest in anti snippy Dread technology immobilised itself going through rough terrain much to the Blood Angels delight (there may have been expletives at that point). 

Mexican Orks got into a stand off with some assualt marines

The Blood Angels frist strike was deadly. Scouts arrived and popped the immobilised wagon. Missiles raked the large mob before it was assaulted by the snippy dread who started reducing it goo. The Orks fought back Ghaz and Snikrot showed up in the back line and took down a scoring unit, koptas arrived on both flanks. One squadron immobilised a Predator and stunned a speeder. The second squadron started putting holes in the marines threatening the isolated panzer wagon mob. The mega nobs moved to secure an objective and destroyed the scouts on route. The Snippy Dread finished off the large mob and moved after the mega nobs. 

Mega nobz arrive only to crash into a wall and immbolish their wagon

The Blood Angels switched fire to Ghaz destroying all the Commandos but leaving Ghaz intact. A Vindicator got a side shot on a wagon and destroyed it. The assault squad fell back and destroyed a koptas mob. The Orks concentrated on the marine scoring units Ghaz engaged the librarian and a scoring unit while the koptas went after another. The koptas were destroyed but not before reducing the squad to a single marine while Ghaz was tied up cutting down the other squad. Another kopta squadron arrived and again focused on destroying scoring troops, whittling down the last unengaged scoring marines unit. The Snippy Dread got into a stand off with the mega nobs. He was contesting their objective but was unwilling to assault into cover to clear out the mega nobs. 

Mega Nobz get into a stand off with a snippy dread. both sides were in cover an un willing to assualt

The last panzer mob pushed forwards and assaulted and destroyed the vindicator. However their wagon was destroyed by a speeder and the mob was pinned in combat with a Librarian Dread. Both sides were running out of scoring units the last free mob with kopta support assaulted the Reclusarch. The assault marines were destroyed but the priest stayed alive long enough for a speeder to sneak in to contest the Ork objective.

Ghaz took a hail of fire but moved to contest the last marine objective. The Orks destroyed the Reclusarch but could not clear their objective of the fast moving speeder.

Boyz try to down a fast skimmer 

Result: the game end a draw.

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