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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sitrep (40K) The Dresden Manoeuvres part 3

Round 3 Vs Henri playing Daemons

Mission: Modified Annihilation. Only the core force counts for kill points. The HQ was worth two kill points, the other units were worth one each. 

The battlefeild

Orks deploy
Pitch battle. Both side core force must be deployed but for daemons the core force goes in with the first wave. 

The enemy:
Fate Weaver
Epidemus (Nurgle special character)
2 Large packs of Blood Crushers (with all the trimings)
3 packs of Plague bearers
2 Slaanesh riders pack


^&^&* Daemons, “$!5$ Fate Weaver, 5$5$%^$^£ Blood Crushers. The Panzer Waaagh in not keen on daemons even on a good day. But the last round put them in second place on table one facing daemons as the tournament leaders. Even better Robert's Blood Angels were in third place and we were tied on tournament points with the boyz leading by a little on victory points. $&^^%$& Daemons.

The panzer Waaagh's core force consisted of the big Mek and two Panzer mobs. The Daemons core force consisted of Epidemus and two plague bearer squads.

The Boyz got to go first and rushed forward trying to cover as much of the table as possible. Snikrot and Koptas opted for outflank.

The spread out approach paid off Fate weaver arrived okay. But one pack of Blood crushers struck a battle wagon and was destroyed. A scoring plague bearer unit hit Fate Weaver and was delayed for a turn. Epidemus and the last scoring plague bearer unit out to deep strike in safe location rather than risk hitting something, even so the Plague Bearers nearly missed the table. 

Wagons on a roll

Sensing an opportunity the boyz Waaaghed. Ghaz dismounted to go after Epidemus on his own hoping to destroy him before his 2+ invulnerability wore off. One Panzer mob teamed up with the newly arrived Kommandos and assaulted the scoring plague bearers wiping them out. The other Panzer Waaagh assaulted Fate Weaver hoping to take him off the game. Fate weaver was badly wound but survived, protecting Epidemus from the worse of Ghaz's attacks. 

The gates of chaos opened and released nothing. Much to the Orks delight. The Panzer mob mounted up and moved back into formation. Ghaz failed to finish of Epidemus. The boyz took another wound of Faste Weaver. The foot mob spread out to deny drop zone for the Daemons. Daemons finall arrived but found no safe drop site aand had to deploy away from the main points of the battle. Without his Invulnerable save Ghaz was killed by Epidemus, who was now deep in Waaagh territory. Fate Weaver final was destroyed but not before turning the nob into spawn.

The Mega Nobs debussed and after a short volley assaulted and destroyed Epidemus. The Orks now put as many bodies between the daemons and the scoring units as possible. The Daemons pushed forwards with the Orks slowly falling back with koptas and big shootas peppering the Blood Crushers. Realising the daemons could not get to grips with the boyz, they broke off and on that the game ended.

Harassing koptas

Result: Win Orcs 14-6

The Manoeuvres ended with the Panzer Waaagh getting 1st place. Luckily, the Blood Angels could not get through their opponents to steal the win. The missions showed potential but could have benefited from some more testing. Scenery wise the hobby halle has some impressive terrain, it is interesting to browse their display case and see what they have.

More photos of the event ca be found here

Victory pie

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