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Monday, August 6, 2012

MIA (40K): Extraordinarius Armamentum of the Imperial Guard

design note: Flicking through the 6th book it seems 40K is going back into the narrative driven game of the Rogue Trader era. Not sure what it means for the tournament types but for the narrative types it should be good times. Below are some special equipment to the Drookian Fen guard character

Pipe Down

The Drookian Fen guard is class as a light infantry regiment most, if not all, of the equipment it needs to carried by Gaurdmens as a result it has developed several weapons to scourage the enemies of the emperor. The first is the Squad assault weapon, Sometimes called the SAW or the Heavy Stubber. Light weight and portable it can be deployed as a stable platform to increase the squad's fire power or as a moving platform to support an assault. The second weapon is the tread-fether or light anti tank weapon. Like the Guardsmen themselves it is a cheap disposable weapon that can be fearsome in mass. The third piece of equipment is not a weapon but a musical instrument. For what ever the reason Drookian Fen Guard fight better when the Bag pipes are playing. The last piece of equipment is illumination flares so now foe can hide in shadows to escape the Emperor's wrath.

Drookian Fen Guard heavy stubber

Tread-fether team moves into position

Tread-fether team sight on a target

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