A random series of articles on war gaming in 40K, FOW and other systems. The headings are, WiP; Conversions and models in various states of assembly. PiP; Paint works on various models. Mission Critical; scenarios or missions to bring a bit of a twist to a normal game. MiA; rules for units and characters that could/should/might appear in a game. Dig In; How to guides on making various types of terrain for different game systems. Sit Rep; Battle reports and after action reports on games played

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dig in (40K); Tau heavy railgun emplacement

How to make Tau Heavy railgun emplacement


Love them or loath them the Tau have some pretty big guns. The rail gun platform was first featured as part of the Apocalypse expansion in 40K. Alternative inspiration might the rebel defence guns in the empire strike back (aka the snow planet)

Materials needed;

· Hamster wheel, ideally 6.5" in diameter. trip to a large petstore should offer a good choice for your shape of emplacement.

· Plastic card, 2+mm thick sheets and strips

· Filler, either polly filla or milliput

· Electric drill with accessories (ideal parts that allow you to clamp sheets of plastic card in the drill head.

· Sanding block or Sand paper wrapped around the block

· Mdf, 6mm thick

· Steel ruler

· Mechanical pencil or pen

· Jig saw or normal saw ,both need adult supervision

· Two Tau heavy rail guns and one tau sky ray weapons mount.

· Pipe adaptor, ideally 4.5cm to 90cm) it depends on how much space you want the guns to take up on the emplacement. A trip to a hard ware store should offer a good choice for your type of connection.

· Textured paint.


  • Twist the hamster wheel in half and separate. The ring section will be the main body of the gun.
  • Using the wire snips cut the protrusions on the ring section.
  • Place the ring section on the sheet of plastic card, large diameter size touching the card and mark out the outline of base of the ring section.
  • Cut out the marked section.
  • Drill a small hole through the centre of the circle of plastic card.
  • Use a Drill bit head through the small hole to secure the plastic card to the drill.
  • Turn on the drill ideally the plastic card should rotate evenly on the drill head.
  • Use the sand block to sand down the edge of the plastic card until it is the desired size. This depends on how deep you want the railguns to sit in the platform. For the example shown the plastic card was sanded until the guard were roughly waist high. This will act as a base for the railgun section of the platform.
  • Once happy with the plastic shape secure it to the ring section and fill in any gaps with filler.
  • Place the ring section on a sheet of MDF, large diameter size touching the MDF and mark a circle with a 5mm space between the base of the ring section and the edge. This will act base for the whole platform.
  • Cut out the marked section of MDF. (Tip; if you are using a Jig saw you can adjust the angle of the blade to slope the edges).
  • Bevel the MDF section so the top side of the MDF is matched to the large diameter size of the ring section.
  • Assemble the Sky ray weapons mount and two rail guns as per instructions.
  • Snip of and replace with plastic card the stubby sections on the side of the rail guns.
  • Glue the railguns to the sky ray weapons mount. (tip; alternative you can pin them so they can move up or down during the game).
  • Attach the pipe adaptor to the centre of the plastic card.
  • Cover the top of the adaptor with plastic card.
  • Drill a small hole to the plastic card on the adaptor and glue a wire through the hole.
  • Drill a small hole with the same the dimension partial through the bottom of the sky ray weapons mount.
  • Paint the ring section in texture paint.
  • Once dry attach the sky ray weapons mount to the pipe adaptor and paint the model as desired.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sitrep (40k); Dominion Day

Dominion Day was a one day tournament which marked the northern wasters frist entry into the 40K tournament circuit. Despite the distance and early start that this entailed (5.15 alarm on a sunday morning is never fun) it was earmarked as the second event the Sisters would march to war. Dominion Day was 1750 tournmant which caused some changes to the force sent to warpcon.

1750 Pts - Sister of Battle
1 Canoness- Sabatine Comtess de shylo
1 Inquisitor- Lord Rocheford with retinue
1 Callidus Assassin- agent 99
10 Battle Sisters Squad; Rhino
10 Battle Sisters Squad; Rhino
10 Battle Sisters Squad; Rhino
5 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers;
5 Dominion Squad; Immolator
1 Exorcist - 135 pts
1 Exorcist - 135 pts
1 Exorcist - 135 pts

Mission One
The mission was multi objective grab with 5 objectives on the table. The deployment was table half with stewart, aka master belial, opting to go first and picking sides.

1750 Pts - Dark Angels Roster - Stewart Young
1 Belial, Master of the Deathwing - 130 pts
1 Dreadnought; Drop Pod (50) - 175
5 Scout Squad; Heavy Bolter - 95
5 Deathwing Terminator Squad; Assault Cannon - 245
5 Deathwing Terminator Squad; Assault Cannon - 245
5 Tactical Squad; Meltagun; Sergeant (Plasma Pistol; Power Weapon); Rhino (Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter (48)) - 170
1 Ravenwing Support Squadron; Assault Cannon - 100
1 Land Raider - 250 pts
5 Devastator Squad; Heavy Bolter; Lascannon; Multi-Melta; Plasma Cannon; Sergeant (Melta Bombs; Power Fist) - 210
1 Predator; Lascannon Sponsons – 130

The dark angel deployment was fairly conservative with the single tac squad in rhino deploying behind a building with everything else going into reserve. In reply all the sisters units, except agent 99, opted to roll on turn one.

Turn one saw the arrival of Belial and an attached squad of terminators while the tac squad opted not to move. In response the entire sister’s army rolled on. The sisters rhino spotlighted Belial's squad and the exorcists engaged them leaving Belial and a single terminator standing.

Turn two saw the arrival of the second squad of terminators, a dropped dreadnought and the scouts. Both scoring units moved to capture objectives while the podded dread squared off against the exorcist squadron. Belial and the remains of his squad moved to better cover. The dread fired and missed an exorcist while the other squads were out of range. To counter the dominions and canoness De Shylo debussed near the dread while the rest of the sisters moved forward towards the objectives. The dominions immobilised and disarmed the dread while the canoness disarmed the pod with an inferno pistol. The exorcist squadron eliminated Belial and his squad and destroyed the rhino of the lurking tac squad.

Its never fun when a dreadnought is up close. Unless you have meltaguns, lots of melta guns.

The land raider, landspeeder and devastators squad arrived on turn three. The landraider squared off against the exorcists while the devastators moved towards high ground. The rest of the marines moved towards objectives. Marine fire was more effective this turn with the land raider destroying a rhino shielding the exorcists while the second terminator destroyed the inquisitorial storm troopers that were going to contest their objective. To counter the dominion squad remounted the immolator and moved towards the landraider leaving the canoness behind to finish of the dread. A lucky reserve roll saw the arrival of agent 99 .Who went after the tac squad making sure to clip the landraider with her Nexus pistol. template Two squads of sisters were dispatched to deal with the terminators. Shooting saw the canoness failing to make an impression on the dread, while agent 99 killed three of the tac squad with her pistol in addition to stunning the landraider. The exorcists failed to damage the landraider but did shoot down the speeder. In assault Agent 99 made short work of the tac squad survivors before consolidating towards the devastators.

The beleaguered marines where reinforced by the predator which moved to cover the scout squad holding the only marine claimed objective. The terminators moved to assault the approaching sister squads while the devastators struggled to move into high ground. With the land raider missing with its single shot using machine spirit the terminators went straight into assault and destroyed one of the rhino transporting the sisters. In response the sisters moved to finish of the remains of the marines. The dominion squad finished of the landraider while the canoness got the dread. The sister units destroyed the terminators and agent 99 did the same to the devastators.

The rest of the game was pretty much just mopping up. All the objectives were claimed by the sisters while only the immobilised damaged predator was left of the marines. Score 19-1 to the sisters.

Mission Two
The mission was two objectives with each side holding an objective in their deployment zone. The deployment was table edge with Shane aka The Marshal opting to go first and picked sides.

1750 Pts - Black Templars Roster - Shane Porter
: Emperor's Champion (1#, 140 pts)
1 Emperor's Champion @ 140 pts (Bolt Pistol; Crusader Seals; Frag Grenades; The Black Sword; Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds)
1 Armor of Faith
1 The Black Sword
HQ: Commander (1#, 135 pts)
1 Commander @ 135 pts (Marshal)
1 Marshal (Crusader Seals; Lightning Claw x2; Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds)
1 Terminator Armor
Elite: Venerable Dreadnought (1#, 174 pts)
1 Venerable Dreadnought @ 174 pts (Extra Armor; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Venerable; Tank Hunter Skill; Twin Linked Lascannon; Missile Launcher; Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds)
Troops: Crusader Squad (11#, 478 pts)
10 Crusader Squad @ 478 pts (Bolt Pistol x9; Close Combat Weapon x8; Meltagun; Power Fist; Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds)
1 Land Raider Crusader (Extra Armour; Hurricane Bolters x2; Multi-Melta; Power of the Machine Spirit; Twin Linked Assault Cannon; Smoke Launchers; Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds)
1 Blessed Hull
Troops: Crusader Squad (11#, 478 pts)
10 Crusader Squad @ 478 pts (Bolt Pistol x9; Close Combat Weapon x8; Meltagun; Power Fist; Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds)
1 Land Raider Crusader (Extra Armour; Hurricane Bolters x2; Multi-Melta; Power of the Machine Spirit; Twin Linked Assault Cannon; Smoke Launchers; Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds)
1 Blessed Hull
Troops: Crusader Squad (8#, 200 pts)
7 Crusader Squad @ 200 pts (Bolt Pistol x6; Close Combat Weapon x5; Meltagun; Power Fist; Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds)
1 Rhino (Storm Bolter; Dozer Blade; Extra Armour; Smoke Launchers; Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds)
Heavy Support: Predator Annihilator (1#, 145 pts)
1 Predator Annihilator @ 145 pts (Twin Linked Lascannons; Lascannons x2; Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds)

All the templar’s untis opted to deploy, with a token garrison of a tac squad in a rhino guard the templar's objective the rest of the force went after the sister's objective. In reply all the sisters bar agents 99 were deployed mid way between the sisters and marine objective.

Opening fire from the marines saw the destruction of an exorcist and the stunning of another while the landraiders rolled forward. Sisters return fire was largely ineffective blowing the lascannons of the dreadnought but otherwise doing little damage.

A second salvo from the marines destroyed another exorcist and stunned the last one while the land raiders paused. In response one squad of sister broke formation and moved towards the marine objective while the immolator moved the dominions squad into close range of one of the land raiders. The dominions immobilised and damaged the land raider but did not destroy it.

A third salvo from the marines destroyed a rhino and eliminated the dominions while the second landraider moved closer to the sister’s objective. In response agent 99 deployed and was tasked to silence the predator that was making a nuisance of itself. The immolator delivered the canoness and her badly needed inferno pistol within 3” of the second landraider whiles the sister squads moved to surround it. In shooting the last remaining exorcist tried to soften up the marines guarding their objective but did no damage. Elsewhere the canoness immobilised the second land raider while agent 99 stun the predator. Once the second land raider was immobilised the nearby sister squad rushed in and blocked the doors.

In response the Emperors Champion and his squad debussed from the first landraider while the dread moved to free the second land raider passengers. In shooting the marines destroyed another rhino and stun the exorcist by shooting it through a window. To counter, the sister unit charged into the marine objective and succeeded in immobilised their rhino. Elsewhere the sisters just blocked the landraider exits preventing the marshal and his unit from entering play from. In shooting agent 99 again stunned the predator.

With the marine objective under threat the tac squad debussed and destroyed the immobilised sister rhino. The emperor’s champion and his squad was stranded in middle of the field and so moved towards the sister’s objective. The dreadnought assaulted but did not damage the canoness blocking the nearest door exit on the second immobilised land raiders. With cracks starting to form in the marine army the sisters pressed on. The sisters contesting the marine objective opened fire on the guarding tac squad which conveniently failed a morale test and ran off the table. The immolator moved to engage the emperors champion from the rear and killed several marines while agent 99 again stunned the predator. In combat the canoness continued to duel with the dread while all the doors on the land raider were blocked.

The game end on turn five with the sisters hold their objective and contesting the marines objective. Both armies were intact the sisters had lost 600 points of units to the marines 300 points. However, the sister control on their objective was tenuous with the emperors champion closing in on the position. Result 15-5 to the sisters.

Mission Three
The mission was Kill points versus frank AKA the dark disciple. The deployment was table quarters with the sisters opting to go first and picking sides. Before the game started, because both players were club mates, the umpire sportingly offered to change opponents. However, this was a grudge, the last time the sisters played the word bearers they wiped them out with little effort and since then there had been numerous texts sent stating what the dark disciple intend to do the canoness if they met at the tournament.

1750 Pts - Chaos Marines Roster - Frank O'Donnell
HQ: Chaos Lord (1#, 155 pts)
1 Chaos Lord @ 155 pts ((C:CSM, pp. 30 & 92); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Melta Bombs; Personal Icon; Plasma Pistol; Daemon Weapon; Fearless)
Elite: Terminators (6#, 235 pts)
6 Terminators @ 235 pts ((C:CSM, pp. 28 & 94); Terminator Armour; Chaos Glory; Power Weapon x4; Twin Linked Bolter x2; Chain Fist x1; Lightning Claw x1; Combi-flamer x1; Combi-plasma x3)
Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 100 pts)
1 Dreadnought @ 100 pts ((C:CSM, pp. 40 & 95); Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Dreadnought CCW; Twin Linked Bolter; Multi-Melta; Crazed)
Elite: Possessed (6#, 175 pts)
5 Possessed @ 175 pts ((C:CSM, pp. 29 & 95); Power Armour; Chaos Glory; Close Combat Weapon x5; Daemonkin; Fearless; Rhino)
1 Rhino ((C:CSM, pp. 42 & 96); Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Dozer Blade; Twin Linked Bolter)
Troops: Chaos Space Marines (5#, 100 pts)
5 Chaos Space Marines @ 100 pts (Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chaos Glory; Bolt Pistol x5; Bolter x4; Close Combat Weapon x5; Plasmagun x1)
Troops: Chaos Space Marines (5#, 100 pts)
5 Chaos Space Marines @ 100 pts (Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chaos Glory; Bolt Pistol x5; Bolter x4; Close Combat Weapon x5; Plasmagun x1)
Troops: Chaos Space Marines (11#, 265 pts)
9 Chaos Space Marines @ 265 pts (Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chaos Glory; Bolt Pistol x9; Bolter x7; Close Combat Weapon x9; Meltagun x2; Rhino)
1 Aspiring Champion ((C:CSM, pg. 96); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Melta Bombs; Bolt Pistol; Bolter; Power Weapon)
1 Rhino ((C:CSM, pp. 42 & 96); Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Twin Linked Bolter; Havoc Launcher)
: Summoned Lesser Daemon (6#, 78 pts)
6 Summoned Lesser Daemon @ 78 pts ((C:CSM, pp. 62 & 102); Close Combat Weapon; Fearless)
: Summoned Lesser Daemon (8#, 104 pts)
8 Summoned Lesser Daemon @ 104 pts ((C:CSM, pp. 62 & 102); Close Combat Weapon; Fearless)
: Spawn (3#, 120 pts)
3 Spawn @ 120 pts ((C:CSM, pg. 99); Fearless; Slow and Purposeful)
Heavy Support: Havocs (5#, 165 pts)
5 Havocs @ 165 pts ((C:CSM, pg. 96); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Chaos Glory; Bolt Pistol x5; Bolter x1; Close Combat Weapon x5; Autocannon x4)
Heavy Support: Obliterators (1#, 75 pts)
1 Obliterators @ 75 pts ((C:CSM, pp. 35 & 96); Obliterator Weapons; Power Fist; Fearless; Slow and Purposeful)
Heavy Support: Obliterators (1#, 75 pts)
1 Obliterators @ 75 pts ((C:CSM, pp. 35 & 96); Obliterator Weapons; Power Fist; Fearless; Slow and Purposeful)

All the sister units deployed with the easy to kill rhino shielding the more valuable harder to kill exorcists. In response the wordbears deployed everything except summoned daemons and deep striking obliterators.

The game started well, agent 99 "word in your ear" saw the chaos havocs moved into the open to be destroyed by the exorcists while the sister units fanned out on the flanks. In reply everything in the word bearer army that walked or crawl ran towards the sister army.

Turn two saw the destruction of the dark disciple’s rhino while a marine squad was reduced to a single man by rapid firing storm troopers. In reply a pack of daemons was summoned and an obliterator teleported beside an exorcist and destroyed it with a melta gun. Elsewhere the chaos terminator destroyed a sister’s rhino while the spawn attacked the storm troopers which held firm, even winning the combat.

Sisters start to counter a determine word bearer attack

By turn three the Chaos army was in striking distance the smart play would have been to withdraw, reform the line and continue to take it apart piecemeal however it would have been dull. Instead the canoness debussed from the immolator and went after the single obliterator while the other sister units moved forward to engage the approaching enemy.

What happened next was a blood bath over the next four turns both side laded into each with everything they had. By the time the game end out of the thirty kill points that started the game, twenty one were dead with six reduced to below half strength. The canoness was slain while destroying the possessed, agent 99 eliminated the dark disciple before being eaten by chaos spawn. The sister’s survivors consisted of two squad of sisters each with three sisters one engage with a three man squad of chaos marines, one engaged last chaos spawn. Three dominion sisters trying to finish of an immobilised weapon less dreadnought. The inquisitor with his retinue and a couple of rhinos. Final kill point score 11-10 to the sisters, final overall game score 16-4.

The tournament end result was an overall win to the sisters with 50 out 60 points claim.and is the frist trophy of the year for the sisters not bad after only two tournaments. The event itself was well worth the visit and has got to be in the top two events run this year to date ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PiP (40K); Orc Nob bikers

Base coat done still need some detailing and conversion work.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dig in (40K); craggy hills

Inspiration: Rock hills from Star Wars Tattino or from starship troopers.

This method is an alternative way to the standard build of hills. This method offers two advantage over the normal type of hills, first there is zero or very little slope in theory models should be able to stand up on most of the hill without falling model syndrome. Second because they are DIY the dimension can be adjusted to provide good line of sight blocking terrain.

Materials needed;

· Insulating foam of various depth


· Chip bark

· Hot Glue plus gun

· Jig saw

· Tissue

· PVA glue

· Textured pain


· Mark out the base size of the intend hills on the MDF board. Then cut and bevel the board.

· Cut the Foam into square and rectangular shaped pieces and arrange the pieces onto the MDF. Make sure to leave 2-3cm gap between the foam and the bevel edge. Once satisfied with the basic shape of the hill glue the foam into position.

· Once the glue has dried base coat the foam with dark colour eg black or dark brown

· Sort through the chip bark to get interesting size pieces.

· Build up a single level of chip bark around the edge of the foam (do not glue yet).

· Once the first level of chip has been done lay a second layer and try to ensure that each piece of chip bark from the second layer makes contact with at least two chips from the first layer.

· Repeat the layering until the chips covers all sides of the foam.

· Once layering is complete and the hill looks good. Remove all the chip bark and repeat the layering this time using hot glue to stick the chips together and to the base.

· Once the chips are glued coat them in a layer of PVA glue.

· Soak some tissue in PVA glue place the tissue on top of the foam and ensure it also covers the top level of chips.

· Once the glue has dried paint the hill in textured paint and detail it to match the war games table.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WiP (40K); Sabbatine pattern Exocist

Made from;
Plasticard – main body
Brown stuff – gap filler
Golf tees – missile
Bretonnian accessories – details

Monday, February 8, 2010

mission critical 40K; operation biting

Design note;

Adapted to 40K from operation biting in war games illustrated 52 based of the British special force operation of the same name in 1941.


The planet of Spandex IV is deep in revolt. To aid their insurrection the rebels have uncovered an STC system which enables them to create warp missiles capable of destroying imperial cruisers in deep orbit. One such missile site has been located and in order to determine how the missile work and to develop effective counter measures a space marine strike force has been dispatched to the site with orders to secure the area and retrieve vital components from the missile. The plan of attack is to deploy a strike force via HALO (high altitude low opening), which will secure the site and retrieve components. While an extraction force will evac the strike force after they have completed their mission.


The table above shows the main features of the battle feild.


Space Marines (attacker)

Main strike force

In order keep up the element of surprise the marines are deploying via high altitude low opening insertion. There is enough pods to deploy thirty five marines. The marine player must pick 35 models from the list below.

1 Tech marine (with up to 25 points of war gear)

0-4 Technical servitors (count as independent characters for the mission)

0-1 Space marine commander (with up to 25 points of war gear)

0-4 Veteran sergeants (each with up to 15 points of war gear)

0-6 Specialists (each specialist may take a single special weapon; one in two specialist may take a heavy weapon instead)

20+ marines (can be either tactical or assault marines, assault marines cannot carry jump packs)

The techmarine, commander and technical servitors count as independent characters. The other marines must be grouped into squads, with a minimum unit size of three.

Extraction force

3 Rhinos (each can carry up twelve marines and can carry more than one squad)

Servants of Slaughter* (from IA7, defending)

@ the bunker

1 fire support squad (with one autocannon team)

@ the missile site

1 Militia squad (10 militia with one grenade launcher)

@ outpost 1

Beastman attack squad, 20 beastman armed with laspistols, pack master and one flamer. The unit also has a attached enforcer equipped with bolt pistol and close combat weapon.

@ outpost 2

1 Militia platoon consisting of,

-command squad with four men and a champion. The squad is equipped with Missile launcher and vox. The champion has a laspistol and close combat weapon).

-2 militia squads each with ten men. One equipped with a flamer, the other with a plasma gun. Both have Voxs.

In addition the defender has 10 militia sentries (see special rules). Which start the game on table in any location.

Off table (see reinforcement’s special rule)

Roll a D6 and check below,


1 Armoured fist squad. Consisting of

One infantry squad, with ten men, with missile launcher and grenade launcher in a chimera with a multi laser and heavy bolter.


1 Militia platoon consisting of,

-command squad. Equipped with Missile launcher and vox. The champion has a laspistol and close combat weapon).

-2 militia squads. One equipped with heavy bolter the other with a plasma gun. Both have Voxs.


1 Mutant rabble. Consisting of 30 mutants. The unit also has an attached Priest equipped with bolt pistol and close combat weapon.


1 Disciples of Xaphan squad. Consisting of with 10 Disciples, the squad has two grenade launchers and one melta gun. The squad has a rhino for transport.


1 Leman Russ battle tank. Consisting of with battlecannon and hull mounted heavy weapon.


1 Sentinel squadron. consisting of three Sentinels armed with multilasers.

Deployment and who goes first;

The on table defenders are deployed within 6" of starting location.

The marines are deployed via HALO (see HALO special rules).

Marines get the first turn.

Before the game begins the marine player must secretly write down on what turn he wants his extraction force arrives on.

Special rules;


The game starts with the defender's force stood down. His units are resting, sleeping eating, etc and are not ready for a fight. However, sentries patrol the area to ensure nobody can sneak into the base.

The Defenders units excluding the sentries may not move, shoot or assault until the alarm is raised.

Sentries spot enemy units whenever they move within initiative range and can then raise the alarm.

Weapon fire except sniper rifles raise the alarm.

If a sentry is killed the model is not removed and if another sentry comes within initiative range of it he can raise the alarm.

At the start of the sentries turn both player roll a D6 the player who rolls the highest can move the sentries in any direction to the distance indicated on the dice. If the roll is a tie then the defending player can move the sentries.

Once the alarm is raised the defenders units can move as normal.

HALO entry

In order to get the element of surprise the Marines are deploying via HALO.

For each marine squad the attacking player take a small piece of paper or chits each marine in the squad, roughly 1"x1", and write down what one marine is armed with, e.g. space marine with bolter or tech marine. Then hold the chits for each squad shoulder length above the intended drop site and release the chits on to the table. Once the chits have landed replace them with the appropriate marine model. Models which end up in difficult terrain are automatically wound with save allowed, models which end up in impassable terrain an killed outright.

Squads which are outside of squad coherence after the HALO must try to get back into coherence as quickly as possible.

Data download;

In order to retrieve the parts from the missile the tech marine or technical servitor must spend D3 turns in contact with the missile. While attempting the data download the model can do nothing and effect assaulted must restart the data download after the combat is over.


On the defender turn after the alarm raised the defender can attempt to call in reinforcements. Roll a D6, on a 6 reinforcements have arrived and the defender can roll on the off table defenders table. For each subsequent turn the defender can roll an extra dice e.g. three turns after the alarm has been raised the defender rolls 3 D6. Each 6 allows for a roll on the off table defenders table.

The newly arrived defenders arrive at a random point on any table edge. Roll a scatter dice where the arrow is the entry point.

Victory conditions;

If the tech marine or a technical servitor completes a data download and exits from the marine table edge then the marine win otherwise the Servants of Slaughter win.