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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sit Rep; Warpcon 2010 report

Imperial gaurd Base
round one;
Vs Donal Casey playing Imperial guard.

Donal’s force consisted of
demolisher (las/plasma cannons),
Plain russ,
Infantry platoon with lascannons and SWS support squads,
Vets in a chimera
Company command squad,
Valkyrie, vets in a chimera and rough riders.
hell hound

The mission was kill points with a twist, your surviving units counted as a kill point for you. The table was heavy on the hills which blocked line of site and set up a series of narrow valleys.

The guard opted to go first. The SWS squad went in the valkryie and deployed on the edge of deployment. The Demolisher went into a valley. The vets went behind a building in the chimera. The rest of the company went into village on the sisters left right. The sisters all deployed on the right flank, with a canoness on the left out of sight but threatening the guard in the village.
Guard went first but could not draw an good shots but did succeed in destroying a rhino carrying storm troopers killing several in the process. The sister reply was more telling with a valkyrie and sws team destroyed while the rest of the sisters worked their way forward using cover to limit the guards line of sight.
The guard turn saw reinforcement arriving in the shape of the rough riders, hell hound and plain russ which attempted to stop the sister infiltration on the flank. The sisters response was to strike with the callidus which attacked into the new arrived rough riders and destroying a weapon on nearby demolisher (over the course of the game the demolisher lost all its weapons but alive and moving at the end of the game). The rest of the sisters destroyed the hell hounds main weapon ,eliminated the vets and their chimera while conitue to turn the flank.
By turn three/four all units on both sides where in play but the sisters had turned the flank and were working up the guard line with few losses.
The game end with a big win for the sisters

Round two
Vs Dave Tuite playing tau

Sisters Rhino with blessed hull

Dave’s force consisted of

2 hammer heads
1 broadside unit
1 hq crisis team unit
4 units of scoring fire warriors
1 unit of drone

Mission was objective based with a twist that sone objective were more than other and all the objectives were evenly spread across the table.
Table was urban /city fight with a series of ruins which blocked line of sight

The tau opted to go frist and deployed all their units in their table quadrant. A callidus “word in your ear” saw the broadsides moved out of los to limit their first turn impact.
Tau shooting was thankful awful with the broadsides, tanks and fire warriors succeeding in immobilising the rhino shielding the exorcist squadron. Sisters return fire was equal terrible with no damage inflicted with the only positive note being a sisters unit moving into position to capture the centre objective. The immobilised rhino popped smoke and fail to repair.
The Tau fire continued to be poor with the rhino again surviving a full round of tau shooting it while several sisters were lost at the centre objective. In reply a callidus launched an attack killing several warriors and stunning a hammerhead. With this distraction the sisters moved into secure two more objective.
At this point the umpire called over Dave and DQ his list due points errors. Default win ;)

Both side fought on for the rest of the game but with little effect. The Tau did not risk redeploying to get good firing positions on the sisters while the sisters held most of the objectives and were in cover with no incentive or threat to make them move.

Round three
Vs Richard flood (who won this years Gaelcon aka Frank’s bane)
Richard was using Vulkan based list with
1 ten marine squad in pod (in reserve with vulkan)
1 5 marine squad (in reserve)
1 lascannon razorback (in play)
3 squadrons on land speeder (2 started play, one in reserve)
3 predators with auto cannons (all starting in play)
1 siege dread in a pod (in reserve)
1 dread (in play)
The mission was capture the flag (one objective each). The table was jungle with lots of block los cover.

The marines went first and deployed their objectives with the sister’s objective being directly opposite.
The marines spread evenly across the table. While all the sister units started in reserve. The callidus redeployed a speeder squadron into difficult terrain hoping to immobilise/destroy them when they moved.

The marines started with all units moving on all fronts. The speeders in difficult terrain had no issues moving into open ground. Strangely all the marine vehicles popped smoke despite the fact the earliest the sisters could arrived was two turns away.
Marine turn one saw the arrival of the seige dread onto the sister’s objective, followed by Vulcan’s squad the next turn. While the demi squad arrived and moved to claim the marine objective.
The sisters initial reserves arrived and went straight into a counter attack the marines contesting the sister’s objective. The marine squad did not survive the assault but Vulkan and the dread continued to contest the objective. In response Vulkan and the dread destroyed an exorcist and sisters squad while the rest of the marine rushed their rescue. A second wave of sisters arrived bring some badly needed melta guns to silence the dreadnought on the sisters objective. The callidus appeared and destroyed the marine demi squad at the marine’s objective while a squad of sisters broke through the marine lines and moved to capture the marine objective. The marine dreadnought was destroyed by the melta gun armed storm troopers but Vulkan continued to be a threat. Midway through the battle all the marine scoring units were destroyed but rest of the army was largely intact. While the sister force had lost most of the exorcists and anti tank weapons. The rest of the game consisted of the sisters trying to hold their objective while the marines tried to wipe them out with heavy weapons fire. The game end with the sister clinging to their objective while the marine objective went unclaimed.

Round four
Vs Joe Cullen's twin lash
joe's force was;
socerer on bike with lash
deamon prince with lash
3 5-man marine squads in rhino's
1 3-man obilertator squads
2 demolisher
1 5 man bike squad
2 vindicators

The mission was base of Vps. The table dense battlefield littered with craters, ruins and bunkers. The last time I played joe I was hung over from the night before this time it was his turn.

The game started well, the sisters got to pick a good table quarter and set-up good lines of fire. The chaos force suffered from exorcist terror and most of the force going into reserve rather than risk the exorcists fire. A daemon prince, one marine squad and obliterators deployed in cover. Bad advice from the callidus redeployed the daemon prince into the sights of the exorcists. The chaos force failed to steal initiative and then it went downhill for the sisters.

Multi exorcist failed to destroy either the daemon prince or the obliterators. Even worse they soaked fire for several turns allowing the rest of the chaos force to arrived and work its way forward. By the time the prince and obliterator were destroyed its was too little late as chaos melta guns and vindicators started to destroy exorcists while the marines chewed through the sister squad. The game end with the chaos marines ahead by 200 points. In hindsight it was probably less since the socrerer was badly wound and the Inquisitor lord was alive and had excuritators (vp bonus for killing psykers).

Mission five
Vs Gerry's speed freaks consisting of
Waz Dakka
Mad doc Grotsnik
2 biker mobs
1 trucka mob
1 deff kopta squadron
1 grot mob
1 mob of commandos with Snikrot.

Mission was multi objective grab. The table was jungle with lots of block los cover.

Gerry had a loan of my commandos for the tournie and I had his exocists, we both wanted our stuff.
We both were close on tournie points, 56 to 57 to me, and had a long remote chance of being the overall winner if the game ended 20-0.

Long story short it was carnage with both sides going for the kill and after multiple fire fights and assault there were only two deff koptas left for the orcs against less than half dozen sisters with an exorcist in support.

The game ended 10-0 to sisters.

overall I came seventh and had five great games and I'm looking forward to next year. I might even actually fill in the quiz and paint an army the next time.

The army list was finalised about a week before the event and performed well and still has room for some improve. The next steps are to improve the painting, since some of the squad markings are to subtle and were missed by the judges during scoring, and added in some neat conversions for a woah effect.

Random photos;

WAAAAGH; Jimmy Murphy's orcs go to Waaagh

Target sighted, Sisters exocist draw a bead to a tau crisis team

there are more photos available here

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