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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dig in (40K); craggy hills

Inspiration: Rock hills from Star Wars Tattino or from starship troopers.

This method is an alternative way to the standard build of hills. This method offers two advantage over the normal type of hills, first there is zero or very little slope in theory models should be able to stand up on most of the hill without falling model syndrome. Second because they are DIY the dimension can be adjusted to provide good line of sight blocking terrain.

Materials needed;

· Insulating foam of various depth


· Chip bark

· Hot Glue plus gun

· Jig saw

· Tissue

· PVA glue

· Textured pain


· Mark out the base size of the intend hills on the MDF board. Then cut and bevel the board.

· Cut the Foam into square and rectangular shaped pieces and arrange the pieces onto the MDF. Make sure to leave 2-3cm gap between the foam and the bevel edge. Once satisfied with the basic shape of the hill glue the foam into position.

· Once the glue has dried base coat the foam with dark colour eg black or dark brown

· Sort through the chip bark to get interesting size pieces.

· Build up a single level of chip bark around the edge of the foam (do not glue yet).

· Once the first level of chip has been done lay a second layer and try to ensure that each piece of chip bark from the second layer makes contact with at least two chips from the first layer.

· Repeat the layering until the chips covers all sides of the foam.

· Once layering is complete and the hill looks good. Remove all the chip bark and repeat the layering this time using hot glue to stick the chips together and to the base.

· Once the chips are glued coat them in a layer of PVA glue.

· Soak some tissue in PVA glue place the tissue on top of the foam and ensure it also covers the top level of chips.

· Once the glue has dried paint the hill in textured paint and detail it to match the war games table.

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