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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sitrep (40K); Hamburg(er) Hill day 2

Prelude to day two

During an interval on day one I got talking to one of the umpires. I was curious to understand what possessed them to destroy a heavy companys' worth of forgeworld superheavies. He said unfazed they had over a hundred forgeworld superheaves in the club. “Bull shit ” I undiplomatically replied. “You will come with me to the cellar” Said the umpire in heavily accented english. “Will I” says I, with one eye on the wall of swords and another on the nearest exit. In the end I went with the cellar option since I did not fancy my chances with the swords in a kung fu dojo and the nearest exit was the third story window.

Needless to say the trip to the cellar was not lit. But when the umpire turned on the lights the effect was impressive. There was 100+ forgeworld superheavy tanks plus titans, gargantuan creatures super heavy fliers and shelves of immaculate painted armies. The entire display was around half the size of warhammer world muesum. With the rest of the basement devoted to awards and prizes the club or its members had claimed over the years of gaming. I have been to firestorm games, Maelstorm game and warhammer world and this was within their league and considering this was a club house that to me was impressive. For me it set the gold standard of what a club house should be.

The start of day two saw the umpires switch table order with table 33 becoming in effect table 1. This meant the top tables got sent into a different room to battle it out.

Round four vs Jan Heidrich
Location; table 20
Mission; Pitch Battle dawn of war
The enemy; Blood Angels
Sanguine priest
Pysker dreadnought
2 6 man assault squads in razor backs (one with twin assault cannon and one with lascannon and plasma gun)
1 10 man assault squad
2 Predators

The game;

The Sisters won the roll of and opted to deploy first. Revenge and Heretics Folly went on one flank supported squad Iona in Sanctity. The third exorcist went on the opposite flanks with the rest of the army deploying in the centre. The Blood Angels responded by deploying their entire army facing the two exorcists. Then the Bloods Angels stole the initiative and charged forward. Shooting had little effect due to cover but Sanctity suffered weapon destroyed, losing both its hunter killer and storm bolter, and getting immobilised.

Blood Angels steal the initative and go on the assualt
With Sanctity immobilised squad Iona debussed and moved away from the approaching marines. The Exorcists and immolators concentrated destroying the marine vehicles destroying a razor back and reducing the Sanginator to single wound.

The Marines continued with the charge Memphison attacked an exorcist and succeeded in destroying a weapon. The Sanginator destroyed Sanctity. The predators tried to silence the other exorcist but had no effect. While the rest of the marines tried to close with the sisters.

Squad Iona when after Memphison and with the help of Revenge and Heretics Folly finished him off. As a bonus overlapping flamers also killed the sanginator.. Blessed moved into position to block the rest of the advancing marines.

Marines on the rampage

The Rhino Blessed forms a roadblock.
Blessed lived up to its name taking multiple hits causing heavy damage but leaving it intact. This mean when the marines assaulted they could get at Blessed and Ardent. Ardent was destroyed but Blessed survived. The tightly packed marines were then hit with multiple flamers before the Lady Tabita finished of the Chaplin in close combat. While His Will destroyed the dreadnought with a melta shot

In spite the last marine assault squad attacked and destroyed Blessed before being destroyed by the vengeful sisters. The game end with two predators covering a single assault marine hiding in a razorback.

Not a Blood Angel but got potential

The result; Sisters victorious

Round five vs Marc P
Location; Table 27
Mission; Spearhead, Secure and Control
The enemy; Space Wolves
Rune preist
Rune priest
3 wolf guard terminators
6 Thunderwolves
3 packs of six Long Fangs
3 packs 8 of Grey Hunter (one pack in a pod)
3 Razorback (lascannon\plasma gun)

Marc's Thunder wolves

Traitor wolves
The game;

The Sisterhood won the dice off and opted to go first. Immolators screening rhinos screening exorcists. Marc deployed his Fangs in high buildings, while his Thunderwolves screened the Grey Hunters and Razorbacks. The first round saw the sisters advance while the Exorcists ineffectively tried to silence the razorbacks. The Wolves responded by drop poding a rune priest, a wolf guard and a large pack of wolves behind the sisters lines. Fortunately they scattered badly and had little impact. The thunderwolves fleeted into combat with Blessed which survived the ordeal, losing its weapon and its tracks.

Sisterhood moves throught the city looking for traitor wolves
With wolves behind and in front the sisterhood went into overdrive. Squad Iona and the Rose in Ardent fell back to deal with the intruders. Ardent destroyed the pod, allowing Iona to ravage the wolves with bolters and flamers. The Rose finished of the survivors to clear the back line. Squad Miriya, Lady Tabita and the Exorcists went after the thunder wolves reducing them to a single wound wolf.

Lady Tabita and her escort.
The effective loss of the Thunderwolves and destruction of a third of the scoring units was a heavy blow to the Wolves. The remaining grey hunters went after the nearest objectives while the Fangs alternated fire between sisters scoring units and the exorcist threatening the grey hunters. In the end neither were particularly effective.

Squad Miriya finished of the last wolf while the exorcists, immolators and celestians decimated the grey hunters destroying both squads.

Celestians stalk Razorbacks

The Wolves tried to push the razorbacks forward to contest the Sisters objectives but roving celestians with meltaguns quickly saw them off. The game end with the sisters holding three objectives.

The result; Sisters Victorious
With three wins, one draw and a loss the sisterhood came 19th out of 65 contenders. Most of the points were lost on “soft” scores. Some of the effort players had put into presentation very impressive. One of the daemon list looked like it had been recovered from battlefield complete with bloodstains (I did not ask). Another had bullet holes and scorch marks. I'm glad I did not have to judge the armies the painting standard was ridiculous high.

 Army list background

This was my first tournament in a dojo and I am keen to go again. I kept having flash backs of those martial art movies where there was a tournament montage with players fighting their way through the rounds to the finals.

As a parting shot I asked if the northguard were interested in going after the world record for the largest 40K apoc game and was rewarded with a look of realisation on the umpires eyes.

The Sisterhood army list can be found here and more photos of the event can be found here

Big thanks to Andre, Jon, Paddy, Jan and Marc for bring good opponents, to the players, the North Guard club members and Umpires for making such a great event.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sitrep (40K); Hamburg(er) Hill day 1

Game on

Reeperbahn” nodded my German colleague knowingly, when I cheerfully announced I was off to Hamburg for the weekend. Since the clarification was more confusing than the mistake I let it slide. The source of my joy was the 13th North Guard challenge. A two day forge world friendly tournament with 65 players meant I booked the ticket before I knew where exactly Hamburg was (north west somewhere). It was a good omen when DB rail then announced they were doing a special rate Dresden to Hamburg return.

This was a terrain peice. Cry or applaud its your choice.

“Did you bring a present for Hieko?”
“Say again chief?”
Were the opening lines of dialogue to the Northguard challenge. Apparently, there were points up for grabs for bring presents, mostly on the form of bottles of spirits which were to be consumed later in the night. That bit was lost in translation but we pushed on. Frist impressions were “Wow”. The venue was in a dojo, complete with full Kung Fu regalia weapons, banners, the works. Second impressions was”holy shit” first pass of terrain showed fourteen wrecked forge world tanks being used as terrain plus a couple of titans to boot. I was not sure wither to cry or applaud. All the tables showed serious effort in themed terrain. The sister nine vehicles were going to have a hard time moving around the tables without suffering damage.

At frist I thought these were part of someones army not terrain.

red planet terrain

Round one vs Andre W
Location; table 16
Mission; Spearhead. Secure and Control with four objectives
The enemy; Chaos space marine
2 lash princes
2 squads of three obilerators
3 squads of ten marines (two in rhinos)
1 squad of terminators
1 pack of daemons
1 vindicator

The Sisters frist battle was by the beach
 The game;
Andre spoke little english and I spoke even less german. But we both seemed to be masters in the silent art of charades. Andre won the roll of and opted to go first. He deployed all his units in his quarter with the walking marines squad guarding his nearest objective while the other squads went after other targets. The Daemons princes and cohorts faced off against the sisters expected deployment. The sisters deployed en masse with immolators screening rhinos screening Exorcists.

Defended by renegade marines
The traitor marines opening shots destroyed a rhino and stunned two exorcists. While the rest of the army moved forward through cover. In response the Sisters moved to close in with Heretics Folly getting immobilised in terrain. Shooting has little impact with a pack of obliterators getting mauled and reduced to a single obliterator.

Turn two saw the arrival of the pack of daemons and terminators from reserve. The Terminators tried to deep strike near Heretics Folly but scattered out of range while the daemons deep struck into cover taking no casualties, or tests now that I think about. The rest of the army closed in. Revenge was lost to the lone obliterator while the rest of the shooting was uneventiful. The Sisters replied in force. The Rose in Ardent dashed through cover and debussed to melta the three strong obliterator squad destroying the squad. Retribution Inbound reduced a daemon prince to a single wound. Squad Iona went after the termnators killing two. The Lady Tabita debussed and went after the daemons but failed to assault through cover. The Thorn fired on the wounded prince but had no effect. While His Will finished of the last obliterator.

Taking loss the traitor marines pushed forward the daemons tried to swamp Lady Tabita but lost the combat. The wound prince tried to lash the Thorn into assault range but their sheild of faith protected them. The Rose was less fortunate and got assualted by the other daemon prince. Who they locked in combat. The vindicator finally made a hit destroying Divine Pronuncment while a squad of marines destoyed Retribution Inbound. The lone terminator assualted squad Iona pinning them in combat.

Terminators taking the fight to the Sisters on the Beach

Under pressure the Sisters fought back. Ardent got immbolised trying to break through to contest the traitor's control objective. Squad Cassandra moved to secure an contested objective. The Thorn and squad Miriya tried to clear a third objective of marines and daemon prince. Lady Tabita was slain by the daeons after reducing the pack to three models. The wounded daemon prince survived fire from Heretics Folly and the Thorn.

There was heavy fighting around the lighthouse

On that the game ended with the sisters hold one objective while the traitors held another with two more contested.

Sisters and regenades get into a heavy fire fight

The result; The Sisters drawn.

Round two vs Jon W
Location; Table 15
Mission; Capture the flag
The enemy; Tryanids
Hive tyrant
Death Leaper
2 broods of genestealers in pods with brood lord
1 brood on genestealers walking
2 broods of lictors

Forest planet (ie where not to fight tyranids)
The game;
Jon won the roll off and let the sisters got frist. The Sisters deployed their objective in the open while the nids deployed theirs in the dense terrain in their deployment zone. The sister then deployed in force with Revenge and squad Iona and Blessed covering their objective while the rest went after the Nid objective. In response the nids opted to all go in reserve.

Genestealers opted to droppod in.

Turns one and two saw little action the sisters moved towards the targets until the nids arrived in the form of the walking genestealer broods, Death leaper, the trygon and two broods of lictors. They announced their present by stunning Retribution Inbound. The sisters tried to strike back but Sancity and Inviolable were both immobilised trying to flush the Lictors out of cover. Ardent and His Will had to be committed flushing out Death leaper and a pack of lictors. Once forced out the shooting started. The Thorn destroyed Death Leaper. The lady Tabita and the Sword destroyed the lictors in the open while squad Iona fired on the lictors in cover with little effect. Predictably the lictors that survived were the ones threateninghreatening the sisters objective. Everything else fired on the Trygon reducing it to a single wound.

More pod-ing genestealers

The tryanids countered with everything arriving from reserve. The Mawloc deepstruck and destroyed squad Iona. The Hive Tryrant flew in and destroyed Blessed. The wounded Trygon destroyed the Thorn. While the pods stunned Revenge and Retribution Inbound. Undaunted the sisters pushed on. Squad Miriya debussed and by flamer and bolter reduced a Genestealer brood to a single wound brood lord. Lady Tabita and the Sword fired on the second brooded before Lady Tabita assaulted them to pin them in combat. Tyrgon finally went down to a melta shot from Ardent. Squad Cassandra left the wreackage of Blessed and engaged the genestealer brood protecting the Nids objective. Everything else fired on the Hive Tryant reducing him to a single wound but alive and threatening squad Cassandra.

In response the Mawloc went back underground. The Tyrant and the surviving genestealers guarding their objective swamped squad Cassandra who were destroyed. The wounded broodlord moved out of sight near the sisters unsecure objective. In combat the Lady Tabita took out a few genestealers before being swamped in fangs and claws.

The loss of a squad Cassandra was a blow leaving just Squad Mirirya to secure an objective. Mirirya started by firing on the genestealers that had killed Lady Tabita reducing them to a wounded brood lord. Heretics Folly finished of the Hive Tyrant while the Rose destroyed the genestealers guarding the objective. Elsewhere the immolators tried to track down the elusive wounded brood lord.

The Mawloc reappeared and targeted squad Miriya for its deep strike With an act of faith all ten sisters survived. The wounded brood lord broke from cover to capture the sisters objective and on that the game ended. Leaving to immolators with clear shoots on the last scoring tyranid model.

A wounded brood lord claims an objective to win the game

The result; Sisters defeated

Round three vs Paddy
Location; Table 17
Mission; Dawn of War, multiple objectives (four)
The enemy; Chaos marines moonlighting as Orcs
Big Mek (counts as Typhus)
2 Mob of 3 Dakka Boyz (count as Obliterators)
2 Mobs 10 Supa Boyz (count as plague marines) one with 'eavy trukk (rhino)
1 mob 5 Supa Boyas (as above)
1 Stompa (count as defiler)

The game;
Interesting theme, a Big Mek in the process of upgrading his boyz in proper hard boyz. Everything was heavily converted. With bits of Tau, Necons, etc al thrown in. Paddy mentioned he knew a few of the Irish gamers from his regular trip to the 40K heats in the UK. Caloan's named popped up but I don't know if its the same one. Plus Paddy also keeps a battle diary in which he records some of the details of his games including comments from his opponents. That seemed a very nice touch.

Sisters engaging the Supa boyz. The Big Mek was hiding behind the silo

The boyz won the roll off and opted to go frist. Big Mek and one of the large mobs of Supa boyz deployed up front and in the centre securing one objective.

The smaller mob of Supa Boyz deployed in cover securing a second objective. The rest of the army opted to walk on except for the third mob of supa boyz who stayed in reserve in the 'eavy truck. In response Blessed and Sanctity deployed to cover the Big Mek's mob.

Hostilities started with the arrival of the 2 mobs of dakka boyz and the stompa. One of the mobs spotted Blessed (“upgrades” paddy commented at rolling double six for range) and promptly smoked it. In response the Sisters rolled on. Sanctity lit up the Big Mek's mob and the Exorcists opened fire killing several Supa boyz.

Supa Boyz take cover

In response the Big Mek’s mob surged forward while the dakkaboyz and stompa provide fire support destroying Heretics Folly. Lady Tabita, the Sword and squad Iona engaged the small mob of Supa boyz killing a few off. Squad Cassandra captured an objective and squad Miriya move to threaten a third. Ardent tank shocked the Big Mek’s mob out of cover running over a brave meltagunner. Out in the open the mob was blasted leaving only the Big Mek standing.

The Big Mek all on his own
The third mob of supa boyz arrived and went after Cassandra’s objective. The smaller supa boyz mob tried to destroy His Will with Lady Tabita on board but had no effect. The Big Mek attacked the Thorn killing everyone but a melta gunner who fled to later rally with faith. Lady Tabita dismounted and assult the smaller supa boy mob killing them and allowing squad Iona to claim the objective. The Thorn went after the third supa boyz mob destroying their transport allowing squad Cassandra to continue to hold there objective. Revenge finished of the Big Mek while squad Miriya seized a third objective. Ardent got into close range with the stompa and destroyed it. While the Shield destroyed a squad of dakka boyz threatening Miriya.
The game ended with the sisters holding three of the four objectives.

I wonder if it is the same Caolan

The result; Sisters victorious

How rules dispute are dealt with in the North Guard challenge :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sitrep (40K), Salzburger Schlachthaus Crusade

"you are a strategic genius - (I) never dared to think about such sophisticated manoeuvres"
-Colonel Koch commenting on the the Sisterhood of Steel battleplan for the Salzburg crusade

Opting for the element of surprise the Sisterhood's first single tournament in Germany is in, eh, Salzburg, Austria.  Salzburg famous for Mozart, The sound of music and the Salzburg Schlachthaus (slaugtherhouse.) Four rounds of bare knuckle 40K pitting 31 Austrians against the sisterhood. To make it interesting the rules pack is in german (fair enough) with special rules for each mission also in german (hmm).
Another reason for Salzburg is that I have friend living there I have not seen for a couple of years so its about time for catch-up.  The train from Dresden to Salzburg takes way too long but the scenary is fantastic so its not to bad. Friday night consisted of catching up and [SCENE DELETED].

Saturday morning got off to a ropey start.

Round one vs Patrick
Location; random table
Mission; Pitched battle, capture and control, 
Rules of engagement; capture the flag (+1 extra objective at center of table, each flag is worth 600 vps)
The enemy;  Imperial Fist moonlighting as Blood Angels
1 Libarian
2 five man assualt squads (one flamer, one melta)
1 five man scout squad
2 land raiders (one flamer, one bolter)
1 Storm Raven
2 Baal predators
Attach bike with multi melta

Not the frist thing I wanted to see in the morning

The game;
Patrick said more than a few expletives when he counted the number of meltas in the Sisters force. Then a few more when the Sisterhood won the roll to go first. The entire Sisters force deployed in the centre except a rhino/sister squad and a celestian/immolator squad which deployed to the left.  In response Peter deployed his units behind a land raider wall.  The two assault squads went in the Raiders while the Scouts and Furiso mounted the Storm Raven  The sisters went first and bolted forward. All the Exorcists opened fire but only succeed in stunning/shaking/ destroying a weapon from the Storm Raven. Return fire destroyed a rhino, immobilised the cannoness's immolator and stunned an exorcist.
The Sisters started to get into effective melta range.  Lady Tabita smoked the attacked bike while squad Rose destroyed the Bolter Land Raider.  The
Exorcists again targeted the Storm Raven and again only succeed in stunning/shaking/ destroying a weapon.  The Imperial Fist soldiered on with the surviving Land Raider firing on the nearest Immolator but only to immobilising it 11” away from Land Raider.
The Exorcists final managed to bring down the Storm Raven, pinning the scouts and releasing the Dreadnought.  The immobilised immolator opened fire and destroyed the last Land Raider as Celestians closed with the Baals and destroyed one.  With the Imperial Fist running out of units, their turn was brief.  The furisio got in an assault on a nearby squad of sisters and quickly destroyed them.  The remain units had little impact.
Sensing victory the sisters rampaged through the Imperial Fist lines. Lady Tabita shot and killed the Libarian, who had left the scouts.  The scouts were destroyed by squad Rose.  The immobilised immolator destroyed the marauding dreadnought.  Squad Sword tracked down and destroyed the last Baal.  The exorcists finished of a squad of marines while squad Thorn pinned the few army survivors in combat holding them up until Lady Tabita could arrive and finish them off to wipe out the army

The result; Sisters victorious

Round two vs  Austrian Jan
Location; Table one
Mission; Spearhead, seize ground,
Rules of engagement; 5 objectives fixed each worth 350 vps
The enemy; Black Templars
Emperors Champion
3 squads of Terminators with tank hunter skills and cyclone missile launchers
3 sqauds of marines with lascannon and plasma cannon ( two squads had rhino)
2 Autocannon/lascannon Predators
2 Tornado Speeders

The game;
Austrian Jan knows Polish Jan having played against him in one of the previous ETC. In fact there was a couple of the Austrian ETC players in attendance looking for ETC points.  I was amused by their enquiries into TNI asking “if they had learned to play 40K yet?”. I wonder are challenges allowed for the last round of the ETC.

Sisters take heavy fire
The battlefield was fairly barren enough cover Terminators to get a cover save but not enough for the Sisters vehicles to avoid nineteen Lascannon equivalents plus Jan got to go first.  The sisters opted to all go in reserve.
Turn one was uneventful with the emperors champion and terminators advancing into the centre of the table in terrain.  When the Sisters started to arrived they did so in small units which were predictably pummelled by lascannons and frag missile.  Slowly the survivors for successive waves worked their way forward through the mangled wrecks of the previous wave. Lady Tabita was matyred on the third turn after she destroyed one of the scoring marines squads.
The exorcists showed up on turn four and destroyed a second scoring unit. Hoping to stave of defeat the surviving scoring sisters units, a total of three models made a break for it. One sister seized an objective while the second unit, of two sisters, shot up the last marine scoring unit guarding its objective. The Templars took a casualty but passed their morale test and only moved 1“ to keep control of the objective.  On that the game end.
Afterwards I realised I had lost something in translation on the victory conditions because all the objectives had VPs attached it looked like all the games were VP based but it was objective grab and if I had of ran the second sister instead of firing them I would have contested the marine objective and got an ill deserved win.

An inch to far

The result; Sisters suffer a losing draw.

Round three vs Tomas
Location; Table three
Mission;  Pitched battle, Annihilation,
Rules of engagement; bonus 250 Vps for kill point
The enemy;  Blood Angels
Sangarian priest
7 terminators with hammers and sheild
2 five man assault squads (one flamer, one melta) in las/plas razorbacks
1 five man scout squad
3  Autocannon/Lascannon predators
Pysker Dreadnought

The game;
The battlefield was a themed Ork village the main feature was a fortress on the Sisters right flank.  The Blood Angels won the initiative and after much deliberation spread out evenly over their deployment zone.  After much less deliberation most of the Sister force deployed behind the fortress.  Except for an exorcist which when on the opposite flank lurking for side shoots and Celestian/immolator and Sisters/rhino who went in reserve. Both armed with hunter killers again looking for side shots. The marine scouts infiltrated into the fortress
The Sisters seized the initiative.  The flanking exorcist destroyed a razorback while the others immobilised the dreadnought while the rest of the force advanced forward.  The marines fought back with the scouts destroying an exorcist while the rest of the force redeployed to counter the Sister deployment. The immolator and rhino rolled on.  The immolator raced forward and deployed squad Rose in close range on a predator trying to flank the isolated exorcist. Squad Iona went after the scouts officially to clear them from the fortress but hoping lure the terminators in close range of the rest of the sisters force to. Squad Rose destroyed the predator while squad Iona panicked the scouts forcing them to flee.  Lady Tabita assaulted Mephison hoping to pin him for a while. The Terminators struck back destroying Iona and their rhino.  Elsewhere a Predator popped another Exorcist. 

The marine successes forced a rethink of the sisters strategy instead of going after the Terminators the sisters wrapped around them bring two Celestian squads and their immolators into close range of the several marine vehicles. A couple of melta gun shot later all three marine vehicles were reduced to smoking wrecks at the cost of four celestians killed in the explosions. Lady Tabita and Memphison continued to trade blows with the cannoness scoring a few wounds and taking none in return.
The marines continued to resist and succeed in destroying an immolator and more importantly the last exorcist.  Lady Tabita was killed after the terminators had to come to rescue their lord.
The Sisters immolator crashed into a building and immobilised itself trying to getting a flanking shot on the last marine predator.  In reply the predator destroyed a lurking rhino to give Tomas the game.

The result; Sisters defeated 8-9 on kill points

Round four vs Fabian
Location;table five
Mission; Dawn of war,
Rules of engagement; "King of the hill", one single objective at center of table, must be held by at least two standard units within 12" around.
The enemy; Daemons
Fate weaver
Blood Thrister
1 pack of eight Blood Crushers with all the trimming
2 packs of six Fiends
3 packs of five Plague Bearers
1 Soul Grinder

The game;
 The daemons won the roll off and let the sisters go first.  In response  the sisters rolled on and went into anti deep strike formation.  The chosen wave of daemons arrived consisting of Fate Weaver, the Blood Thrister, one pack of Blood Crushers, fiends and plague bearers.
The Sister countered by mounting up and moving into attack positions.  The Exorcists targeted Fate Weaver but had no effect.
The next wave of daemons arrived consisting of the last squad of Fiends and the Soul Grinder who immobilised one of the Immolators.  In position the sisters final struck a rhino broke formation and tank shocked Fate Weaver out of position. All the remaining units opened up Blood Crushers and wiped them out with single round of shooting.  Squad Iona went after a outflanking pack of Fiends and destroyed half their number. Perturbed at the loss of the Blood Crushers the Daemons got stuck in.  Two squads of sisters and the immobilised immolator were destroyed while the fiends assault the last sisters squad and the cannoness who actual won the combat.  Still sticking to the plan the rhino again tank shocked Fate Weaver out of position this time the blood Thruster was targeted and destroyed. Elsewhere the survive Celestians went after and destroyed the damaged pack of Fiends.  The Daemons fought back but could not inflicting any significant damage.  The Soul Grinder was destroyed by a rear shot from an outflanking immolator.  Losing units, Fate Weaver spawned the Cannoness allowing the Fiends to finish off the remaining Sisters squad.
The tank shocking Rhino again went into action forcing the Fiends out of cover to be destroyed by the Celestians bolter’s while the exorcists started to destroy lurking Plague Bearers and the new spawn.  With just two squads of plague bearers left Fate Weaver tried and failed to destroy one of the exorcists. Another tank shock, this time from an immolator, forced another pack of plague bearers into the open to be destroyed by the Exorcists. While the tank shocking Rhino fired on Fate Weaver inflicting a wound and banishing from the table.  The Rhino was named Blessed for a reason it seems.
The game end with five worried looking Plague Bearers about to be tank shocked into range of the celestians and exorcists

The result; Sister get a winning draw

The aftermath;
With one win, two draws and one loss the Sisters came 7th of 32 players. The Slaughter house was a first time event for the organisers, Tomas and Tomas, aka TnT and they did a great job. I really like that every player got a cert for attending and that they were called up to accept it.  The food and beer was excellent,  and I don't normal drink beer.  I am also beginning to appreciate what fantastic tool the T3 website is.  For this event I can tell who was going and what codex they are bring months in advance. I can offer/ask for lifts from players in near by areas. After the event I get a feedback email and the event is scored and the records are kept so I can review past reviews to see if any of the previous events were positive.

Next up, hopifully, a forge world friendly with 76 players  !!!!
More of the photos from the event can be seen here.