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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sitrep (40K); Hamburg(er) Hill day 2

Prelude to day two

During an interval on day one I got talking to one of the umpires. I was curious to understand what possessed them to destroy a heavy companys' worth of forgeworld superheavies. He said unfazed they had over a hundred forgeworld superheaves in the club. “Bull shit ” I undiplomatically replied. “You will come with me to the cellar” Said the umpire in heavily accented english. “Will I” says I, with one eye on the wall of swords and another on the nearest exit. In the end I went with the cellar option since I did not fancy my chances with the swords in a kung fu dojo and the nearest exit was the third story window.

Needless to say the trip to the cellar was not lit. But when the umpire turned on the lights the effect was impressive. There was 100+ forgeworld superheavy tanks plus titans, gargantuan creatures super heavy fliers and shelves of immaculate painted armies. The entire display was around half the size of warhammer world muesum. With the rest of the basement devoted to awards and prizes the club or its members had claimed over the years of gaming. I have been to firestorm games, Maelstorm game and warhammer world and this was within their league and considering this was a club house that to me was impressive. For me it set the gold standard of what a club house should be.

The start of day two saw the umpires switch table order with table 33 becoming in effect table 1. This meant the top tables got sent into a different room to battle it out.

Round four vs Jan Heidrich
Location; table 20
Mission; Pitch Battle dawn of war
The enemy; Blood Angels
Sanguine priest
Pysker dreadnought
2 6 man assault squads in razor backs (one with twin assault cannon and one with lascannon and plasma gun)
1 10 man assault squad
2 Predators

The game;

The Sisters won the roll of and opted to deploy first. Revenge and Heretics Folly went on one flank supported squad Iona in Sanctity. The third exorcist went on the opposite flanks with the rest of the army deploying in the centre. The Blood Angels responded by deploying their entire army facing the two exorcists. Then the Bloods Angels stole the initiative and charged forward. Shooting had little effect due to cover but Sanctity suffered weapon destroyed, losing both its hunter killer and storm bolter, and getting immobilised.

Blood Angels steal the initative and go on the assualt
With Sanctity immobilised squad Iona debussed and moved away from the approaching marines. The Exorcists and immolators concentrated destroying the marine vehicles destroying a razor back and reducing the Sanginator to single wound.

The Marines continued with the charge Memphison attacked an exorcist and succeeded in destroying a weapon. The Sanginator destroyed Sanctity. The predators tried to silence the other exorcist but had no effect. While the rest of the marines tried to close with the sisters.

Squad Iona when after Memphison and with the help of Revenge and Heretics Folly finished him off. As a bonus overlapping flamers also killed the sanginator.. Blessed moved into position to block the rest of the advancing marines.

Marines on the rampage

The Rhino Blessed forms a roadblock.
Blessed lived up to its name taking multiple hits causing heavy damage but leaving it intact. This mean when the marines assaulted they could get at Blessed and Ardent. Ardent was destroyed but Blessed survived. The tightly packed marines were then hit with multiple flamers before the Lady Tabita finished of the Chaplin in close combat. While His Will destroyed the dreadnought with a melta shot

In spite the last marine assault squad attacked and destroyed Blessed before being destroyed by the vengeful sisters. The game end with two predators covering a single assault marine hiding in a razorback.

Not a Blood Angel but got potential

The result; Sisters victorious

Round five vs Marc P
Location; Table 27
Mission; Spearhead, Secure and Control
The enemy; Space Wolves
Rune preist
Rune priest
3 wolf guard terminators
6 Thunderwolves
3 packs of six Long Fangs
3 packs 8 of Grey Hunter (one pack in a pod)
3 Razorback (lascannon\plasma gun)

Marc's Thunder wolves

Traitor wolves
The game;

The Sisterhood won the dice off and opted to go first. Immolators screening rhinos screening exorcists. Marc deployed his Fangs in high buildings, while his Thunderwolves screened the Grey Hunters and Razorbacks. The first round saw the sisters advance while the Exorcists ineffectively tried to silence the razorbacks. The Wolves responded by drop poding a rune priest, a wolf guard and a large pack of wolves behind the sisters lines. Fortunately they scattered badly and had little impact. The thunderwolves fleeted into combat with Blessed which survived the ordeal, losing its weapon and its tracks.

Sisterhood moves throught the city looking for traitor wolves
With wolves behind and in front the sisterhood went into overdrive. Squad Iona and the Rose in Ardent fell back to deal with the intruders. Ardent destroyed the pod, allowing Iona to ravage the wolves with bolters and flamers. The Rose finished of the survivors to clear the back line. Squad Miriya, Lady Tabita and the Exorcists went after the thunder wolves reducing them to a single wound wolf.

Lady Tabita and her escort.
The effective loss of the Thunderwolves and destruction of a third of the scoring units was a heavy blow to the Wolves. The remaining grey hunters went after the nearest objectives while the Fangs alternated fire between sisters scoring units and the exorcist threatening the grey hunters. In the end neither were particularly effective.

Squad Miriya finished of the last wolf while the exorcists, immolators and celestians decimated the grey hunters destroying both squads.

Celestians stalk Razorbacks

The Wolves tried to push the razorbacks forward to contest the Sisters objectives but roving celestians with meltaguns quickly saw them off. The game end with the sisters holding three objectives.

The result; Sisters Victorious
With three wins, one draw and a loss the sisterhood came 19th out of 65 contenders. Most of the points were lost on “soft” scores. Some of the effort players had put into presentation very impressive. One of the daemon list looked like it had been recovered from battlefield complete with bloodstains (I did not ask). Another had bullet holes and scorch marks. I'm glad I did not have to judge the armies the painting standard was ridiculous high.

 Army list background

This was my first tournament in a dojo and I am keen to go again. I kept having flash backs of those martial art movies where there was a tournament montage with players fighting their way through the rounds to the finals.

As a parting shot I asked if the northguard were interested in going after the world record for the largest 40K apoc game and was rewarded with a look of realisation on the umpires eyes.

The Sisterhood army list can be found here and more photos of the event can be found here

Big thanks to Andre, Jon, Paddy, Jan and Marc for bring good opponents, to the players, the North Guard club members and Umpires for making such a great event.

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