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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sitrep (40K); Hamburg(er) Hill day 1

Game on

Reeperbahn” nodded my German colleague knowingly, when I cheerfully announced I was off to Hamburg for the weekend. Since the clarification was more confusing than the mistake I let it slide. The source of my joy was the 13th North Guard challenge. A two day forge world friendly tournament with 65 players meant I booked the ticket before I knew where exactly Hamburg was (north west somewhere). It was a good omen when DB rail then announced they were doing a special rate Dresden to Hamburg return.

This was a terrain peice. Cry or applaud its your choice.

“Did you bring a present for Hieko?”
“Say again chief?”
Were the opening lines of dialogue to the Northguard challenge. Apparently, there were points up for grabs for bring presents, mostly on the form of bottles of spirits which were to be consumed later in the night. That bit was lost in translation but we pushed on. Frist impressions were “Wow”. The venue was in a dojo, complete with full Kung Fu regalia weapons, banners, the works. Second impressions was”holy shit” first pass of terrain showed fourteen wrecked forge world tanks being used as terrain plus a couple of titans to boot. I was not sure wither to cry or applaud. All the tables showed serious effort in themed terrain. The sister nine vehicles were going to have a hard time moving around the tables without suffering damage.

At frist I thought these were part of someones army not terrain.

red planet terrain

Round one vs Andre W
Location; table 16
Mission; Spearhead. Secure and Control with four objectives
The enemy; Chaos space marine
2 lash princes
2 squads of three obilerators
3 squads of ten marines (two in rhinos)
1 squad of terminators
1 pack of daemons
1 vindicator

The Sisters frist battle was by the beach
 The game;
Andre spoke little english and I spoke even less german. But we both seemed to be masters in the silent art of charades. Andre won the roll of and opted to go first. He deployed all his units in his quarter with the walking marines squad guarding his nearest objective while the other squads went after other targets. The Daemons princes and cohorts faced off against the sisters expected deployment. The sisters deployed en masse with immolators screening rhinos screening Exorcists.

Defended by renegade marines
The traitor marines opening shots destroyed a rhino and stunned two exorcists. While the rest of the army moved forward through cover. In response the Sisters moved to close in with Heretics Folly getting immobilised in terrain. Shooting has little impact with a pack of obliterators getting mauled and reduced to a single obliterator.

Turn two saw the arrival of the pack of daemons and terminators from reserve. The Terminators tried to deep strike near Heretics Folly but scattered out of range while the daemons deep struck into cover taking no casualties, or tests now that I think about. The rest of the army closed in. Revenge was lost to the lone obliterator while the rest of the shooting was uneventiful. The Sisters replied in force. The Rose in Ardent dashed through cover and debussed to melta the three strong obliterator squad destroying the squad. Retribution Inbound reduced a daemon prince to a single wound. Squad Iona went after the termnators killing two. The Lady Tabita debussed and went after the daemons but failed to assault through cover. The Thorn fired on the wounded prince but had no effect. While His Will finished of the last obliterator.

Taking loss the traitor marines pushed forward the daemons tried to swamp Lady Tabita but lost the combat. The wound prince tried to lash the Thorn into assault range but their sheild of faith protected them. The Rose was less fortunate and got assualted by the other daemon prince. Who they locked in combat. The vindicator finally made a hit destroying Divine Pronuncment while a squad of marines destoyed Retribution Inbound. The lone terminator assualted squad Iona pinning them in combat.

Terminators taking the fight to the Sisters on the Beach

Under pressure the Sisters fought back. Ardent got immbolised trying to break through to contest the traitor's control objective. Squad Cassandra moved to secure an contested objective. The Thorn and squad Miriya tried to clear a third objective of marines and daemon prince. Lady Tabita was slain by the daeons after reducing the pack to three models. The wounded daemon prince survived fire from Heretics Folly and the Thorn.

There was heavy fighting around the lighthouse

On that the game ended with the sisters hold one objective while the traitors held another with two more contested.

Sisters and regenades get into a heavy fire fight

The result; The Sisters drawn.

Round two vs Jon W
Location; Table 15
Mission; Capture the flag
The enemy; Tryanids
Hive tyrant
Death Leaper
2 broods of genestealers in pods with brood lord
1 brood on genestealers walking
2 broods of lictors

Forest planet (ie where not to fight tyranids)
The game;
Jon won the roll off and let the sisters got frist. The Sisters deployed their objective in the open while the nids deployed theirs in the dense terrain in their deployment zone. The sister then deployed in force with Revenge and squad Iona and Blessed covering their objective while the rest went after the Nid objective. In response the nids opted to all go in reserve.

Genestealers opted to droppod in.

Turns one and two saw little action the sisters moved towards the targets until the nids arrived in the form of the walking genestealer broods, Death leaper, the trygon and two broods of lictors. They announced their present by stunning Retribution Inbound. The sisters tried to strike back but Sancity and Inviolable were both immobilised trying to flush the Lictors out of cover. Ardent and His Will had to be committed flushing out Death leaper and a pack of lictors. Once forced out the shooting started. The Thorn destroyed Death Leaper. The lady Tabita and the Sword destroyed the lictors in the open while squad Iona fired on the lictors in cover with little effect. Predictably the lictors that survived were the ones threateninghreatening the sisters objective. Everything else fired on the Trygon reducing it to a single wound.

More pod-ing genestealers

The tryanids countered with everything arriving from reserve. The Mawloc deepstruck and destroyed squad Iona. The Hive Tryrant flew in and destroyed Blessed. The wounded Trygon destroyed the Thorn. While the pods stunned Revenge and Retribution Inbound. Undaunted the sisters pushed on. Squad Miriya debussed and by flamer and bolter reduced a Genestealer brood to a single wound brood lord. Lady Tabita and the Sword fired on the second brooded before Lady Tabita assaulted them to pin them in combat. Tyrgon finally went down to a melta shot from Ardent. Squad Cassandra left the wreackage of Blessed and engaged the genestealer brood protecting the Nids objective. Everything else fired on the Hive Tryant reducing him to a single wound but alive and threatening squad Cassandra.

In response the Mawloc went back underground. The Tyrant and the surviving genestealers guarding their objective swamped squad Cassandra who were destroyed. The wounded broodlord moved out of sight near the sisters unsecure objective. In combat the Lady Tabita took out a few genestealers before being swamped in fangs and claws.

The loss of a squad Cassandra was a blow leaving just Squad Mirirya to secure an objective. Mirirya started by firing on the genestealers that had killed Lady Tabita reducing them to a wounded brood lord. Heretics Folly finished of the Hive Tyrant while the Rose destroyed the genestealers guarding the objective. Elsewhere the immolators tried to track down the elusive wounded brood lord.

The Mawloc reappeared and targeted squad Miriya for its deep strike With an act of faith all ten sisters survived. The wounded brood lord broke from cover to capture the sisters objective and on that the game ended. Leaving to immolators with clear shoots on the last scoring tyranid model.

A wounded brood lord claims an objective to win the game

The result; Sisters defeated

Round three vs Paddy
Location; Table 17
Mission; Dawn of War, multiple objectives (four)
The enemy; Chaos marines moonlighting as Orcs
Big Mek (counts as Typhus)
2 Mob of 3 Dakka Boyz (count as Obliterators)
2 Mobs 10 Supa Boyz (count as plague marines) one with 'eavy trukk (rhino)
1 mob 5 Supa Boyas (as above)
1 Stompa (count as defiler)

The game;
Interesting theme, a Big Mek in the process of upgrading his boyz in proper hard boyz. Everything was heavily converted. With bits of Tau, Necons, etc al thrown in. Paddy mentioned he knew a few of the Irish gamers from his regular trip to the 40K heats in the UK. Caloan's named popped up but I don't know if its the same one. Plus Paddy also keeps a battle diary in which he records some of the details of his games including comments from his opponents. That seemed a very nice touch.

Sisters engaging the Supa boyz. The Big Mek was hiding behind the silo

The boyz won the roll off and opted to go frist. Big Mek and one of the large mobs of Supa boyz deployed up front and in the centre securing one objective.

The smaller mob of Supa Boyz deployed in cover securing a second objective. The rest of the army opted to walk on except for the third mob of supa boyz who stayed in reserve in the 'eavy truck. In response Blessed and Sanctity deployed to cover the Big Mek's mob.

Hostilities started with the arrival of the 2 mobs of dakka boyz and the stompa. One of the mobs spotted Blessed (“upgrades” paddy commented at rolling double six for range) and promptly smoked it. In response the Sisters rolled on. Sanctity lit up the Big Mek's mob and the Exorcists opened fire killing several Supa boyz.

Supa Boyz take cover

In response the Big Mek’s mob surged forward while the dakkaboyz and stompa provide fire support destroying Heretics Folly. Lady Tabita, the Sword and squad Iona engaged the small mob of Supa boyz killing a few off. Squad Cassandra captured an objective and squad Miriya move to threaten a third. Ardent tank shocked the Big Mek’s mob out of cover running over a brave meltagunner. Out in the open the mob was blasted leaving only the Big Mek standing.

The Big Mek all on his own
The third mob of supa boyz arrived and went after Cassandra’s objective. The smaller supa boyz mob tried to destroy His Will with Lady Tabita on board but had no effect. The Big Mek attacked the Thorn killing everyone but a melta gunner who fled to later rally with faith. Lady Tabita dismounted and assult the smaller supa boy mob killing them and allowing squad Iona to claim the objective. The Thorn went after the third supa boyz mob destroying their transport allowing squad Cassandra to continue to hold there objective. Revenge finished of the Big Mek while squad Miriya seized a third objective. Ardent got into close range with the stompa and destroyed it. While the Shield destroyed a squad of dakka boyz threatening Miriya.
The game ended with the sisters holding three of the four objectives.

I wonder if it is the same Caolan

The result; Sisters victorious

How rules dispute are dealt with in the North Guard challenge :)


Caolán said...

Hey Darragh, Glad you seem to be getting on well. That is indeed me that wrote that note and I also have fond memories of those lads. We met at a GT in Nottingham in 03 or 04. Gass. Really nice bunch of lads. Delighted to hear they are still playing toys. Well painted ones too. Looking forward to catching up at Retcon.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun event.

Although I never played against any of those German guys we ate with them a few times and had fun. We also went on a pan-continental boozy tour of Nottinghams nightlife that could have been a messy international incident, but instead turned out to be a hoot. I think that it was earlier than 03/04 actually.

They were great guys to hang out with at cons, just the sort that we were looking for. Its really cool to see that notebook too, good job taking the photo

Paul (Caoláns brother-in-law who really wishes that he had kept one of those game diaries. What a great idea).

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