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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Dresden campaign ww13

just in.

At ^%&* last base camp is set-up. Located on the third floor of a building (here after referred to as eagles nest) suspiciously close to Dresden's version of Temple-bar. One of the main obstacles was finding an apartment with a decent sized “office” room. The office can fit an 8'x6' table for proper FOW sized games or a small 2x2 apoc clashes.

Next step is to out fit the office. Terrain wise the Sisters are finally going to get an home.Dresden Frauenkirche church and a couple of other nearby buildings acting as inspiration for a shrine world for the sisters to defend.
Even though the act of making a games table and terrain guarantees no games will ever be played in the apartment it is still worth having a go to see what can be done with some of the german stuff. One of the interesting finds at the local hard ware stores was wall paper tables roughly 3'x2'. Four tables later and I have my 6'x4' battle board. As a bonus since each table is roughly 25% of a battle board I now know if I make a terrain set and it covers one of the small tables then it meets the GW criteria for 25% of the table to be covered in terrain.

With the Eagle's Nest established the rest of taskforce Dresden finally shipped. If you have ever wondered what seven companies of imperial guard, a dark eldar host, an eldar host, a cult army,an Astatertes army and a dozen FOW armies lookes like in boxes it is looks a little like this.

There is a small problem of trying to fit 32 boxes on to a couple of small shelves. But soon Dresden will be hearing the pitter patter of tiny little green feet.

Games wise a local club “hobby halle” are running an Apoc game this weekend featuring this guy.

Any club that stocks a fridge of beer beside power tools has to be worth a second visit. If they ever turned on the lights it would be an awesome venue. Also on the horizon is the Dresden 40K tournament (1day with no double units allowed) and the Czech GT (two days in Prague should be fun).

Rhino's are always popular shoe accessories for gargants.

Terrain in progress at the hobby halle
 (simple and effective, the tree stand lift off to reveal the forest footprint)

Work in progress Warboss

Sisters see action aganist tryanids

with lurking genestealers 

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