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Monday, May 9, 2011

WiP (FOW):Achtung Panzer, plastic toy soldiers T34

Achtung Panzer, plastic soldier company T34 have arrived.

The FOW Russian (or possible Germans) got some new reinforcement in the form of ten T34 tanks from the plastic soldier company. With few parts and options to make both the 76 and 85 versions looks like a good investment. Being plastic opens up new modelling options. I am curious to see how forged in battle T34's rank up when they are released.

Paint wise these are going to end up as either a regular Russian T34/85 company or a more exotic German beute (looted) panzer company.

The spure

Completed tank with optional turrets.

FOW's German grenadiers face off against PSC's T34/85

Unit primed and ready for paint

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