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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sitrep (40K): the Dresden clay pigeon shot pt1

Frist blood in Dresden. The Dresdner Tontaubenschießen (Dresden clay pigeon shoot) was the tournament I was most curious about Germany since it is in the local neighborhood. It is 2 days, comp heavy, with a host of special rules. I have mixed feelings about the comp, I like the concept but I have yet to see it done well. I am less keen on special rules, especial in German since usually players forget them altogether or worse one guy remembers while the other forgets resulting players playing different games. An add concern was that there were bonus missions would not be declared until at the start of each round, that should make for a good test for my german.

Event special rules;

The clay pigeon;
The clay pigeon is servitor skull-like IC armed with a rending flame thrower. Each player received one just for entering ,also players from previous events could use their old Clay pigeons to formed a squad. Surviving or dead pigeons were worth +1 Vps.

Secret mission:
Each round has a secret mission worth +2 points

Overall break down of points was;
Battle, 85 pts
Clay pigeon, 5 pts
Bonus mission, 10pts

Day one got off to a good start with me getting off at the wrong stop and then turning left when I should have gone right. A phone call later and I arrived at the venue and my frist 40K tournament to be played in a beer tent. The BBQ outside was a bonus.

Another plus was that Klemens and Micheal, the organizers, had rather nicely translated the special missions into english for me, thanks guys.

For the Dresden clay pigeon shoot the Green tide consisted of

Warboss Bork son of Gork
Big Mek Zork son of Mork
Bork’s Boyz, 3 nobz in Skullhamma (battle wagon)
Lord Snips (deff dread)
Crushinator (deff dread)
Runt botz (3 kill kans)
Maggit’s mob (30 boyz)
Fraggit’s mob (30 boyz)
Naggog’s mob (20 boyz) riding Lungbusta (battlewagon)
De I’s (2 dekk koptas)
Round 1 vs Steffan playing nids

Each separate unit in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game scores a VP whoever has the most VPs is the winner.

Secret mission: 'ead hunter
Kill the most valuable enemy HQ and get it into contact with the warboss to complete the secret mission

Deployment; Pitched battle

Special rules; Get there frist.
Only scouts and infiltrators can be deployed. And they must be deployed in their deployment zone. Everything else moves in turn one.

The enemy; Tyranids
2 Warrior Primes
2 broods of three hive guard
1 Doom of Malanti
2 Carnifex
1 brood of thirty garyoles
1 brood of fiftheen gaunts
2 broods of one carnifexs
1 unit of four pigeons
Battling Tyranids on an infested world. Not a bad way to start a tournament 

The game;
Four pigeons meant Stefan had played in the event at least four times. Also he had one game re-roll bonus for his teddy bear because it was fluffy (get it).

Hive mind opted to deploy its primes with the carnifex brood in the centre with the Malanti behind them. One flank was covered by another carnifex back up with a gaunt brood and hive guard. The other had gargoyles, carnifex and hive guard. In reply the Orcs deployed the wagons, deff dreads and a big mob against the gargoyles wing with the rest deployed against the opposite wing with De I’s opting to out flank. The basic plan was to attack enchelon, breakthrough and outflank.

nice carnifex

Turn one saw the nids re-adjusting their lines while the Orcs moved full speed to engage. Turn two saw the teddy bear go from fluffy to cheesy when was used to destroy Lungbusta. Skullhamma was destroyed with the next shot and to put salt in the wound Bork and his retinue were pinned. On the other flank the gaunts and carnifex started to inflicted heavy casualties on one of the big mobs while one of the killa kans blew-up after taking a hit from the hive guard. The loss of both wagons meant the boyz were going to have to do it the old fashion way.

Naggog’s mob sprinted towards the carnifex and hive guard. Fraggit’s mob opted to give covering fire and shot up a couple of trees. Maggit’s mob opted for a tactical withdraw to the woods. Elsewhere, the deff dreads pushed forward. Naggog’s mob opted to Waaagh to get into combat with the carnifex and hive guard more to limit their shooting than anything else. Combat saw Naggog’s mob getting to upper hand in combat causing a couple of wounds and pinning to two tyranids shooting units in combat.

Killa Kans up fire on the approaching swarm
(they claim twenty kills over the game including fifteen enemy models)

In reply the gargoyles swooped forwards after Fraggit’s mob. The warrior primes moved towards the Naggog’s mob while the carnifexs went after the dreads. On the other flank the hive guard, carnifex moved towards Maggit’s mob. Shooting saw the Lord Snips explode after taking a hit from a carnifex. On the bright side it meant the Carnifexs could not get a multiple assault in. The explosion killed a few boyz from Naggog’s mob meaning the warrior primes would have to take a terrain test to get into contact. Combat saw the gargoles hit and destroy Faggit’s mob. The Primes hit Naggog’s mob which held. While the Carnifex, hive guard, gaunt broods hit Maggits mob which also held.

The charge of the tyranids did not hit as hard as it should have. The gargoyles got a poor consolidation roll leaving them tightly packed for the nobz carrying flamerz. The deff koptas arrived in the enemy deployment zone. The pigeon broke cover and moved to engage the enemy pigeons. He flamed the squad killing three, then assaulted and killed the last one but was killed in the assault. Crushinator moved after the tyranid most valuable HQ. The killa kans and the grots mob move to support Maggit’s mob. Shooting saw the nobz light up the gargoles killing twenty with the rest fleeing of the board. Crushinator lived up to his name and killed the main warrior prime (to complete the secret mission I just had to get his head to the warboss 24” away). The killa kans and the grots attacked the tyranids fighting Maggots mob. The kans went after the gaunts while the grots went after the carnifex. The kans made short work of the gaunts while the grots did not make much of an impression on the carnifex but the Maggot’s power klaw got in a couple of good hits.

First game of the event and I lose my pigeon

The Hive mind was distracted by the grot assault. The remaining carnifex went after Lord Snips to get the secret mission back. Combat saw Crushinator and Naggog’s go down but not before finishing of the hive guard and the wounded carnifex. The trophy kill was claimed by the carnifexs making the ork secret mission harder to complete. On the other flank the carnifex and surviving hive guard were destroyed, with the kans, the boyz and the grots consolidating towards the tyranids deployment zone.

The Crushinator gets the Warrior Prime before being ripped apart by Carnifexs

The last turn was the Warboss, big mek and the nobs walk into the tyranids deployment. While of the other flank the boyz and the grots missed with the run rolls ending just short while the kill kans just made it in. Five scoring units in the enemy deployment zone was a solid win to the Green tide.

With the gargoyles toasted the warboss and his mob walked into the tyranid deployment zone

The result;
Solid win = 17-3 to the boyz,
Secret mission= incomplete,
Dead enemy pigeons =4
Surviving friendly pigeons =0

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