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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WiP (general): Dresden ww20

Hmm, an article about writing an article, that is just filler really, but I want to get back into the habit of posting once a week.

getting ready
Flames of war front;
The plastic T34 are nearly finished painting, decals are on weathering and fixing up is left to do.   Hot on the heels of the T34s is a platoon of Forged in Battles Marder III's and to give them something to fight over total battle miniatures Russian village has been under coated and is being worked on.

Unpainted Marder's taking aim

Total battle's russin village (not bad, not bad at all)

The Return of the House of Pain:
Dark Eldar are back on the work bench. Two Ravagers and a Raider are assembled ready to be primed. The crew, weapons, sails and point bits are going to be painted separately so they can be transported separately to minimise inevitable bits breakages. A retinue of Incubi has been assembled, primed and is being painted. For some reason I want to paint them the opposite to NMM (non metallic metal) just to see what can be done. The Incubi have been joined by Lelith's evil-er twin sister Lucy.

Shrine world is on the rocks.
I appear to have over estimated my ability with my new hot wire cutter :) .Walking around Dresden looking at the art shops with their polystyrene craved animals I thought a building, even the Freunkirche, would be easy it is just a collection of basic shapes after all. But the Cutter is just not making the grade or more likely I have not figured out how to use it yet. The first building for the shrine world took two attempts to get ready and is currently sitting covered in PVA glue and elastic bands a bit like a patient with critical injuries in hospital just missing a heart monitor.

SoB check out their new accomadation

To get some experience with the cutter before attempting more building I have started to some rocks (counts as difficult terrain) and hills for NWG. Ideally all the terrain at the event is new but realistically it will be only a few pieces. Another challenge is how much time, money and quality should be put into the terrain.

DE raiders moving through the hills
Upholstery hedgerows:
Also on the NWG terrain front I have started to look at some of the packaging upholstery. If it is cut to shape, then distressed (pulled a part a little) and painted or dyed to colour it might work as hedgerows. And if it works for 28mm scale then is should be workable for 15mm ie a potential normandy terrain set might be in the offing.

Guardsman and HG grenadiers take cover behind Upholstery hedgerows:

Catachans patrolling the proposed "rumble in the jungle" terrain set for NWG

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