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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sitrep (40K); Dresden Clay Pigeon Shoot round 2

Round 2 vs Arne Klemens

Capture the objectives, (six pieces of terrain, 1 in each 2’x2’ section of the table) is nominated as an objective. At the end of the game which ever player has the most objectives is the winner.

Secret mission: got a date
One unit of boyz must survive the game to complete the secret mission

Deployment; Pitched battle

Crisis teams move into position

Special rules;
Under control: A scoring unit must have the majority of its models in the terrain objective to capture it. Once capture the scoring unit can leave the terrain and still count it under control until an enemy scoring unit moves into the terrain.

The enemy;
Shas’o R’myr
HQ crisis suit
1 unit of three broadside
2 units of crisis suits
2 units of six fire warriors
1 unit of six path finders
1 Hammer Head with ion cannon
1 Devil Fish
1 Piranha
2 units of fiftheen kroot
1 unit of 3 pigeons

The game;
Tau won deployment roll and open to go first. The kroot, one squad of fire warriors and a devilfish went in reserve. One unit of fire warriors occupied a scoring building while the pathfinders with pigeons went on its roof. The Crisis teams and Broadsides deployed in the centre with the Hammerhead going on the other flank.
In reply the Orks opted for refused flank facing the building with the pathfinders. De I’s opted to deploy and scout moved towards the pathfinders to give them something to think about.

The Ork line up

The tau responded with the crisis teams, who opened up on the koptas killing one and wounding the other. The pathfinders lit up skullhamma which then exploded after a hit from the broadsides. The Hammer head blew-up a killa kan. The surviving deff kopta attacked the pathfinders. Lungbusta went full ahead with the rest of the army chasing after it except the grots, which captured an objective, and the killa kans which tried to hid behind terrain to avoid the Hammerhead. Fraggit’s mob captured and objective on the way to the tau battle line.

In reply a unit of kroot arrived and quickly captured a nearby objective and starting to threaten the grots. The Tau opened fire the mobs took fire but it was not as bad as it could have been.

Naggog’s mob Waaaghed and swept into combat with the crisis suits. Crushinator got in an assault on a piranha that was trying to sneak in for a rear shot on Lungbusta. The rest of the Orks pushed forward. Naggog’s mob pinned the suits while the Crushinator destroyed the piranha. The Tau retaliated with the Hammerhead immobilizing Crushinator and the remaining Tau opening fire on the oncoming hordes. Combat saw Naggog’s mob still pinned with the suits. The Deff kopta and pathfinders continued to trade insults.

Lord Snips moved to contest an objective near the table edge in case more Kroot showed up. Maggot’s mob opened fire on the hammer head with no effect. Then the war boss, Big Mek, Nobz and Fraggit’s mob hit the crisis suits. Shas’o R’myr pulled his flechette discharge wounding the nobs, the big mek and half a dozen boyz*. To counter Bork ripped his head off with the rest of the suits going down under a green wave. The Kopta vs pathfinder clash was still ongoing.

Shas'O R'myr last stand

With the lose of Shas’o R’myr the Tau when even more defensive. A second wave of kroot arrived and found Lord Snips waiting on the objective. Everything that could opened fire on Fraggits mob killing a dozen or so boyz. The on positive note was the deff kopta finally was destroyed by the pathfinders. On a roll the Waaagh continued. The warboss peeled off to chase down a nearby squad of Fire warriors. The big mek mounted Lungbusta and tried to ram a newly arrived devilfish. The Nobz went after the pathfinders and pigeons. Fraggit’s mob went after the Broadsides while Maggit’s mob went after the Hammerhead. The green tide hit again with the fire warriors getting massacred by the Warboss, Fraggit’s mob destroyed the Broadsides while Maggot’s mob got the Hammerhead. As a bonus the Nobz flamed the pathfinders causing them to flee.
Playing on, the fleeing pathfinders/pigeons destroyed the nobz while the kroot managed to immobile Lord Snips with a rear shot.
Maggit’s mob captured another objective but the Warboss was not a scoring unit so the Tau held on to theirs. The results was orks with three objectives compared to the Tau’ s one.

The result; Draw 13- 7 to the orks
Secret mission= completed
Enemy pigeons killed = 3
Friendly pigeons alive=1

* On a side note german flechette discharge seem to work different to what I am use to. The good is they only hit enemy models in contact with the model. Since the IC had the flechette dischargers and he was in a retinue, that meant any model in contact with the squad could be hit not the 25+ boyz in Fraggit’s mob who could not base contact. The bad, models were rolled separately ie special weapons guys and boss could be picked out.

Slightly off topic Nurgle bikers looked pretty cool

I don't they should be allowed to turbo boost though, since they are on snails ;)

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