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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sitrep (40K); Dresden Clay Pigeon Shoot round 3

Round 3 vs Micheal (tournament organizer,writer of all the secret missions and last year's winner)
Mission; Capture the flag with four objectives each table quarter
Secret mission: Get 'em
The large unit of Dire avengers must die to complete the secret mission

Deployment; Spearhead
Special rules; none

The enemy;
1 Farseer on bike
1 unit of 6 warlocks on bikes
2 Hornets
1 Warp Hunter
1 NightSpinner
1 Wave Serpent
1 unit of ten Fire Dragon with exarch and up grades
1 unit of ten Dire Avengers with exarch and up grades
1 unit of five Dire Avengers
1 unit of ten harlequins with upgrades.

Eldar aka Space Panies                                                                      

The game;
The Hornets and Warp Hunter looked cool. The presence of a bike lock council was a bit of problem. Having won last year’s event Micheal had the option of using his trophy as cover. Being vehicle heavy, less terrain was better so he opted not to use it. The discussion on terrain needed a roll off since I want the bunkers to count as intact while the elder were less keen. Eldar won the roll off so the grots would have to hide in ruins.

seems intact to me

The Orc won the dice off and opted to deploy first deploying the grots the pigeon and Maggits mob on the far flank with the grots claiming the objective in the Orks quarter while Maggit’s mob were poised to rush the opposite objective. De I’s opted to out flank. Everything else went in reserve. The elder opted to deploy everything bar the small squad of Dire’s. Their pigeons went into the large Dire unit.

Maggits mob made a break for the other objective while the grots made themselves comfortable. The Eldar duly moved towards Maggits mob. The Night Spinner scored a hit forcing the mob to start taking dangerous terrain test.

Turn two saw the trap spring as all the orks bar Fraggit’s mob rolled into play. Lungbusta went full speed ahead and off loaded Naggog’s mob near the bikelocks, Skullhamma also went full speed ahead and dropped off Bork near the large Dire unit. Maggit’s mob changed course and went after the bikelocks. There was no shooting since everybody was either running or opted to Waaagh into position. Bork assaulted the dire avengers and started eating pigeons. Naggogs and Maggits mobs hopped on the fortuned council and a nearby Hornet. Most of the council survived but the farseer got ripped apart by Naggog and the Hornet was destroyed by Maggit.

Orks engage the council and a near by hornet

Surrounded by targets the eldar started to react. The Wave serpent with fire dragons coasted forward and debussed the squad in close range on Skullhamma. The harlequins were out of position and tried to redeploy as fast as they could. Everything else open fire resulting in a lot of scratched paint work, Skullhamma got the worst of it suffering the attention of the Fire Dragons which below off all its weapons and immobilized the vehicle. With the Farseer gone the bike locks did not last longing freeing the boyz for more mischief. Bork ate the last of the pigeons.

Harlequins try to redeploy to get into the fight

Outraged by the damage done to their ride the Nobz turned the flamers on the Fire Dragons killing them all expect the exarch. What was left of Maggit’s mob went after a nearby objective while Naggog’s mob got it into their head they could take down the harlequins and so moved forward. Not content with the pigeons Bork started to eat the Dire Avengers. Much to his disgust they got in two wounds in the process. De I’s got into combat with a lurking hornet and blew it up.
Under pressure, the second squad of Dires arrived and moves to capture a nearby objective. The Warp Hunter hit the nobs wounding a few. The Harlequins got in an assault on Naggog’s mob wiping it out. The Night spinner killed a few grots who had not gone to ground fast enough. The Fire Dragon exarch assaulted and blew-up Skullhamma.

Last stand of the Fire Dragons

Fraggit’s mob arrived and walked on to a nearby objective*. The loss of Naggog’s mob was not in vain as the Harlequins were now in range of the Crushinator who assaulted and killed a few. Bork finshed off the last of the Dires he was fighting and opted for a tactical withdraw. The Nobz killed the exarch who had blown up their ride.

Nobz avenge the loss of the Skulhamma

The eldar destroyed De I’s while they were trying to sneak after the last dire avenger squad. Remaining vehicles fired on Fraggit’s mob. The harlequins tried to flee but could not escape the embrace of the Crushinator who killed a few more.
Maggits mob claimed their objective. Lord Snips joined the Crushinator to pulverize the harlequins who still stuck it out.
The closing turns saw the harlequins final escape from the dreads only to die while trying to clear maggit’s mob from their objective. Elsewhere the orks were static.

The result; draw 13 -10 to the orks
Secret mission = accomplished
Enemy pigeons dead = 4
Friendly pigeons alive = 1

*which was worthless since some objectives had no value in the game. I had thought I was 3-1 for a win. Note to self read the mission pack again before the event.

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