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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dig in (40K);hills and trees

Finally finished my first terrain set in Dresden.  With over a dozen hills and the same number of Forst I can cover an entire 6x8 table.

The hills are made with styrodur (blue foam). I tried to hide the seam between levels by roughening the sides but it did not work that well next time I just cover the sides in paper mache to hide the seam.

For painting the hills were undercoated flat grey. By varying the water to paint ratio in the coat an uneven coat was formed. the base color was chocloate brown again with the water to paint ratio varied the overall result was a more natural looking hill with a lot of different shade. The hills were then hilighted desert yellow.

The trees were picked up at the local home deco store.At three euro for 30cm30cm I got a fair few. To make them look a bit more wild and natural I added in some plastic aquarium plants. They are not quite yet finished I still to make a better base for them. 


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