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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PIP (FOW) the trouble with the russians..

...Is that there is hundreds of them to paint. Well 130 actually. The Plastic soldier company 15mm russians finally get some attention and painted. For 18.00 euro I got 24 stands of dudes. That is an over sized late war company or any under sized mid war company depending on the day. I also about twenty dudes left over but there is only so many man pointing models you can use.

 1st company 

You get five of these in the box
Painting method;
(using just Valejo paints)
  • models were made and stuck to some plastic card cut to size.
  • The models were then undercoat grey (its the new black).
  • The models were base coated a water down khaki.
  • Helmets were painted russian green
  • Guns and handles were painted flat brown.
  • SMG,grenades and MMG were painted oil steel
  • Hands and faces were painted flat flesh
  • Backpacks and pouches for each platoon was painted a different shade of brown to act as unit markings.
  • The whole model was given a wash of smoke.
  • The based was covered in wood filler (which dries brown and provide texture)
  • Scatter grass was then glue in patches to the base.

I think there are at least four 15mm ww2 manufacturers in this photo

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