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Monday, July 30, 2012

PiP (40K): Drookian Fen Guards

First platoon of Drookian Fen guard based off conversion with GW cadians and Victoria miniatures Moss guard kits.

Painting method
GW = games workshop V= Vallejo

Painting wise this was my first attempt at tartan on a model.

Painting tartan:
based of Matt Parkes Workbench articles for wargames illustrated
1) basecost V Russian Uniforms
2) GW Blood Red horizontal and vertical lines painted with a 1 size brush
3) GW Sunburst Yellow horizontal and vertical lines painted inside the Blood Red lines with a 00 size brush.

The rest of the model
Armour and Oxygen tank →V Olive Drab
Flesh → V Basic Skintone
Tunic → V French Mir Blue
Boots → V Black
Booties → V Buff
Weapons → V Gun Metal mixed with 25% V black wash
Googles → GW Regal Blue
Backpack → V German Camo Medium Brown
Canteen+ scabbard → V German Dark Green Camo
Buckles+ tubing → GW Burnished Gold

Finally the model was given a V Smoke wash.

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