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Monday, July 23, 2012

WiP (40K): Tread bare tanks

I am a bit keen on Forge world. When they were doing their guard range I was a bit fanatical.  Since they have moved on to the Marine range my wallet gets a badly needed break.  My current go-to tournament list is a Wagon Waaagh which includes a Kill blasta battle tank which counts as a battlewagon. Unfortunately individual resin track links, while they look cool, fall apart quicker than my no spending pledges. After the fourth time gluing them back on I decided to strip them for something more robust for game play.

The Big Red Un
1) The Wheels cut and cleaned from the sprue.

 2) Then super glued to the undercarraige. The seams placed somewhere the track could hide them

 3) Ribbed card was cut to form the tracks.This was glued into contact with the wheels.

 4) The card was primed grey then painted an Earth colour followed by a Dark wash. The tracks where then dry brushed metal. The rest of the undercarriage was painted to match the main body.

The results is a more game friendly track set that will not fall apart every time it gets transported to a tournament.

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