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Monday, July 9, 2012

40K; La garde meurt et ne se rend pas*

*The Guard dies and does not surrender -  General Cambronne

One of the local players was complaining about the lack of variety in imperial guard armies. I disagree,

Left: 9th Necromunda (old school GW imperial guard)
Center: Task Steiner (GW cadians with green stuff hats and great coats)  
Right: 6th Catachan (GW catachans with green stuff hats)

Left: 17th Vostroyan regiment (GW vostroyans)
Centre: Light foot force (FW eylsians with green stuff berets)
Right 13th Kreig (FW kreig)

Left: 9th Vallahan regiment (Wargames factory bodies with pig iron heads and GW cadian arms)
Center: Penal battalion (Victoria miniatures Penal squad head and torso with GW catachans legs and armies)
Right: Dookian Fen guard (Victoria miniatures legs and head with GW toros and arms)

Also out there but I have not had a chance to get some models yet are
Victoria Miniature's Praetorians/mordians
Max mini's drop troopers
troll forged's great coats
Defiance game's Marines and panzer grenadiers
Pig Iron production future warriors

So I do not agree the imperial guard have to all look the same

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