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Thursday, July 26, 2012

PiP (FOW): The God of War → Russian Artillery batteries

"Artillery conquers and infantry occupies" J.F.C. Fuller 

Russian heavy artillery battery rolls off the painting bench this week.  Painting wise nothing is new. The models are getting a bit more detail with attillery poles on the gun carriage and lapels on the (15mm) figure getting a lick of paint. For basing I tried to filling in the base cavities with wood filler instead od the recommend Superglue method. I can not good (loctite) superglue in Dresden so it is rationed while wood filler is easier to get and is design for fill holes any way.

Plastic soldier company miniatures mixed with Battlefront miniatures

Command team and number one gun section

Spotter team and number two gun section

Additional fire support

"I do not have to tell you who won the war. You know, the artillery did." Gen George S. Patton

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