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Thursday, July 5, 2012

PiP (40K) Maldred the deceiver and digging in

I am trying to ignore the existence of 6th edition 40K until after the ETC but considering a chaos marine sorcerer and some max-mini fortification have infiltrated the workbench my efforts may have been in vain

Maldred the deceiver scourge of Ptios

Maldred is a minor conversion.
Head from the chaos terminator lord model
The rest is from the fantasy chaos sorcerer
lava base by unknown manufacturer

The paints used a Vallejo and Citadel

Maldred is called the deceiver on account GW Dresden marking is price tag wrong (in the bad way) 

Fortification offer an interesting twist to the game.  I would like GW to release a DIY manual for fortification like the old vehicle design rules but I do not see that happening. In the mean while my guards men get to seek shelter behind sand bags (count as Aegis line).

Ion cannons, Heavy Rail Guns, no problem, because a sand bag will save you

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