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Monday, February 27, 2012

sitrep (40K): 2012 battle for Leipzig round 1

2012 Battle for Leipzig.

40K event is Saxonia are few and far between Leipzig is the nearest gaming hub outside of Dresden. When they announced they were running a one day three round 40K event I signed up pretty fast. The Orks were the army of choice. Snikrot and the Lootas where dropped in favour of rockets on the Kans and Deff Koptas. 

The Waaagh (at 1750  points)
Big Mek
Evil Sunz mob
Deff Skullz mob
Bad Moon mob
Wild boyz mob
Rokkit kans
More rocket kans
dakka Kans
Left eye (koptas with a klaw)
Right eye (koptas with a klaw)

The day started with a little run to the train station. In Germany half eight in the morning means half to eight not half past eight. A train and a tram later the Orks were Leipzig ready for their first battle.

Frist roll of the Freebie dice

Round Vs Tau led by Arnie
Deployment: Pitch battle
Mission: Modified seize ground.  All the terrain counted as objectives. Any scoring units could capture an 
objective.  Once captured an objective remained under control until an enemy scoring unit claims the objective. 
1 Ethereal 
1 Crisis team HQ
3 Crisis teams
2 Fire Warrior teams
3 Kroot packs
1 Pathfinder team with Fish
2 Broadside teams

The Battle
I had played aganist Arne before at the Dresden pigeon shoot. His Tau can be a problem if given free rein. But Tau with an ethereal for the frist matchup was a good start to the event. As a bonus all players were given gift dice for the event. Mine rolled a six to pick sides. 

Ork line-up

The Orks picked the side with the least terrain planning on getting into the Tau half fairly quickly damage. The Boyz and the Mek deployed evenly across the battlefeild. The Koptas opted to outflank while the Grots went into reserve. In response the Tau deployed in the centre.  Two units of Kroot opted to infiltration on table to form a skirmish screen between the Boyz and the Crisis teams The tau failed to seize the initiative and the Boyz where off. Everybody ran except the Dakka Kans who opted to put holes in the Pathfinders. The Pathfinders stayed on table but needed the Ethereal s help to do so.  The Tau started pouring in fire. Broadsides went after the kans destroying several while the rest of the army poured fire into the closes mob, the Deff Skullz  

Tau get tactical and hide  behind a rock

On cue the two koptas mobs arrived one on each flank. One mob went after a fire warrior team and destroyed it. The second went after a screening Kroot pack and pinned it in combat.  The rest of boyz pushed forward.  Dakka kans again hitting the Pathfinder with little effect.  The Kroot reserve failed to make an appearance.  The Tau continued to pour in fire reducing the Deff Skullz to a handful of models.  The Koptas that destroyed the Fire Warriors  where blasted. The sole survivor fled only to crash into a tree moving through difficult terrain. The Koptas engaged against the Kroot were reduced to a single model which held on. Or more accurately failed its hit and run move.  

The boyz moved into the danger zone. The Tau battle line started to shift. The Crisis HQ and two Crisis teams advanced forward while the rest moved to the back line.  The Kroot again failed to make an appearance. The Tau started to fire on the other mobs hoping to reduce the numbers. The Devil Fish tank shocked the Deff Skullz causing them to flee. The HQ and support opted to charge badly damaging the Evil Sunz mob which just managed to hold.  The Kroot managed to see of the last Deff Kopta.

Crisis Suits meets Choppa boyz

Backed up with Killa Kans

But it was too late to help the crisis teams has a mob of killa kans opted to pile into the fight. The Crisis HQ team where dragged down by the orks while the kans beat up to the other teams. The wild boyz opted to Waaagh and hit the Pathfinders, Broadsides, last Crisis team and ethereal. The  Tau started to crumble under the pressure the Nob finished off the ethereal while the rest of the Boyz broke the rest of the Tau.  The last kroot unit finally showed up but with only three small tau units left there was not much they could do.  The Orks started to chase after the last of the Tau while trying to capture terrain as they went. Crucial one mob rolled a one for its run move to  miss capturing the swing objective three two on objectives ve.  The Tau tried to dodge Killa kans and rampaging boyz praying for an early end since it was three two on objectives to the tau.The game ended before the Orks could finish off the Tau. Giving a win to the Tau three two on objectives (Arne may have done a victory dance at this point)         

Result: loss 4-16

Deff Skullz prepare to assualt the Tau hill

But are tank shocked out of play

Not a great start for the boyz.  Next up was ...


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