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Friday, February 24, 2012

sit rep (FOW): 2012 battle of Klotzsche

First game with the new V3 rules took place in Klotzsche, the local FOW gaming groups HQ.  On the day my Luftwaffe infantry paired up with Hungarians against British, In summary an Irish guy playing Germans allied with Hungarians led by German called Attila versus a German playing Irish Guard. A nice quality vs quantity match-up.  We rolled “free for all” for the mission meaning the infantry were ordered to attack the tanks. Objectives were spread evenly in each table quarter

The forces
Irish Guards
(Confident Veteran tank company)

Commander Van Der Leir
1 HQ platoon with 2 Sherman and 1 ARV
2 tank platoons each with 2 Sherman and 2 fireflies
1 tank platoon with 4 Stuarts
2 rifle platoons each with 3 sections
1 gun battery with 8 guns
1 Spotter plane
Reluctant trained infantry company

1 HQ platoon with panzerfausts and panzershreik team
3 rifles platoons with panzerfaust and 3 sections each
1 pioneer platoon with 3 sections
2 HMG platoons with 2 sections
1 mortar platoon with 2 sections
1 light AA platoon with 3 guns
1 AT platoon with 3 guns
1 AA platoon with 2 88's

Hungarian Army
Confident trained infantry company

1 HQ platoon
3 rifle platoons with three sections
1 HMG platoon with 2 sections
1 AT platoon with 3 guns
1 artillery battery with 2 sections

88 deploys to cover an attack on the village.The panzer wreck  in the top left is one of the Luftwaffe objectives. The Shermans redeploy(hide) on the first turn.

The Axis had a lot platoons and deployment was determined more by were would something fit instead any clever plan. However, the 88's where deployed near one of the Guards objectives.  The Guards got to go first and advanced everywhere except where the 88's were.  The artillery opted to dig since it could not fire this round.  In response, the Axis advanced across the whole front mainly to spread out to avoid the attention of the Guards artillery when it got going. The Hungarian AT platoon got the drop on the Guards company commander destroying him meaning the Guards would automaticily fail a company command check and flee if one could forced.

Next turn saw the British artillery make its present known. A large concentration of Luftwaffe and Hungarians in the centre was targeted. Heavy artillery mixed dense infantry does not end well for the infantry.  The British tanks continued to push forward towards their objective trading fire with the nearby AT platoons.  The Luftwaffe countered by pushing forward on one of their objective over watched by the 88's battery.  The AT platoons claimed a few Stuarts but not enough to worry the Guards yet.

The Artillery, now ranged in,  hit the centre again and this time a tank platoon rolled forward to hit the survivors. A Luftwaffe platoon cracked under the pressure and fled to the rear. The Luftwaffe brought forward some HMG and began to destroy the British rifles that were claiming a Luftwaffe objective. The British artillery continued to pound any concentration infantry that could be sighted while the tanks pushed closer to the British objective.

The Luftwaffe pioneers supported by a rifle platoon attempted to capture their objective after a vicious fire fight and assault both platoons were destroyed along with the company commander.  On the other flank the British tanks finished off the German AT platoon and a Hungarian rifle platoon at the cost of loosing the Stuart platoon. But they still faced a wall of anti tanks guns rifle men.  With the hour getting late both side called off their attack.  The Axis lost five platoons while the British lost just one.

Too tempting a target for artillery

Luftwaffe pioneers on the way to the front

Outnumber three to one the British rifles did little advancing

Luftwaffe move towards their objectives 

Covered by the 88s

Hungarians holding the center. The unit was hit early in the game and spent most of the game pinned.

British armour pushes forward

Luftwaffe capture the woods near their objective

Pioneers move into assault position.

Preemptive counter attack with infantry, tanks and artillery destroys the attack before it can begin

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