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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sitrep (FOW): Operation Charnwood is a go

Normandy July 1944 

Mmm, smell like a campaign, .

Too Fat Lardies (TFL) published a rules set aimed at WW2 company level called "I Ain't Been Shot Mom" (IABSM).  Scenarios for the rules are published every six months. With a bit of tweaking the scenarios can be adjusted for FOW. We decided ( well, I told everybody to be more exact) we were going to try one of the IABSM campaign. The campaign mechanics are interesting on a couple of points. In a normal campaign the battles are linked over a period of campaign time intended to represent weeks or months of effort. This campaign represent a single day and the attempts of the British 59th division attempting to break through at Caen in Normandy as part of operation Charnwood. All the battles fought are between 04.30 and 20.30 on the 8th-9 th of July on the outskirts of Caen. The time period is too short for units to get experience and replacements. So any damage from a battle rolls over to the next battle.
Another interesting feature of the TFL rules sets is that they encourage people to play the game not the rules. So there is a strong role play element in the game. The British have eighteen companies, typical game of FOW involves one just company, attacking the German held villages at a time and location of their choice. The British must capture all the villages outside of Caen.  They even have a plan. The fun starts when the plan meets reality.

tactical map*

The British cunning plan
Phase one
Taskforce Micheal will attack Galamache at 04.30 hrs
Taskforce Paul will attack La Bejude at 04.30 hrs
Phase two
Taskforce John will attack Epron at 07.30 hrs
Taskforce Phillip will attack Malon at 10.30 hrs
Taskforce Gerard will attack St Contest at 12.30 hrs

Each taskforce consists of two rifle companies with Armour and regiment support. In reserve, are another eight companies with armour and weapons support.

* The map comes from one IABSM booklets. Well worth a look if you are interested creating scenarios in FOW, 40K, WHB, Battlefleet gothic, Areonautic Imperailis. 

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