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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Warpcon2012 day 2

End of day one saw the Orks with two wins and a draw. They needed two good results from day two.

Round 4 Vs; Ivan Sheehy playing Imperial Guard
Deployment; Spearhead
Primary mission; Seize ground
Secondary mission; Annihilation

The enemy:
Command squad with Creed
Command squad with Straken
3 heavily reinforced guard platoons, Commissar, 5 lascannons, 5 meltaguns

There is 145 guardsmen bhind that building in the corner

Ivan's list was pretty interesting. With 150+ basic guards backed up with some heavy weight command squads. The Guard won the roll off and opted to go first and built up an impressive nest in their deployment zone, with a token command squad in outflank. Fortunately the primary mission was based on objectives so the Boyz did not really have to go anywhere near the nest. One Choppa mob deployed on one objective and close to two more. Two Loota mobs deployed in support. The rest of the army opted to go into reserve.  Snikrot opted to outflank.  Lacking good targets the Guard took pot shots with lascannons at Lootas. Meanwhile the Orks moved forward to secure three of the five objectives on the battlefield. Ork reinforcements started to arrive with a Shoota mob and Snikrot entering play. Snikrot’s arrival was a problem since the Guard nest was intact and the soft command squads were covered by layers of guards. The Shoota mob opted to secure a fourth objective, while moving through cover to the guard lines. Snikrot’s boyz assaulted the nest and destroyed a combo squad of guard before consolidating back towards the Ork lines. Outraged the Guard open fire on Snikrot, causing his mob to flee further towards the Ork lines. More Boyz and Kans started to arrive and take pot shots at the nest. The forward Shoota mob got into range and started putting holes in the nearest guard combo squad. Quantity making up for quality.  Snikrot opted to rally and consolidated out of line of sight of the guard.

Now 115 guardmens

Despite being down badly on the objectives the guard nest refused to break up instead opting to get into fire fight with the nearest Shoota mob. A second Shoota mob arrived and began work its way forward.  Getting a bit bored with shooting, the nearest shoota mob opted to assault. Which turned out to be a bad idea since Straken had moved forward to give a counter-attack bonus to the nearby squads. Plus some of the attacked squad where hidden in cover making the Orks strike last. The Orks nearly destroyed the combo squad but the commissar and a few Guard survived. The guards counter-attacked and wiped out the mob to break even on kill points. The outflanking command squad arrived near the nest since the other objectives were swarming with Orks. The last Shoota mob opened fire on the new arrivals and destroyed them. The game ended with the Orks holding four objectives versus the guard’s one and the Orks ahead on kill points by one.

 The result; Win Orks 17-3

Round 5 Vs; Dan Aherne playing Grey Knights
Deployment; Pitch battle
Primary mission; Annilation
Secondary mission; Seize ground
The enemy:
2 Inquisitors with a full box of fancy grenades attached one to each Purifier squad
1 Vindicare assassin
2 purifier squads in razorbacks
1 deep strike grey knight squad
3 grey knight squads with razor backs
2 Dreadnoughts
1 Dread Knight

The last battle put the Orks in first place for the final round. Unfortunately it put them against Grey Knights with Purifiers, which are a primary threat for the Boyz.  The Grey Knights won the roll off and castled up in a corner, with the intercept knights going in reserve.  The Boyz opted to deploy two Shoota mobs, a Choppa mob and the Lootas with the rest going in reserve or outflank.   Turn one saw the Purifiers and the Dread Knight move forward, the rest of the army opting to open fire.  Those in range opened fire on the lootas while does out of range opened fire on the boyz. The Vindicare dropped a Nob.  Most of the fire was minimized by cover but the boyz took an alarming amount of fire.  The Orks responded by trying to destroy the purifier’ transport but predictable they could not hit the side of the barn door. One mob moved forward to provoke the Purifiers. One squad took the bait and disembarked to assault the mob but failed to get into assault range. The other Purifier squad moved towards the Lootas and a their screening Shoota mob with support from a Dread Knight.  

Ork reinforcement began to arrive in the shape of killa kans and the Big Mek, who tried his best to act like a small Mek and hide from the Vindicare.  Shooting saw everything in range open up on the Purifiers decimating the squad but leaving a few survivors, which the damaged shoota mob assaulted. The mob got burned but finished off the survivors.  The other shoota mob opted to Waaagh and assaulted the Dread Knight pinning it in combat.   The last Grey Knight squad disembarked moved to rescue the Dread Knight. But they failed their terrain move. The Intercept squad arrived and destroyed a mob of Lootas.  

In combat The Shoota mob pull apart the Dread Knight

The remaining grey knights moved forward and destroyed the exposed Shoota mob and the last of the Lootas. In combat the Shoota Mob finished of the Dread knight and moved after the intercept squad.  Snikrot arrived on queue and got the drop on a Grey Knight squad.  The Shoota mob threatened by the Purifiers opened fire on the nearby intercept squad killing several. Annoyingly the squad fled denying the mob a chance to assault them and put some distance between the mob and the Purifiers. Snikrot took out a Grey Knight squad leaving just one survivor who fled.  A Killa Kan mob tried to assault the last purifier squad but failed to move through terrain.

In response, the Vindicare killed Snikrot.  The rest of the Grey Knights targeted the Kommandos who took a beating but stayed in play.  One of the fleeing squads auto rallied while another was under escort from the Kommandos. The Purifiers assaulted the Shoota Mob and destroyed it with easy.    The Orks continued to apply pressure with another Choppa and Killa  mob arriving.  The remaining Kans moved forward threatening the Purifiers and the Grey Knight objective.  The purifiers assaulted one of the Kan mobs. Their attached Inquisitor threw his psychotropic grenades causing the Kans to attack themselves*.  The Purifiers finished of the rest in assault.  The remaining Grey Knights split fire between the Kommandos and the a Choppa mob threatening an uncontested objective. The next turn saw the large Choppa mob capture an uncontested objective. The damaged Choppa mob moved to capture another objective.
The Purifiers assaulted another Killa Kan mob again the psychotropic grenades denying the kans a chance to attack. The Purifiers then destroyed the mob. Elsewhere the Vindicare shot another Nob while the Knights blasted the squad causing them to flee.
Under pressure with time running out the last Choppa mob assaulted the Purifiers. Between the Inquisitors grenades and the Knight's cleansing flame not a lot of boyz made it. Those that did killed the inquisitor and several knights. The game ended with the Choppa mob still holding their objective while the Knights held another. The Knights won on kill points by two.

Standard Ork 'eavz transport
The result; Ork loss 5-15

*Afterwards checking the FAQ it looks like the psychotropic grenades do not affect Kans Which would have made a more interesting game. C'est la geurre. Must bring all the FAQ's next time.

Overall Warpcon was top class. It was good to get back to the islands and see how the game is developing.  It will be interesting to see how it does on the mainland. 

Neat Eldar conversion

More photos of the event can be seen here

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