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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sitrep (40K) second day of the battle of Ratisbona

Day one had gone badly, Day two did not start off to great either when Max showed up carting a pair of Landraiders.

Round 4 Vs Max Haehnel
Deployment: Pitch battle
Primary mission: Breakthrough. Each squad in the enemy deployment zones worth a battle point. Whichever side has the most battle points is the winner
Secondary mission: Most valuable unit. The most expensive troop choice is automatically the most valuable unit. If this unit gets into the enemy deployment it counts as four battle points

The enemy: Black Templars
1 Grand Marshal
1 Emperor’s champion
1 Jet pack Chaplin
1 Predator
1 Jet pack squad
3 tactical squads
1 land speeder
2 land raiders
1 Terminator squad
1 Dreadnought in a pod

Max of Clan Haehnel made the trip with brother, nephew and son from Dusseldorf and reminded me of General Grouchy, if General Grouchy was less grouchy.

Not quite a MexiOrk village

Templar's with Landraider support

And more Landraider support

Max won the roll off an opted to go first. Most of the Black Templars went on one flank with the Marshal, Champion and Terminators in the middle in Land Raider. The sole predator occupied the refused flank.  In response the shoota boyz and a choppa mob lined up against the heavy flank while the kans and the other choppa mobs took the centre. Big meks reinforced both groups. While Lootas opted for high ground.  The orks failed to seize the initiative and Black Templar’s advanced. One lootas mob took fire and fled the battle.  The orks countered with both of the shoota mob moving towards the jet pack squad that had advanced to fire. The Orks opened fire at destroyed the jet pack squad. Typically, it took nearly every gun the army to destroy the squad while the kans sprinted forward.  Deranged by the loss of his squad the Chaplin assaulted at thirty boy mob and provided them with free consolidation move.  

Last charge of the chaplin

The Dreadnought arrived but scattered battle of target. Elsewhere, the marines tried without success to whittled down the Kan wall.  While the Marshal ans hid retinue dismounted to assault the kans.  The Orks started to surge forward one mob assaulted the dreadnought pinning him in combat. Lootas got a shot of the land speeder and sent it crashing to the ground.  The Marshal retinue and the Kans exchange blows a few terminators fell for a few damaged dreads.  
The Marines continued to try and stem the tide but there were too many orks, two tactical squads were swallowed by the mobs while the drop pod and a Landraider was taken apart by the Kans.   The Marshal retinue final finished of a the Kan mob it was fighting only to be swallowed by another Kan mob backed up by a Choppa mob.  In the end the Marines were reduced to a Landraider and a Predator that had been backed into a corner.
Result; Win Orks 17-3

Round 5 Vs Hannes Niedermeiser
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary mission: Seize ground. With three objective, one centre of table (worth two points) and one in each of the empty table quarter (worth one point)
Secondary mission: Seize the high ground. The highest point on the battlefield counts as an objective.

The enemy:
Swarm lord with two Brood Guards
Doom in a pod
2 broods of Hive Guard
2 Tervigons
5 Genestealer broods

The Doom seemed to be doing the rounds in Ratisbona. So unfortunately, were the Genestealers. The Bugs won the roll off and predictably picked the quarter with the highest point on the battle field.  The Orks deployed the Shootas on the flanks with Kans up front. Lootas were deployed at the back surrounded by Choppa boyz. The bugs then deployed all of the Genestealers on one flank.  

Orks line up for a fight

Stunningly, the Orks stole the initiative the Kans wheeled about to engage the Genestealers while the Choppa boyz started to push forward. Shooting savaged two broods of Genestealers and destroyed a brood of Hive Guard.  Stunned, the Tervigon spawned a brood of gaunt and then was empty. The Genestealers scuttled through cover towards the Orks while the remaining Brood Guard destroyed a Kan.   The Orks coniuted to pour fire into the Genestealer and savaged another brood as well as claiming a Tervigon kill.  

Lurking Genestealers

The badly depleted Genestealer swarm hit the Kan wall and stopped.  The Doom made an appearance but was denied good drop zone and had to deploy badly.  The Orks surged forwards two Choppa mobs broke the Genestealer swarm, while another finished of the Doom and its Pod.  

The Doom makes an appearance

With the line broken the Bugs tried to consolidate on what they had. Another Tervigon was destroyed by shooting and the Swarm Lord and his retinue were pinned in combat with the Choppa Boyz.  In the last minutes of the game the surviving bugs broke cover and rush to contest most of the objectives. The game ended abruptly before the Orks could wipe out the remaining half a dozen bugs.

Result  Draw 

Overall, Ratisbona was good funny. Two losses, two draws and one put the boyz in the middle of the pack.  I would have loved to have swapped tables with my opponents in games one and two. The hi light was probably against Max’s Black Templar’s. His English was as good as my German so we generally had to mime whatever orders were given the armies.  
The secondary mission added spice to the event. But I think the order in which they were declared could be changed. For example write down the scert lovers before deployment and declare it after deployment otherwise it is to easy just to pick the enemy unit in front of all your guns to be the target.

More pictures of the battle for Ratisbona can be found here  

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