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Saturday, January 7, 2012

PIP (40K): Grot battle tanks

GW = games workshop paint V = Vallejo paint P.=plasicote spray.

Grot battle tanks sighted

  1. Under coat P. brick red
  2. Fine coat P. metal finish*
  1. The tanks were given a couple of wet coats of GW ultramarine blue.
  2. Some of the panels were given a couple of wet coats of GW blood red.
  3. The tracks, exhaust and weapons were painted GW thin bitz
  4. The "dags" were painted V. off white
  1. The windows and grills were painted GW chaos black then drz brushed V. gun metal
  2. The tracks were dry brushed V. Gun metal. 
  1. Transfers were applied before weathering using V decal softener
  2. The whole model was stippled V, cavalry red and a bit of GW codex grey
  3. The whole model was then given a V. smoke wash.

* A fine coat is a light spray from a distance. The metal finish acted as a varnish making the paint clump together. Generally this is a bad thing but for Ork vehicles it looks like the paint has chipped away to reveal bare metal underneath. Yet another reason why Orks are cool.

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