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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mission Critical (FOW); Agmes 1944

Somewhere in France 1944

The Allies have broken the Brocage and are racing through France.  German High Command has order the bridge over the river Meuse be blown and the 503rd tank recovery depot be redeployed. However, as the Greman prepare to withdraw British armour sighted.

Design notes:
This was originally based on battles games magazine issues 26 and the german crossing of the Meuse in the early war. However, I picked up an elephant tank destroyer and a JR ruined tank factory and was itching for an excuse to use them.

The river is impassable except at the bridge (open terrain) and the ford (very difficult terrain)
Hill  103 is impassable to vehicles and very difficult terrain for infantry to move on to, except by the path. The hill top itself open terrain.
The woods are difficult terrain for vehicles and open terrain for infantry.
The village of Beacon and the repair camp is concealing terrain.

The Forces

Germans (Defending,. Confident Veterans, approx 1680)
At Agnes
Grenadiers company HQ with attached Panziershreiks and mortar section
1 grenadiers platoon with panzerfaust and three sections
1 grenadier pioneer platoon with panzerfaust and two section
1 Machine gun platoon with one section
1 grenadier anti aircraft gun platoon with 1 section

At Hill 103
1 grenadiers platoon with panzerfaust, 2 sections and one attached HMG
1 grenadier anti aircraft gun section (out of command section from the grenadier anti aircraft gun platoon at Agnes)
1 Luftwaffe anti-air assualt platoon with two section

At the repair camp
1 grenadiers section with attached HMG (out of command section from the grenadier platoon at Hill 103)
1 panzer platoon with 3 PiV (emergency tank repairs)
1 Tank hunter platoon with 1 Elephant (emergency tank repairs)
1 grenadier anti aircraft gun section  (out of command section from the grenadier anti aircraft gun platoon at Agnes)

At the bridge
1 grenadier pioneer section (out of command section from the pioneer platoon at Agnes)

In delayed reserve
1 Panzier platoon with 4 PIII

British (Attacking, Confident Trained approx 2080)
Tank Company HQ with 4 shermans
3 armoured platoons with 3 shermans
1 recce platoon with three Stuarts
1 Anti tank platoon with 2 section on M10s with 17pdrs
Infantry company HQ
3 rifle platoons each with three rifle squads
1 gun troop with four guns (off table with the observer on table)
Priority Air support (typhoon)

Special Rules;
Not ready
The Germans are in the process of preparing to withdraw and are not ready for a fight as a result all german units begin the game pinned.

Emergency tank repairs
The tanks in the repair camp need to be fixed before they can enter the game. At the start of the German tunr roll a D6 for each tank. On a 6 the tank becomes available and can move as normal. For the panzer platoon the first tank to become available becomes the command tank.

Deployment and who goes first
The Germans deploy at their starting locations. Andcan opt to dig in before the game
The British drive on from the western table edge.
The German delayed reserves come from either the southern or northen road. Roll a D6 when they arrive 1-3= South. 4-6 = North.

The British get the first turn

Game length:  The game last for twelve turns or until one side breaks contact.

victory conditions:
There are three objectives in this mission, Hill 103, the village of Agnes and the repair camp. All the objectives start under German control. By the end of the game who ever has the most objectives is the winner.

After action report;
For the game the british opted to attack by night. In hindsight it was more a hindrance than a help. grounding air support, slowing down the tanks and allowing the Germans time to unpin.

Table set-up

hill 103

Garrision at Brecon

 Tank repair station

 88's on overwatch

 British advance under cover

 Tanks roll out to duel with the 88's

Lots of tanks.

88's claim frist kill

followed by two more

 View from hill 103

Elephant was repaired but then destroy by allied air support on the way to the front (sounds familiar)

Later a PiV was also hit on the same road.

By day break the allies finally finished the 88's and rolled across the bridge

panzer 423 never managed to repair itself for the entire game

Newlz arrived PIIIs opted to out flank through the forest and hit the allies crossing the bridge in the flank

And succeeded in blocking the bridge with wrecks

Remaining allied tanks see of the PIIIs ad race to the tank repair station but the game times out with the german controlling all the objectives

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